LeafGuard Vs. LeafFilter (Best Options In 2023)

LeafGuard Vs. LeafFilter (Best Options In 2023)

In this guide comparing LeafGuard vs LeafFilter, you’ll learn:

  • The main differences between LeafGuard and LeafFilter
  • The services and features that each company offers
  • How LeafGuard and LeafFilter compare in cost and warranty
  • How to determine which gutter guard company is right for you

This guide has helped many homeowners determine whether LeafGuard or LeafFilter would be the right option for their gutter guard needs and can help make your decision easier. Let’s get started!

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If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your gutters, LeafGuard and LeafFilter are both well-known companies offering gutters and gutter covers. In this guide, we will compare the LeafGuard and LeafFilter brands so that you can make an educated decision on which gutter protection product best fits your needs.

At EcoWatch, our reviews are centered around the environmental impact of the products we cover. We look at functionality, cost, durability and customer satisfaction in addition to sustainability to share our honest opinion about which gutter guards work and what products we recommend.

LeafGuard Vs. LeafFilter Overview

LeafGuard offers gutters that have built-in gutter guards. These specially designed gutters prevent clogging with their debris-shedding design. On the other hand, LeafFilter is a three-piece gutter guard that is fastened on top of your existing gutters.

The prices of the LeafGuard and LeafFilter products are not explicitly available online, but based on our research, they have similar price points. Both companies offer a lifetime warranty and a free, in-home inspection to receive a personalized quote. Take a look at our comparison chart to see how LeafGuard and LeafFilter stack up: 

LeafGuard LeafFilter
Product One-piece gutter system with a built-in gutter guard  Three-piece gutter guard installed over existing gutters
Cost (With Installation) $11-$37 per linear foot  $12-$45 per linear foot
Warranty Limited lifetime, transferable warranty  Limited lifetime, transferable warranty
Installation Process Installation usually takes less than a day;
professional installation required
Installation usually takes less then a day;
professional installation required 
Maintenance Occasional maintenance required
to check for any leaks or debris buildup 
Occasional maintenance required
to brush debris off the gutter guard
Material Painted aluminum Stainless steel, uPVC 
Environmental Impact  Made of aluminum with ScratchGuard paint finish,
which are difficult to recycle
Made of recyclable stainless steel and uPVC,
which has a low carbon footprint


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What Are LeafGuard’s Services and Features?

LeafGuard is a one-piece gutter guard and gutter system that has a unique reverse curve design. Its gutters use liquid adhesion to attract water into the gutter while deflecting debris. LeafGuard offers these features:

  • The one-piece product is both a gutter and gutter guard 
  • Can withstand up to 32 inches of rain each hour
  • Free, at-home inspection and quote upon request
  • Made with 20% thicker aluminum and 30% wider downspouts than the industry standard, making it more durable and more clog-free

The LeafGuard installation process will begin with a LeafGutter gutter installer performing a home visit to assess the current condition of your gutters and provide a quote. 

On the day of the installation, your old gutters will be removed, and your new gutters will be custom formed to the exact specifications of your home. The gutters are fastened to your fascia board, with hangers installed every two feet to ensure that the gutters are stabilized. The entire installation process usually takes less than a day. 

Unfortunately, because LeafGuard gutters are coated with ScratchGuard Paint Finish, a polyurethane veneer, these gutters are difficult to recycle. LeafGuard also does not have an environmental impact statement on its website, so its sustainability status and efforts are unknown or nonexistent. Additionally, if you decide to install solar panels to your roof, you must notify LeafGuard in writing or else risk voiding your warranty.2

What Are LeafFilter’s Services and Features?

LeafFilter is a gutter guard product that is designed to fit over your existing gutters. LeafFilter Gutter Protection Systems have a patented design that draws water into your gutters while keeping out even small debris like leaves, dirt, pollen, shingle grit and pine needles. LeafFilter boasts several features that make it unique: 

  • Three-piece design that fits over existing gutters
  • Professional installation and free, in-home inspection
  • Made of recyclable stainless steel micro-mesh and unplasticized PVC frame, a low environmental-impact material

LeafFilter’s three-piece design is made of stainless-steel micro-mesh gutter guards, a uPVC frame and structural hangers that are attached directly onto your existing gutters and fascia board. 

When you get your initial quote, a LeafFilter salesperson will perform an on-site inspection of your current gutters and determine what will need to be aligned or repaired. On the day of the installation, LeafFilter technicians will clean, seal and align your gutters so that your new gutter guards will fit perfectly. Finally, they will install the LeafFilter to your gutters. This process will take somewhere between a few hours and a day to complete.

