Top 5 Best Roofing Companies in Phoenix, AZ (2023 Guide)

Top 5 Best Roofing Companies in Phoenix, AZ (2023 Guide)

In this guide to the best roofers in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll learn:

  • What are the best roofing companies in Phoenix, AZ?
  • What roofing services do Phoenix residents need most?
  • How do you choose the best roofing contractor in Phoenix, Arizona?
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If you’re looking for roofing services in Phoenix, Arizona, you might very well be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. While the abundance of roofers gives you plenty of options, it can easily get overwhelming trying to decide on the best roofing contractor for your home and budget.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the best roofing companies in Phoenix and why they rank so highly in our ratings. We’ll also discuss some of the most common roofing services required in the greater Phoenix area and how to choose the best roofing contractor to provide those services.

Our Top 5 Roof Repair and Replacement Companies in Phoenix, AZ

Since we know how time-consuming and sometimes frustrating it can be to sift through the choices for roofing companies, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve evaluated the top roofers in Phoenix based on a number of criteria and have found that the options below are the best ones in the area.

  • Best Overall: Power Home Remodeling
  • Most Eco-Friendly: Aspen Contracting
  • Best Customer Service: Lyons Roofing
  • Best Variety: CMR Construction & Roofing
  • Best Warranty: DaBella

Compare the Best Roofing Contractors in Phoenix, AZ

You can get some brief information about our top picks for Arizona roofing companies in the table below. For more information, check out our company reviews further down.

Company Our Take Our Rating Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating Areas Covered Unique Features
Power Home Remodeling Best Overall 4.5 A+ Office in Phoenix area Lifetime warranty and eco-friendly materials
Aspen Contracting Most Eco-Friendly 4.5 A+ Office in Phoenix area Eco-friendly materials and practices
Lyons Roofing Best Customer Service 4.0 A+ Offices in Phoenix and Tucson areas Outstanding customer service and local experience
CMR Construction & Roofing Best Variety 4.0 A+ Office in Phoenix area Handles all types of roof materials
DaBella Best Warranty 4.0 A+ Offices in Phoenix, Flagstaff and Gilbert Lifetime warranties
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Power Home

Best Overall

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Positive industry reputation
  • Lifetime or lengthy warranty
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Uses eco-friendly materials
  • Well-trained, certified installers
  • Variety of roofing styles available


  • Limited variety of roofing materials
  • Short or nonexistent warranty
  • No financing information available
  • Expensive
  • Little information available on company website
Badge icon

Aspen Contracting

Most Eco-Friendly

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Positive industry reputation
  • Lifetime or lengthy warranty
  • Widespread availability
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Financing options available


  • Little information available on company website
Badge icon

Lyons Roofing

Best Customer Service

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Positive industry reputation
  • Variety of roofing materials available
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Uses eco-friendly materials
  • Financing options available
  • Affordable
  • Well-trained, certified installers
  • Uses durable materials meant to last
  • Variety of roofing styles available


  • Limited service area

Power Home Remodeling: Best Overall

Power Home is a large national company in business since 1992. It has decades of experience that’s evident in the workmanship and service the company provides. Despite Power Home’s large size, most customers still feel they get the experience and the individual customer focus they’re looking for from their roofer.

Power Home only deals with asphalt shingle roofs, so it definitely won’t suit everyone. However, it provides roof repair and roof replacement along with siding, doors, windows and attic insulation. All roof installations come with a lifetime warranty, which is astounding.

Power Home makes some effort to be eco-friendly, including recycling old roofing material. It also installs high-quality, energy-efficient roofs that can help reduce your electricity usage and costs.

Pros & Cons

 + Excellent customer service
 + Good variety of services offered
 + Lifetime warranty
 + Many years of experience
 + Eco-friendly business practices
 + Installers are experienced and knowledgeable

 – Only deals with asphalt roofs

What Customers Say About Power Home Remodeling

Most of the online reviews for Power Home are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the company for its quality of service and materials. The majority of people note that the value provided for the price is incredible, and most would recommend this company to others.

