10 Western States Continue to Battle Wildfires


Ongoing wildfires have torched more than half a million acres in 10 western states, according to the National Fire Information Center.

In Washington, where at least 16 houses have been destroyed, Gov. Jay Inslee attributed the wildfires in part to climate change. Another fire in central California has charred more than 33,000 acres while the largest wildfire in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park has also expanded due to dry, windy conditions.

More than half of Western states have experienced their largest wildfire on record since 2000 and this year’s wildfire season already had a “once in a lifetime” fire.

Here’s a map of active wildfires, courtesy of the American Red Cross:

For a deeper dive:

News: ABC News, AP, Reuters, San Luis Obispo Tribune, USA Today, LA Times

Background: Climate Signals

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