Here’s a quick video detailing the company’s installation process:

LeafFilter states on its website that surface tension draws water through the gutter guard into your gutter while deterring debris away. It also claims that the 275-micron fine micromesh is designed not to corrode, and the uPVC frame will not warp or deteriorate. Although this product is made to be sturdy, it does not prevent ice dams, and heavy rainfall may cause water to pour off the side of your house. 

LeafFilter gutter guards are uniquely made of uPVC, a material with one of the lowest global warming impacts of any other gutter guard material.3 LeafFilter is also made of a completely recyclable stainless-steel mesh screen. Stainless steel is a very durable material that will weather the elements far longer than most plastics and even other metals like copper. 

LeafGuard Vs. LeafFilter Cost Comparison

LeafGuard and LeafFilter products have a similar cost range, but the actual cost of your project with LeafGuard or LeafFilter will vary greatly depending on where you live, the condition of your current gutters and the overall difficulty of the project.

LeafGuard Cost

LeafGuard is a gutter with built-in, reverse curve gutter guards that prevent debris from entering your system and causing clogs. Similarly to LeafFilter, LeafGuard will run you somewhere between $11 and $37 per linear foot with installation. However, the size and difficulty of your project can influence the price greatly. You can request a free quote on the LeafGuard website. 

LeafFilter Cost

With installation, LeafFilter gutter guards cost anywhere from $12 to $45 per linear foot. Like LeafGuard, you must request a free in-home inspection from a LeafFilter specialist to receive a personalized quote.

LeafFilter is more expensive than other standalone gutter guards, which tend to run anywhere from $4.50 to $7.50 a foot, but keep in mind that installation, gutter cleaning and a limited lifetime warranty are included in the price of the LeafFilter system. Some customer reviews note that you can often negotiate down the initial price you are quoted. 

What Warranties do LeafGuard and LeafFilter Offer?

LeafGuard and LeafFilter both offer limited lifetime warranties that are transferable, meaning you can transfer the warranty to the next owner of your house if you move. However, the terms and conditions of each of these warranties are a little different.

Under the LeafGuard warranty, if your new gutters deteriorate in any way directly related to a manufacturing defect, including flaking, corrosion, cracking, peeling or rusting, LeafGuard will repaint, repair or replace the LeafGuard gutters or gutter accessories. LeafGuard also promises that the gutters will not clog with any type of debris, or the company will clean or repair it for free. 

This warranty does not cover any damage caused to the interior or exterior of your home and does not cover damage caused by bad weather, the condition of the home, and any other poor workmanship done by anyone who is not a LeafGuard technician. LeafGuard also adds that LeafGuard gutters will not void your roof warranty, because the gutters are installed to your home’s fascia board, not under the shingles. 

The LeafFilter warranty only applies if the LeafFilter Gutter Protection System allows for the interior of your gutter to become clogged with debris, causing water to overflow from your gutter. 

The warranty does not cover buildup of debris on top of the gutter, where the LeafFilter gutter screens are placed. The warranty also does not cover damage to your gutters, roof or fascia boards due to the LeafFilter installation, weather damage, structural changes to your home or any other situation not explicitly covered in the warranty. 

Although the LeafGuard and LeafFilter warranties are limited, the LeafFilter warranty is very restrictive to a particular situation, whereas the LeafGuard warranty covers any defect of their product and will clean the gutters for free if they clog. 

LeafGuard Vs. LeafFilter Reviews

LeafGuard and LeafFilter both have many locations across the country and countless customer reviews. It is important to review the particular location that you will be ordering from, as the quality of your gutter guard installation and customer service offered in your neighborhood will vastly impact your experience. 

LeafGuard Reviews

LeafGuard has an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). LeafGuard has only 90 reviews on the BBB website, so it can be more difficult to determine overall customer satisfaction across the country. However, most of the reviews are negative.

 The positive reviews applaud the company’s customer-oriented approach and product durability. 

“The serviceman who came to examine our gutters was professional and customer-oriented. We explained the situation to him and he saw the cause immediately. With a few minor adjustments, the guttering was back to functioning as expected. We have had several downpours and drenching storms since his visit and the gutters have performed as expected. We are very pleased.”

— Julia C. via BBB

Negative LeafGuard reviews tend to mention a lack of response from customer service, very high initial quotes and high-pressure sales tactics. However, these complaints vary vastly by location. Here’s an example:

“I have had an issue for months, where the downspout is leaking an enormous amount of water, causing it to fall straight down on my foundation. I had to have the foundation built back up by a landscaper, and the drainage problem with the gutter has still not been resolved. I call their support number, and get transferred, and then the line cuts off. Every time I call! Don’t do business with this company!”

