Unemployed Texas Oil Workers Find Jobs in Growing Solar Industry


The growing Texas solar industry is offering jobs to unemployed oil and gas professionals. King Lawrence / Getty Images

The growing Texas solar industry is offering a safe harbor to unemployed oil and gas professionals amidst the latest oil and gas industry bust, this one brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Houston Chronicle reports.

With the fracking sector in turmoil, many workers are looking to apply their skills — from construction to negotiating land use agreements — to the solar industry.

“No question, we are getting workers moving over from oil and gas,” Kevin Smith, Lighthouse BP’s CEO in the Americas, said. “A lot of the oil and gas skills are applicable to solar.”

Renewables are the fastest-growing energy sector in the country and Texas’ topography, climate, and grid make it an attractive market for solar energy.

“Clean energy is growing and growing fast in Texas… This is where the jobs are going to be and where the economy is heading,” Raj Prahbu, CEO of the Austin-based research firm Mercom Capital Group, told the Chronicle.

“If you’re not going to make the shift, you’re going to be left behind.”

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