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By Frank La Sorte and Kyle Horton

Millions of birds travel between their breeding and wintering grounds during spring and autumn migration, creating one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world. These journeys often span incredible distances. For example, the Blackpoll warbler, which weighs less than half an ounce, may travel up to 1,500 miles between its nesting grounds in Canada and its wintering grounds in the Caribbean and South America.

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Eat Just's cell-based chicken nugget is now served at Singapore restaurant 1880. Eat Just, Inc.

At a time of impending global food scarcity, cell-based meats and seafood have been heralded as the future of food.

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Like many other plant-based foods and products, CBD oil is one dietary supplement where "organic" labels are very important to consumers. However, there are little to no regulations within the hemp industry when it comes to deeming a product as organic, which makes it increasingly difficult for shoppers to find the best CBD oil products available on the market.

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An offshore oil platform in West Africa. Cavan Images / Getty Images

For the first time, researchers have identified 100 transnational corporations that take home the majority of profits from the ocean's economy.

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Mountain goats roam the streets of LLandudno on March 31, 2020 in Llandudno, Wales during the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine measures. Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

By Marie Quinney and Gabriela Martinez

This article is part of The Davos Agenda.

During 2020, many of us saw images of deserted urban areas being reclaimed by animals and heard reports of carbon dioxide emissions plummeting as transportation ground to a halt. A new analysis shows that the U.S. had reached its lowest level of emissions in three decades.

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Environmental activist Sage Lenier is seen teaching her class at UC Berkeley. Irene Yi

By Sage Lenier

Sage Lenier, an environmental activist and graduate from UC Berkeley, created a wildly popular course at her university dedicated to sustainable solutions and circular systems thinking against the broader backdrop of environmental justice. In Spring 2020, the course enrolled more than 300 students eager to learn how they can drive the shift toward a more ethical and sustainable society. The World Economic Forum sat down with Sage for a quick Q&A.

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5 Best Eco-Conscious Meal Kit Delivery Services for 2021

Meal kit services offer pre-portioned recipes and a fun cooking experience. But what options are best for the earth-conscious family?

Micheile Henderson / Unsplash

For those looking for a quick and convenient way to eat delicious, hearty meals with little to no hassle, there are plenty of meal kit delivery services to choose from. But out of all of the brands available, which is the best meal delivery service?

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assorted-color straws
Meghan Rodgers / Unsplash

Keeping a reusable straw in your purse, pocket, on your key ring, or in the glove compartment of your car makes it easy to skip single-use plastic when you're on the go. In fact, purchasing reusable straws, made from materials like bamboo, glass, silicone, and stainless steel, is one of the simplest ways to reduce your waste.

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An aerial view of the National Wild and Scenic Little Miami River in Maineville, Ohio, on Dec. 3, 2020. Joe Timmerman

By Joe Timmerman

Few leaves are still falling off trees and down the ever-running water of the National Wild and Scenic Little Miami River, where they float through five counties and 111 miles of Southwest Ohio, into the Ohio River and toward the Mississippi before eventually finding their way into the Gulf of Mexico. Today, these 111 miles of Little Miami River are the cleanest that they have been in the last 40 years, and as the world may seem largely disconnected due to the coronavirus pandemic, a connection between people over time is helping to create the river's lasting sustainability.

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IKEA has partnered with Vox Creative and tiny home builder Escape to create a sustainable tiny house on wheels. Josiah And Steph Photography

Furniture giant IKEA collaborated with Vox Creative and tiny home builder Escape to produce a tiny house on wheels that could inspire environmental- and climate-friendly changes in the housing industry.

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New U.S. dietary guidelines are a strong win for alcohol and soda industries. Kanawa_Studio / iStock / Getty Images Plus

By Sarah Reinhardt

The federal government released new U.S. dietary guidelines Tuesday after three years of preparation, and it served a strong win to both alcohol and soda industries.

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Electronic waste to be dismantled as recyclable waste at the Electronic Recyclers International plant in Holliston, Massachusetts. Zoran Milich / Contributor / Moment Mobile / Getty Images

By Doug Johnson

Laptops, phones and tablets come out in new, flashier upgrades each year, and consumers lap them up, eager to own the latest desirable models with the most cutting-edge features. But with every upgrade, older models mount up in landfills around the world.

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The Andean mountains of the Zongo Valley in Bolivia where the RAP expedition took place are steep and rugged, with numerous waterfalls and cascades. Trond Larsen / Conservation International

In the Bolivian Andes, scientists found 20 new species and rediscovered plants and animals not seen for decades.

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