— Samuel F. via BBB

“I bought the LeafGuard system about 2 years ago. The salesman was pushy and quoted me a price that was out of this world. After lowering the price two or three times, I agreed with the price, that was a big mistake, very much overpriced. The gutter guard system has never operated correctly. The rain runs over the top of the guard onto the ground. A technician has been here two or three times and always has some reason that it is not the system.”

— Thomas C. via BBB

Overall, LeafGuard appears to be a long-lasting, durable product when installed properly by seasoned professionals. Customer service and sales tactics can vary vastly from location to location, so make sure to conduct research on the LeafGuard location closest to you.

LeafFilter Reviews

LeafFilter has over 3,000 customer reviews and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. LeafFilter has received many positive reviews, and has a rating of 3.77 stars out of 5 on BBB.

Most of the positive reviews praise the company’s quick installation, effective product and professional installers. 

leafguard vs leaffilter image

“I am very happy with my LeafFilter gutter [guard]. Now, when it rains, the flowers are not beaten to death. I would recommend this to anyone; it works as they advertise it. The people from the salesman to the installer are very nice and very informative.”

— William K. via BBB

“The sales experience was easy and informative, but a little too long. The installation and the installer was excellent — he worked a very long day and did an amazing job (I’ve never heard our gutters run that well in 18 years). Just an awesome experience.”

— Christi H. via BBB

Although most of LeafFilter’s reviews are positive, some common sentiments among dissatisfied customers are inconsistent or unavailable customer service, a lack of refunds for unhappy clients and high-pressure sales tactics.

“The rep claimed the gutters would look new, when all they did was put guards or caps on. I had a flooding issue and there was no change after the guards were put on. I didn’t have clogging issues to begin with and they sold me something that did not solve my problems.”

— Anonymous via BBB

“This year, I had LeafFilter installed and was satisfied with the installation until a heavy rain came and I noticed a downpour out of one side of the gutters. I meant to call to inquire about it but forgot. Another heavy rain came and the same thing happened.”

— Faino C. via BBB

Overall, the LeafFilter product seems to work and the customer is satisfied when the gutter guards are installed properly by professionals. However, some customers complain about dealing with a pressuring salesperson and confusing contracts. 

LeafFilter has many locations nationwide, so its services may be inconsistent. So, researching LeafFilter in your local neighborhood and finding a reliable contractor to complete your job is an important aspect of having your LeafFilter gutter guards installed. 

Our Recommendation

leafguard vs leaffilter quick tip

Understanding the importance of gutter guards is critical in making your final decision. The best gutter guard company for you will depend on the needs of your home. LeafGuard or LeafFilter may be the best option for you if you do not have the time or skills to perform a DIY gutter guard installation.

LeafFilter and LeafGuard are comparatively more expensive than other gutter guard options, so make sure to do your research and request quotes from multiple companies before choosing which type of gutter guard is best for you. 

LeafGuard aluminum gutter guards are finished with a polyurethane paint, making them difficult to recycle. LeafGuard also does not have any environmental standards statement or report on its website, so we only recommend LeafGuard to homeowners who live in an area with heavy rainfall and the inability to complete a gutter guard project themselves. LeafGuard gutters are designed to withstand heavy rain, while LeafFilter gutter guards are not, so they still may be the right choice for you. 

LeafFilter gutter guards are made with fully recyclable stainless steel mesh and uPVC framing, which has a very low global warming impact. Although these qualities are very positive in the sustainability aspect, we do not recommend LeafFilter if you live in an area that experiences very snowy and icy conditions in the winter or heavy rain, as they are not built to withstand these conditions and could cause water flow over the gutters.

If you live in an area with moderate temperatures and rainfall, we recommend LeafFilter, as its materials have a lesser environmental impact.

Our Methodology

The environment is our priority at EcoWatch, so in addition to functionality, cost and durability of the products we review, we also consider their environmental impacts. For eco-conscious homeowners, it can be difficult to find accurate, up-to-date information about how sustainable your home upgrades are. That’s why we conduct our research — so you can make informed decisions about what’s best for your home and the environment. 

To make the most of our review, we developed rating criteria to rank companies. These include:

  • Materials used: We recommend companies that offer guards with recyclable, environmentally friendly materials.
  • Cost: We choose companies that are on-par with the industry average or offer unique qualities that we feel justify a higher price.
  • BBB rating/online reviews: We believe that customer reviews go a long way when it comes to determining the overall experience and reputation of a company.
  • Years in business: How long a company has been in business says a lot about how trustworthy and reputable it is. If people have been trusting a company year after year to take care of their gutters, it’s likely a good company.
  • Warranty: We examine the warranty length and terms offered by each provider.

We also take a look at whether a company has an environmental impact report or statement, and analyze whether or not the brand is making direct, concentrated efforts toward sustainability or is simply greenwashing.

FAQ: LeafGuard Vs. LeafFilter

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