LeafFilter Gutter Guard Review: Does It Work? (2023)

LeafFilter Gutter Guard Review: Does It Work? (2023)

In this review of LeafFilter Gutter Guards, you’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of LeafFilter Gutter Protection
  • How LeafFilter helps you achieve clean, clog-free gutters
  • The pricing of their products
  • Information on LeafFilter installation and availability

This review will provide you with helpful information on the LeafFilter Gutter Protection and can make your decision easier when choosing the right gutter guard company. Let’s get started!

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Looking for LeafFilter reviews? The EcoWatch team is all about finding solutions for the eco-conscious homeowner, and in this article, we’ll analyze LeafFilter gutter guards by looking at factors such as sustainability of materials, pricing and, of course, what customers have to say about the company.

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Facts About LeafFilter

  • EcoWatch Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
  • Materials Used: Stainless steel micro mesh; uPVC frame and structural hangers
  • Warranty Length: limited lifetime, transferable warranty 
  • State Availability: 46 states (not available in AK, HI, WY, AZ)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+
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Dedicated to Sustainability

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EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Materials are recyclable
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Has green initiatives
  • Competitive pricing


  • Not DIY-friendly

LeafFilter Pros and Cons


  • Make of uPVC (the most eco-friendly gutter material) and recyclable stainless steel1
  • Works with existing gutters
  • Installation takes less than a day
  • Available in almost every state
  • Includes a lifetime, transferable warranty 
  • Reduces frequency of gutter cleaning
  • Has an A+ BBB rating


  • Quality of installation can depend on local technicians
  • Warranty is limited to certain circumstances
  • Still requires occasional maintenance 
  • Cost information not provided on LeafFilter website
  • Heavy rainfall may not filter through the mesh quickly enough and could spill over the gutter
  • LeafFilter is facing a lawsuit for alleged misleading marketing tactics

LeafFilter Gutter Guard Review

Clogged gutters can cause disruptions to water flow that damage your home. LeafFilter offers gutter guards that promise to be the solution to achieving clean, clog-free gutters. In this homeowner’s guide, we will review the LeafFilter gutter guards, carefully explaining their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about the best gutter guards for your home

At EcoWatch, safeguarding the environment is our first priority. What makes our reviews unique is that we consider the environmental impact of the products that we review, in addition to functionality and affordability. 


LeafFilter Gutter Protection
Source: LeafFilter

LeafFilter is a company exclusively dedicated to providing gutter guards. Its product — made with stainless steel micro mesh, a uPVC frame and structural hangers — is intended to prevent leaves and other debris from entering your gutters and causing clogs.

What makes LeafFilter unique is that its gutter guards are made of recyclable stainless steel mesh and uPVC siding. Regular PVC (polyvinyl chloride) may be made from harmful toxins, but uPVC (unplasticized ployvinyl chloride) actually has one of the lowest global warming impacts compared to gutter guards made of materials like titanium-zinc, aluminum or steel.1

LeafFilter has also reduced its freight miles traveled by 20% between 2020 and 2021, reducing the company’s carbon emissions from transportation. 

How LeafFilter Works

The Gutter Guard LeafFilter is made up of three parts: a micro mesh screen, a uPVC frame and structural supports. The hidden, internal supports attach to your fascia board and help fasten the micro mesh and uPVC frame on top of your existing gutters. LeafFilter states that surface tension is what draws water through the stainless steel micro mesh into the gutter without allowing in any leaves or other debris. 

The system is created to be durable and long-lasting: The 275-micron fine micro mesh is designed to not rust or corrode, and the uPVC frame will not warp or deteriorate. The fine screen on the LeafFilter gutter guard is designed to keep all types of debris out, including small particles like dirt, pollen, shingle grit and pine needles. 


LeafFilter provides a limited lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the next owner of your home if you choose to move. LeafFilter will either provide a replacement or refund you the purchase price of your LeafFilter materials if you experience a covered issue with the product. 

It is important to note that the warranty only applies if the LeafFilter Gutter Protection system allows for the interior of your gutter to get clogged with debris, causing your gutter to overflow with water. 

Situations that the limited lifetime warranty does not cover include: 

  • Damage to your gutters, roof or fascia boards due to the LeafFIlter being installed incorrectly
  • Damage caused by a weather event or ice buildup 
  • Damage caused by structural changes, trees or plant life 
  • Damage caused by water flowing over the gutter covers 
  • Damage caused by debris building up on top of the gutter covers
  • Overflow caused by an improper number of down-spouts 
  • Any other situation not explicitly stated as covered under the warranty 

How Is LeafFilter Installed?

