Cost of Solar Panels in Oklahoma: Local Solar Installation Prices (2022)

Here’s a quick look at the estimated cost of solar in Oklahoma:

  • Average Cost Per Watt: $2.62
  • Cost of Average System: $21,327*
  • Cost of Energy Without Solar: $43,010
  • Payback Period: 16 Years**
  • Lifetime Savings of Going Solar: $14,190

*Average system size is calculated using data from the Energy Information Administration. This price is after tax credit.
**Payback period is calculated assuming the system is purchased in cash.

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By Karsten Neumeister, Solar Expert

Updated 5/18/2022

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Find Cost Savings on Solar in Oklahoma

As a homeowner in Oklahoma, you may be wondering: How much do solar panels cost in your area? In this article, we’ll discuss the average cost of a solar installation, how much that can save you on energy for your home and what incentives are available in your region. If you want to jump straight to getting a quote for an installation, you can follow the links below to speak with a verified professional.

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Cost of Solar Panels in Oklahoma

The average cost of solar panels in Oklahoma is $2.62 per watt, which is just below the national average of $2.66 per watt. That might not seem like a huge difference, but when you’re paying for a multi-kilowatt solar power system, those four cents add up.

We’ve found that the average Oklahoma resident installs an 11-kilowatt (kW) solar system for their home. Based on our solar calculator, an 11-kW solar energy system would cost about $28,820 in Oklahoma before applying any tax credits or solar rebates. However, that cost drops to $21,327 after homeowners claim the 26% federal solar tax credit.

Although Oklahoma is not one of the top states for solar, there has been a rise of residential solar panel installations in the Sooner State, with the biggest increase yet in 2021.1 As the costs involved to go solar are decreasing, it’s a little surprising to see Oklahoma still ranked as the 45th state for solar.2 Especially since its neighbor Texas is ranked second.3

Both Oklahoma and Texas have similar subtropical climates and ample sunshine, making it well worth going solar. However, it seems more Texans have bought into the pros of going solar — like energy savings and independence — compared to Oklahomans. Part of the reason for that could be because Texas lawmakers have created more incentives for residents to go solar, while the majority of Oklahoma’s energy production is still coming from fossil fuels or wind power.4 

Solar Panel System Installation Cost in Oklahoma

Based on the company you choose and the size of the solar system needed to power your home, we’ve estimated that the average solar panel installation in Oklahoma costs between $20,900 and $31,500 before applying any tax incentives or solar rebates.

Any homeowner who installs a solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Oklahoma is eligible for the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows solar adopters to claim 26% of their total solar equipment and installation costs as a tax credit on their next filing. The table below shows the cost of the solar panel system before and after claiming the federal tax credit.

Size of Solar Panel System Oklahoma Solar Panel Cost Cost After Federal Tax Credit
8 kW $20,960 $15,510
9 kW $23,580 $17,449
10 kW $26,200 $19,388
11 kW $28,820 $21,327
12 kW $31,440 $23,266
13 kW $34,060 $25,204
14 kW $36,680 $27,143

Ready to enjoy the benefits of producing your own renewable energy? We’ve examined all of the solar companies in Oklahoma to find the best local installers. Click here to learn more.

What Determines the Cost of Solar Panels in Oklahoma?

The cost of a solar panel installation can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your roof and how much direct sunlight it receives. Below we’ll look at the top aspects that weigh the heaviest when it comes to determining the cost of your solar project.

Solar Equipment

As noted on the chart above, the size of your solar panel system will play the biggest role in determining how much solar panel installation costs in Oklahoma. You may choose to install a smaller solar system to save money, but remember that you’ll see the biggest (and quickest) return on investment if you install a solar panel system big enough to power most of your home. The more power you generate, the lower the electric bills you’ll receive from your utility company.

It’s not just the size, but the brand and type of solar panel you install that will change the price tag. For the highest energy efficiency, you’ll want to pick monocrystalline solar panels. The most energy-efficient solar panels on the market come from the SunPower brand, but as with anything else, you’ll pay more for higher-quality solar equipment.

You’ll also want to consider any add-on features when determining the cost of home solar panels. It’s not just panels, but solar arrays and inverters that you’ll need to install. If you live in an area prone to power outages, you might be interested in adding solar batteries for energy storage, which will drive up installation costs. But most companies will offer a variety of brands for solar batteries — like the Tesla Powerwall or Generac PWRcell — that come with different price tags.

Solar Financing

As is the case with most big purchases, the way you finance your solar panels will affect the total cost of your solar project. If you take on a solar loan with a high-interest rate, you’ll obviously end up paying more in the long run. On the other hand, if you pay more, or all, of the cost of solar panel installation upfront, you’ll have less interest overall. We know it’s a big cost, but you should purchase as much as you can up front to maximize your savings. We don’t recommend solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs) because you won’t be able to capitalize on all of the solar incentives available if you don’t own your panels.