There are some negative reviews as well, including customers who felt there were communication issues stemming from a disconnect between the installation team and the sales team. However, these problems appear to have been few and far between.

Aspen Contracting: Most Eco-Friendly

Aspen Contracting was founded in 2006 and has grown its service area significantly since then. It serves all of the contiguous U.S. states and has an office right in Phoenix.

Aspen maintains almost entirely positive reviews despite its size, and its commitment to customer service and satisfaction is evident in its online reviews. This company handles asphalt shingle roofs and flat roofs, as well as the more common styles in Arizona, like clay tile and metal roofs.

Aspen is the most eco-friendly roofing company on our list. It uses recycled materials for new roofs, makes an effort to recycle roofing material it removes from homes and commercial buildings and couples roof services with other offerings that can boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Pros & Cons

 + Environmentally friendly
 + Excellent customer service
 + Many years of experience and success
 + Services a variety of roof types
 + Highly-trained technicians

 – Occasional issues with communication
 – Somewhat expensive

What Customers Say About Aspen Contracting

There are some customers who have found that Aspen Contracting is too large to provide perfect continuity of service. Most of the negative reviews center around this issue, which can lead to delays in work getting done and problems with scheduling.

However, the large majority of online reviews for Aspen are positive. Most customers find that the service and quality of the materials are excellent. There are also many positive reviews mentioning the professionalism and knowledgeability of the installation crews.

Lyons Roofing: Best Customer Service

Lyons Roofing is the smallest roofing company on our list, but it uses its size to its advantage. This company maintains almost perfect reviews across the board, with countless customers noting they were thrilled with the communication, attention to detail and professionalism of the crew.

Lyons has been around since 1993. It serves the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas — including Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Tempe, Peoria, Scottsdale and more — so it has decades of local experience. It offers the more common residential roofing systems in Arizona — like metal and clay — as well as other options like asphalt and concrete tiles.

Lyons also ranks high in our ratings because it’s committed to environmental friendliness. It recycles and uses recycled materials whenever possible, installs highly energy-efficient materials and roof coatings and offers energy-efficient home improvements like solar attic fans and solar tube lights.

Solar attic fan

Pros & Cons

 + Eco-friendly practices
 + Unmatched customer service
 + Decades of local experience
 + Works with many types of roof
 + Provides affordable financing options

 – Limited service area
 – A bit on the expensive side

What Customers Say About Lyons Roofing

Nearly every review readily available online for Lyons Roofing is positive. Customers are enamored with the customer service, noting that every part of the company, from the sales team to the installers, brings professionalism and above-average service to the table.

There is a handful of negative reviews, but none of them seem to point to ongoing issues within the company. Lyons also responds to negative reviews to clarify the source of the issue and makes it clear that the company doesn’t stand for poor service.

CMR Construction & Roofing: Best Variety

CMR Construction & Roofing is a national company with a branch in Phoenix. The company has been around since 2002 and has been providing excellent customer service ever since.

CMR Construction works with just about every roof material and roof style you might have. This includes asphalt shingles, clay, metal, concrete, wood shake, and slate, as well as flat roof materials like thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), foam roofing and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

CMR offers excellent warranty coverage for materials and workmanship. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any statements about how eco-friendly it is.

Pros & Cons

 + Great customer service
 + Services and installs all roof types
 + Many years of experience
 + Excellent warranty coverage

 – No statements about eco-friendliness
 – Some issues with communication and responsiveness

What Customers Say About CMR Construction & Roofing

As mentioned above, the occasional issues with communication within the company seem to be the source of most of the negative reviews. Some customers complain about misrepresentations by the sales team, although it seems clear that communication with installers and material providers is the real issue.

That being said, most of the company reviews are positive, with customers noting that the service, in general, is great. Many people also rave about the overall quality of the work and the peace of mind provided by the lengthy warranty coverage.

