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4 Must-See Climate Films in 2017

4 Must-See Climate Films in 2017
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3. Forget Shorter Showers (Jordan Brown, 2015)

"Would any sane person think [individual action] could have stopped Hitler?" From this provocative opening question, an irreverent narrator makes a strong case against focusing on personal responsibility in a time of climate crisis. Instead, the argument goes, focus should go to holding corporations and governments accountable.

Based on an essay of the same name, the narrative comes to life with vibrant footage that's jarringly incongruous. For example, while pointing out that "An Inconvenient Truth" suggested personal changes, like swapping out a lightbulb, images of manufacturing plants and snarled traffic flash across the screen.

Core to the filmmakers' perspective is the idea that even if every individual did make a radical change, it would always be a pittance compared to, say, what the business community and governments might bring to the table.

But rather than leaving its audience with a sense of powerlessness, the film lays out one clear way forward: acting decisively together to stop the excesses of the industrial economy.

Now what? Watch the movie here. Go on; it's short!

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