Before the professional installation process begins, a LeafFilter technician will inspect your home to determine if there are any potential problem areas that would need special attention. The technician will decide whether your current gutter system needs to be replaced or if the LeafFilter could be installed over your existing gutters. 

On the day of the installation, a LeafFilter installation team will remove your old gutter guards (if you have them) and complete a new gutter installation if necessary. The team will clean up and repair your gutters, making sure that the gutters are properly aligned, sealed and damage-free. 

Finally, your technician will install the LeafFilter leaf guards on your gutters. The entire installation process takes anywhere from a few hours to a day. 

Here’s a quick video detailing the company’s installation process:

How Much Does LeafFilter Cost?

The cost of a LeafFilter Gutter Guard installation is not available on the LeafFilter website. You’ll need to request a free quote with an in-home inspection by a LeafFilter expert in order to receive pricing information. 

Based on our research, however, LeafFilter’s gutter guard installation costs can vary greatly depending on your location and the difficulty of the project, but installations can be anywhere from $12 to $45 per linear foot. Some customer reviews note that you can negotiate the price down from the initial quote based on the feet of gutter protection.

Where Is LeafFilter Available?

LeafFilter is the largest gutter protection company in the U.S. LeafFilter has 87 offices across 46 states, so its products are available almost everywhere in the country. LeafFilter currently does not have offices in Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming and Arizona. You can enter your zip code on the LeafFilter website to see if it services your area. 

LeafFilter Reviews

LeafFilter has an A+ rating from the BBB and has over 3,000 customer reviews on the BBB website. With an average rating of 3.77 stars out of 5, LeafFilter has received mostly positive reviews, with only a fraction of customers reporting complaints. 

Most of the positive reviews rave about quick, next-day installation, professional technicians, and an effective product. Here are a couple of examples of LeafFilter reviews from happy customers:

“LeafFilter Gutter Protection is an investment in keeping our home free from mold in the attic and keeps leaves, small climbing animals and dirt out of our gutters, enabling the rainwater to freely flow down the gutters and into the ground away from the house. That also protects our home’s foundation. The salesman and the men who installed LeafFilter were all respectful, and did their jobs well.”

— Nacy M. via BBB

“I had a small stream coming from my gutters. I contacted LeafFilter and they came right on out. A few pine needles and sticks were in the corners, causing the rain to bounce off the top and pour down. They cleaned up the debris, and I am happy. This was one of the best purchases we made for our home. I recommend everyone to have this system installed.”

— Anika W. via BBB

Although most reviews are positive, many of the negative reviews have similar themes: inconsistent or unavailable customer service, high-pressure sales tactics and a lack of refunds for dissatisfied customers. 

leaffilter reviews quick tip

“Had the gutter protection installed July 2021. Had to call them back within the first month because the installer did not clean out the gutters before installation. Now, every time there is a heavy downpour, rain pours down from the gutters against the windowsill of my bay window. This certainly will cause rot.”

— Kimberly R. via BBB

“About a year ago, we hired this company to help with our downspouts, the sales rep promised specific services just to get us to sign up. The first time they had to reschedule, the contractor just didn’t show up. When somebody did come, the final product was not what we were sold on and can be considered safety hazards.”

— Shannon F. via BBB

Overall, when the LeafFilter product is installed properly by professionals, it seems to work great and customers are satisfied. However, some customers complain about confusing contracts and dealing with a pressuring salesperson. Because LeafFilter has many locations all over the country, its services can be inconsistent. Finding a reliable contractor to fulfill your job is an important aspect of getting LeafFilter gutter guards installed. 

Our Recommendation

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is a well-established, popular brand for installing gutter guards. Overall, if you spend a lot of time cleaning your gutters and are looking to install a new gutter guard system, LeafFilter may be a great product for you. LeafFilter is one of the only gutter companies to use uPVC siding, which has one of the lowest global warming impacts of any gutter guard material, including steel, aluminum and titanium-zinc. The stainless steel mesh is also completely recyclable.

We do not recommend LeafFilter Gutter Protection if you live in an area that experiences frequent, heavy rain or is very snowy and icy during the winter. LeafFilter does not combat ice dams and may cause water from heavy rainfall to pour off the side of your house. 

Before you decide which gutter guard is best for you, consider getting quotes from multiple gutter guard companies in addition to speaking to a LeafFilter expert. The best gutter guard for your home will depend on the location, climate and size of your residence. 

Company Information

  • Company name: LeafFIlter
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Chris Counahan 
  • Founder: Matt Kaulig
  • Year founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: 1595 Georgetown Rd, Hudson, Ohio 44236
  • State availability: 46 states
  • BBB rating: A+

FAQ: LeafFilter Reviews

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