5 Best Micro Mesh Gutter Guards (2023)

5 Best Micro Mesh Gutter Guards (2023)

In this guide on micro mesh gutter guards, you’ll learn:

  • What are the best micro mesh gutter guard brands?
  • Why are micro mesh gutter guards preferable to other types?
  • What should you look for in a quality micro mesh gutter guard brand?
  • Who would benefit the most from micro mesh?

This guide has helped many homeowners understand the benefits of micro mesh gutter guards and how they can improve their gutter system at home. Enter your zip code below to receive a personalized quote on gutter guard options near you.

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Understanding Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Looking for micro mesh gutter guards that will keep all debris out of your gutters?

A quality gutter system is essential for channeling precipitation away from your home’s foundation. Gutters reduce the risk of roof leaks, as well as the structural damage that can result from water runoff building up around your home.

While it’s essential to keep your gutters clean year-round, the task is easier said than done. Gutter guards are a great solution, and micro mesh gutter guards are the most effective type for keeping debris out of your gutters.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best brands of micro mesh gutter guards, why they’re superior to other types and brands and how you can make the best, most sustainable choice for your home.

What Are the Top Micro Mesh Gutter Guards?

When it comes to gutters and gutter guards, the longest-lasting options will typically be the most eco-friendly. In this guide, we’ll discuss our top five picks for micro mesh gutter guards and explain why each of them made the cut. The brands we’ll be discussing and recommending include:

  • LeafFilter Gutter Guards
  • MasterShield Gutter Protection
  • HomeCraft Gutter Protection
  • All American Gutter Protection
  • Klean Gutter

Micro Mesh Gutter Guard Comparison

Brand Our Take Avg Cost Per Linear Foot Service Area Notable Features
LeafFilter Best Overall $15-$35 43 States Reputable company,
wide service area,
lifetime warranty
MasterShield Gutter Protection Most Eco-Friendly Materials $17 (material only) or
$20 (with installation)
N/A Lifetime warranty,
long company history,
reliable and timely service
HomeCraft Gutter Protection Most Versatile Design N/A 16 States Lifetime warranty,
excellent customer reviews,
high-quality marine-grade materials
All American Gutter Protection Most Customizable $15-$20 14 States Recyclable materials,
lifetime warranty,
many design options
Klean Gutter Best for Cold Climates N/A N/A Surgical-grade micro mesh,
25-year warranty,
great for colder climates
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Dedicated to Sustainability

Save 12% plus $250 off on gutter guards for your home. Seniors and Military save an additional 10%.

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Materials are recyclable
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Has green initiatives
  • Competitive pricing


  • Not DIY-friendly
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Most Eco-Friendly Materials

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EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Made from sustainable and/or recycled materials
  • Materials are recyclable
  • Lifetime and/or comprehensive warranty
  • Lots of color and design options
  • Has green initiatives


  • Expensive products or installation fees
  • Reports of clogging
  • Made of non-recyclable materials
  • Not DIY-friendly
Badge icon


Most Versatile Design

New customers save 30%.

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Offers pitched/diamond designs for better flow


  • No stated commitment to bettering the environment
  • Some negative online reviews
  • Limited availability
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All American

Most Customizable

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Materials are recyclable
  • Lifetime and/or comprehensive warranty
  • Lots of color and design options
  • Competitive pricing


  • Not DIY-friendly
  • No stated commitment to bettering the environment
  • Limited availability

LeafFilter: Best Overall

Check out this quick video to learn more about LeafFilter’s process:

LeafFilter is our top pick for micro mesh screen gutter guards and is also the leading company in the gutter guard industry. It has been in business since 2005, making it one of the most experienced companies in the country. 

Since its founding in Hudson, Ohio, it has opened branches all across the country and now services 43 states across the U.S. Despite its size, it still maintains an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

LeafFilter is best known for its 275-micron stainless steel micro mesh, which keeps virtually all debris out of your gutters for good. Even pieces of leaf litter and other small debris from your roof shingles will be stopped by these gutter guards, leaving your gutters clog-free. 