Solar Installation Company

As mentioned earlier, different solar installation companies will offer different equipment brands that can alter the cost of your overall solar panel installation in Oklahoma. There are at least a dozen different solar installers in Oklahoma and we’ve already vetted the top five best solar companies working in the state.5 Don’t be afraid to shop around and get multiple quotes to find the best value solar panel system for your home.

Oklahoma Solar Incentives

Remember how we mentioned that Oklahoma (despite being a neighbor) is far behind Texas when it comes to solar energy? Well, one reason for that could be because the state doesn’t have many incentives for people to go solar (there are several solar incentives in Texas). The state also doesn’t offer sales or property tax exemptions for solar energy, so you will also need to factor in those costs when determining the cost of solar panels in Oklahoma.

Below are some of the financial incentives you can capitalize on in the Sooner State:

Oklahoma Net Metering Policies While Oklahoma doesn’t have a mandated net metering policy, the state requires all investor-owned utilities to offer net metering to solar customers.6 Under Oklahoma law, utility companies are required to compensate or credit solar adopters (at the full retail electricity rate) for any excess energy generation.
Federal Solar Tax Credit The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows solar adopters to claim 26% of their total solar equipment and installation costs as a tax credit on their next federal filing. The 26% credit is in effect for any solar project purchased in 2022, however, the tax credit is set to decrease to 22% in 2023 and disappear completely in 2024 if it’s not extended by the federal government.

While the state of Oklahoma (or any of its utility companies) doesn’t offer any solar rebates, some solar companies or manufacturers often offer them as an incentive for customers. For example, as of March 2022, SunPower is offering a $500 rebate to new solar customers.7 Don’t be afraid to ask your solar installer what incentives and rebates may be available to you. 

Best Solar Panel Brands and Installed Solar System Costs in 2022

As we’ve mentioned above, the brand of solar equipment you install will play a huge role in the total cost of your solar panels in Oklahoma. We’ve highlighted some of the best solar panel brands in the chart below.

Solar Panel Brand Average Cost Per Watt ($-$$$$$)
LG Solar $$$
Canadian Solar $$
JA Solar $$
Mission Solar $$
Panasonic $$
Q Cells $$
REC $$$
Silfab $$$
SunPower $$$$$
Tesla $$
Trina Solar $$$

Want to learn exactly how much solar panels would cost for your Oklahoma home? Follow a link to one of our vetting brands to get a free no-obligation quote specific to your household.

EcoWatch FAQ: Solar Panel Cost Oklahoma

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Oklahoma?

According to our data, the average cost of solar panels in Oklahoma is $2.62 per watt, or $28,820 for the average 11-kW solar system. However, the cost will vary depending on how many solar panels you need to power your home. If you have a smaller home and lower energy needs, you may only need a 5-kW system which would cost $13,100. All of these figures are before factoring in the 26% federal solar tax credit.

Do solar panels increase home value in Oklahoma?

Yes, data from Zillow shows that solar boosts property value. In fact, homes with solar panels tend to sell for 4.1% more than homes without.8 However, this data is only valid for homeowners that own their solar system, not for those that have solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Is it better to lease or buy solar panels in Oklahoma?

We always encourage buying solar panels if you can. We know it’s a big upfront investment, but there are many customization and solar financing options to make buying solar panels more affordable. If you choose to lease solar panels, you won’t be eligible for the federal tax credit and can’t take advantage of your increased property value.

Are solar panels free in Oklahoma?

If a company approaches you about free solar panels, don’t fall for the trick. Many companies that advertise free solar panels are just using deceptive marketing techniques to rope you into a solar lease or PPA. Unfortunately, these companies are typically just out to make a sale and are not interested in helping you reap all of the benefits of going solar.

Can solar panels in Oklahoma eliminate my energy bills?

Yes, it’s possible to eliminate your current utility energy costs by going solar in Oklahoma because there is a decent net metering policy in place. However, note that you’ll probably need a system of at least 10-kW to fully offset your power bills in Oklahoma.

Is cost the most important consideration when buying solar panels?

While cost seems to be the thing most people zero in on, it’s not always the most important consideration for people buying solar panels. Remember that cheap isn’t always best if you want to maximize your solar savings, as higher-efficient solar panels will be more expensive, but will produce more energy. You’ll also want to make sure that the solar equipment and installation company you choose for the job offers comprehensive warranties to protect your system in the event of damage.

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EcoWatch FAQ: Solar Panel Cost Oklahoma

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