The company backs these claims with a lifetime guarantee, which can be transferred if you sell your home down the road. That means LeafFilter not only protects your home but also helps improve its value.

LeafFilter also has a dedicated team of professionals to perform installations. The team is timely, friendly and highly trained, so you’re likely to have a positive experience if you hire this company.

LeafFilter Pros

  • Uses sustainable and recyclable materials
  • Many positive customer reviews
  • Makes efforts to reduce pollution and waste
  • Affordable, especially given the overall quality

LeafFilter Cons

  • Must be installed by professionals

Key Features

The LeafFilter system is made of high-quality, durable stainless steel with a mesh fine enough to keep even the smallest debris — including pollen — out of your gutters. 

The frames for the mesh are made out of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), which won’t warp over time and provide the ideal pitch for debris to slide off of the mesh. This material also has a low carbon footprint.1

Who It’s Best For

LeafFilter is ideal for any homeowner looking for a professional solution to clogged gutters. The micro mesh system cannot be installed as a DIY project, but that only guarantees that you get a proper installation with the correct pitch for maximum results. 

It’s also a great choice for homeowners looking to make a sustainable choice; LeafFilter gutter guards are long lasting and durable in any climate. 

MasterShield Gutter Protection: Most Eco-Friendly Materials

MasterShield was founded in 2009 by Alex Higginbotham, the very person who invented the micro mesh technology for gutter guards. It’s based in Bristow, Virginia, and it operates in quite a few states, although the specific company footprint isn’t available on the MasterShield website.

Most importantly for our purposes, MasterShield is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact. The gutters and guards are made out of 95% recycled materials for aluminum frames and 30% recycled material for the stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards. This company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and manufactures its products domestically.

Since its inception in 2009, MasterShield has maintained an A rating with the BBB while amassing countless positive reviews from customers online. The guards must be installed by a professional to guarantee results and maintain the warranty. 

The lifetime warranty included with a professional installation is transferable from owner to owner, and the company backs its coverage with a promise to pay up to $1,500 for any homeowners insurance deductible required for damage caused by a faulty system.

MasterShield Gutter Protection Pros

  • Founded by the inventor of micro mesh
  • Positive BBB rating and customer reviews
  • Products made from recycled materials
  • Lifetime transferable warranty

MasterShield Gutter Protection Cons

  • Must be installed by professionals for warranty to be valid

Key Features

MasterShield’s products are made mostly from recycled materials, and the company is committed to maintaining eco-friendly practices. It offers professional installation by friendly and well-trained gutter installers. 

All products come with a lifetime warranty and insurance deductibles coverage if you ever have an issue with your gutter guards.

Who It’s Best For

MasterShield is a great option for homeowners looking for a company dedicated to eco-friendly solutions. This company provides permanent and warrantied solutions for clogged gutters while utilizing repurposed materials. 

HomeCraft Gutter Protection: Most Versatile Design

HomeCraft Gutter Protection was founded in Loganville, Georgia, in 2008, so it has nearly 15 years of experience in the gutter industry. 

It has since expanded to cover 16 states, including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

HomeCraft uses 304 marine-grade stainless steel with a patented patterned design to optimize water flow. It also uses durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and gutter hangers and fasteners installed in your fascia for long-lasting protection, all of which are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

HomeCraft uses hidden gutter hangers and offers different pitches to match most roof styles and maintain the proper angle for debris removal. The company also doesn’t use supports for its mesh, so it can bend and flex to fit just about any roof.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection Pros

  • Many years of experience
  • Positive reviews online and a B rating from the BBB
  • Fits most roof pitches and styles
  • Lifetime transferable warranty

HomeCraft Gutter Protection Cons

  • No stated benefits to the environment

Key Features

HomeCraft uses a raised diamond pattern on its mesh screens to maximize water flow and aluminum frames to maximize durability. The 304 marine-grade stainless steel used for the mesh will stand up to water exposure for many years to come. 

These gutter guard systems are also backed by a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to future owners.

Who It’s Best For

HomeCraft Gutter Protection is best for homeowners looking for affordable, DIY solutions to gutter protection. It’s also a good option for homeowners who have unique gutter styles or roof-to-gutter transitions, as this product is highly adaptable to all property types.

All American Gutter Protection: Most Customizable

All American Gutter Protection has been in the gutter guard industry since 2015, making it one of the youngest companies to make it into our ratings. In that time, it has maintained an A+ rating from the BBB and has provided outstanding customer service to homeowners across 14 states. 

All American is an affordable option for micro mesh gutter guards, and it offers discounts for online purchases, senior citizens and those who are serving or have served in the military. 

The company offers a lifetime warranty, and all installations come with a promise to fix issues with the system if they should arise at any time.

All American uses recyclable materials, although there is little stated commitment to any other environmentally friendly practices.

Its service area includes Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

All American Gutter Protection Pros

  • Affordable, especially with available discounts
  • A+ BBB rating and positive customer reviews
  • Customizable color, size and shape options
  • Lifetime warranty and issue-free guarantee

All American Gutter Protection Cons

  • No sustainable practices noted
  • Must be installed by professionals

Key Features

All American Gutter Protection uses aluminum frames and stainless steel mesh that will last for decades without warping. These gutter guards are installed by the company’s highly-trained professionals, which guarantees proper pitch and slope for the best results. 

The company’s services are affordable, especially if you take advantage of the available discounts. The products are available in many colors and shapes that will suit most homes.

Who It’s Best For

All American is a great option if you’re looking for durable best gutter guards that can be customized to suit your home exactly. The long-lasting stainless steel and aluminum gutter guards are available in many color options and can be custom-fit to any type of gutter you might have. 

This company is not ideal for those looking for the most environmentally-friendly companies to support.

Klean Gutter: Best for Cold Climates

Klean Gutter has been in business since 2009, so it has over a decade of experience behind it. It has yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but it does have countless positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Klean Gutter is available in many states through certified dealers, although the specific availability isn’t stated on the company’s website.

Klean Gutter uses all metal materials — including surgical-grade steel — for maximum durability and longevity. The product is backed by a 25-year warranty, which isn’t as good as other companies in the industry but should suffice for most homeowners.

Klean Gutter offers heated cables as an added installation option for homeowners, making it one of the best options for homeowners who live in cold climates. These cables can melt snow and ice, providing added protection from winter weather conditions.

Klean Gutter ProsThings that can damage your roof

  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Available for DIY installation
  • Long-lasting warranty
  • Heated options for cold climates

Klean Gutter Cons

  • Minimal customization options
  • No stated commitment to sustainability

Key Features

Klean Gutter uses surgical-grade stainless steel for its micro mesh, which is guaranteed to last for 25 years. 

These gutter guards feature a seam close to the top of the gutter to help channel more water into them, reducing the amount that splashes over the edge and down toward your home’s foundation. The mesh is installed with the ideal slope to divert debris and reduce the risk of clogs.

Who It’s Best For

Klean Gutter is best for homeowners in colder climates who receive above-average amounts of snow each year. The gutter guards can not only stand up to cold conditions but can be fitted with heated cables to help melt snow and ice dams and direct the water away from your home.

What Makes Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Different?

Traditional gutter guards — also called leaf guards — have large slats that help keep some debris out of your gutters. Leaves, sticks, pine needles, acorns and other large pieces of tree debris will not enter your gutters, but rainwater and smaller debris can make their way through the slats. 

Heavy rain during downpours can also drag larger debris into the gutters. These older gutter guard styles certainly help reduce gutter clogs, but your gutter system will still need regular gutter cleaning to remove smaller debris buildup and maintain clean gutters.

Micro mesh gutter guards are superior to the traditional style gutter guards in just about every way. The mesh prevents all debris — even smaller things like pollen and roof shingle debris — from entering your rain gutters, leaving you with virtually zero chance of clogs. 

Because these gutter guards are so efficient, many of them come with lifetime warranties and guarantees. This isn’t something you’ll find with other products, like foam gutter guards.

Micro mesh gutter guards also get installed at a pitch to help any caught debris slide off and onto the ground. This helps prevent the mesh itself from getting clogged, which reduces the risk of water pooling and spilling onto the soil near your foundation. 

micro mesh gutter guards rain water
A micro mesh gutter guard. Courtesy: LeafFilter

Tips for Buying Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

If you’re planning on spending the money on micro mesh gutter guards, it’s important to choose equipment that will last and perform as promised from a company that has the experience to install them properly. Below, we’ll discuss five things you should look for in micro mesh gutter guards and installation companies to ensure the best experience possible.

Quality Material

Your gutters and gutter guards will be exposed to the elements at all times, so you should always choose high-quality materials that can stand up to intense sunlight, rain, snow, hail and other extreme weather conditions in your local climate. 

Many micro mesh gutter guards are made from stainless steel that has strong PVC or aluminum frames to minimize weight and maximize longevity. Quality materials like stainless steel do not rust, and therefore can outlast other materials like aluminum that will need more frequent replacement.

The quality and size of the mesh are also important factors to think about, as they determine how much debris will be kept out of your gutters.


The cost of gutter guard installation will always be an important factor to consider. Most companies provide pricing based on how many linear feet you need to be installed, so the size of your house has quite a large impact on your total costs. 

If the information is available, you can compare the cost per linear foot to see which companies will be most affordable and then choose the company that offers the best quality and professionalism within your budget.

Installation Process

It’s crucial that you install gutters and gutter guards properly, as improper installation methods can lead to poor performance. In some cases, gutter guard manufacturers will void their warranties if the equipment isn’t installed by a professional.

The cost of professional micro mesh gutter guard installation will always be more than DIY installation, but you’re often guaranteed to get proper drainage and protection when a pro installs your micro mesh guards for you. 

You can always choose to save money by buying a product like Gutterglove on Amazon or Home Depot and installing it yourself as a DIY home improvement project, especially since it has a relatively easy installation process. 

However, we recommend choosing a company with years of experience and positive customer reviews. This can help to avoid issues with the product, damage to your home or a voided warranty.

Here’s an example of LeafFilter’s gutter installation process:

Curb Appeal

Gutter guards and gutters come in many different shapes, colors and sizes, but not all companies offer multiple design options. Most homeowners will naturally want protection for their homes plus a boost to curb appeal, so it’s important to choose a company that offers micro mesh gutter guards that match your home’s appearance or, at least, the color of your gutters. 

You might need to choose a company like All American Gutter Protection if you have unique gutter sizes or colors to find a good match.

Warranty Coverage

Finally, you’ll want to consider the warranty coverage that comes with your micro mesh gutter guards. The most reputable gutter guard companies will provide a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to future owners of your home. These warranties protect your property while adding to the home value. 

The best gutter guard companies will also offer some guarantee that they will pay for damages or insurance deductibles if the products fail after professional installation.

It’s worth noting that micro mesh gutter guards shouldn’t have an effect on your roof warranty.

Our Final Take: Best Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Micro mesh gutter covers are an outstanding and affordable way to maximize your gutter protection, reducing the risk of clogs, minimizing how often they need to be serviced and maximizing protection for your home. Micro mesh provides protection from even the smallest debris and is designed to transfer water into your gutters and let tree debris fall away from the system entirely.

The best micro mesh gutter guards on the market come from LeafFilter. This company is committed to sustainability, provides a high-quality and durable product backed by a lifetime warranty and maintains positive customer reviews because of its commitment to professionalism and knowledgeable installation processes.

Our Micro Mesh Gutter Guard Company Ranking & Review Methodology

Since micro mesh gutter guards were invented, many different companies have popped up offering this technology for maximum gutter protection. While the options are plentiful, not all gutter guards are created equal.

That’s why we assess gutter guard companies based on several key factors to bring you the best of the best. These factors include longevity in the industry, professionalism, product quality and performance, warranty coverage and most importantly for our purposes, the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices.

We only recommend companies that have a proven track record, use high-quality materials, offer lengthy or lifetime warranties and maintain high ratings from customers. We also tend to rank companies higher if they have a larger service area, as this helps ensure that all of our readers can get the outstanding service they deserve.

FAQ: Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

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