DaBella: Best Warranty

DaBella is a national roofer that has two branches in the Phoenix area and one in Flagstaff. The company is best known for its lifetime warranty that provides ultimate peace of mind and protection for your investment.

DaBella has been around since 2011 and has since then established a reputation for excellent customer service. It only deals with asphalt and concrete tile roofs, but it provides other exterior renovations including siding, windows, doors, gutter installation, gutter guard installation and more.

One downside to working with DaBella is that the company makes no representations regarding its overall eco-friendliness.

Pros & Cons

 + Good customer service
 + Full-service roofer and exterior renovation specialist
 + Over a decade of experience
 + Lifetime warranty

 – Not the most eco-friendly company
 – Extended workmanship warranty costs extra
 – Only works with asphalt and concrete roofs

What Customers Say About DaBella

DaBella has amassed countless positive reviews, many of which note that the quality of the materials and the lifetime warranty are outstanding, especially in places like Phoenix and Flagstaff. Customers also comment positively on how experienced and friendly the installation crew is.

The negative reviews for DaBella mostly center around issues with scheduling and confusion among the installation crew. The customers attribute this to a lack of communication within the company, and it looks like some jobs get delayed because of this problem in the worst-case scenarios.

Common Roofing Services Offered by Phoenix Companies

Most homeowners in Phoenix look for one of three roofing services: repair, replacement or cleaning. The majority of roofing companies in the area handle repairs and replacement, but fewer will tackle cleaning services and new roof installation for new construction.

Below we’ll discuss why these services are so in demand in Phoenix and why you might need them for your home.

Roof Repair in Phoenix, AZ

One of the most commonly requested roof services in Phoenix is roof repair. Repairs are typically needed most in the summer, between June and September.

One of the primary reasons for roof repair in Phoenix is the prevalence of monsoons.1 These weather events typically take place in the summer and bring strong winds and intense lightning storms that can damage roofs. It’s not uncommon to see the following issues pop up as a result:

  • Cracked clay roof tiles
  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Storm damage from fallen tree limbs or blown debris
  • Damage requiring leak repair

Arizona is also one of the hottest states in the U.S., with average daily temperatures in some cities reaching above 100 degrees in the summer.2 Phoenix residents are commonly concerned with their homes’ energy efficiency, and roof repair can help maintain good efficiency.

Finally, roof repair is a common necessity in Phoenix because the intense and abundant sunlight can accelerate deterioration and fading. Phoenix residents enjoy around 300 days of sunlight annually.3 This is well above the national average of 205, and the resulting UV damage can lead to a higher demand for roof repair in the area.

Roof Replacement and Installation in Phoenix

Roof replacement is another commonly needed service in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Once again, the presence of monsoons can be a contributing factor to how often roofs need replacement. These extreme weather events lower the overall lifespan of roofing solutions, which means replacement will be needed more often in Phoenix than in many other areas. A roof inspection can help determine if you need roof repair, waterproofing or total replacement.

Since Phoenix residents experience intense summers and sunlight that can increase interior temperatures, maintaining good energy efficiency in homes is of utmost importance. Since roof lifespan is naturally limited in the area and roofing provides the first layer of defense from the elements, homeowners replace roofs more often in AZ to keep energy loss down.

Finally, Arizona is ranked fifth in the country for solar adoption, which means countless homeowners install solar every year. If you’re installing solar, it’s often a wise idea to replace your roof before doing so to ensure your roof outlasts your panels. This helps you avoid having to remove the panels later to carry out roofing work.

Roof Cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona

Roof cleaning is another roof service Phoenix residents demand heavily. The primary reason for roof cleaning in Phoenix is moss growth.

Moss can be highly damaging to your roof pulling up shingles, reducing your home’s energy efficiency and providing easy access to your roof decking or underlayment for water. Moss on your roof can lead to many problems, including:

  • Increased risk of roof leaks
  • Decreased home energy efficiency
  • More strain on cooling equipment
  • Less comfortable living space temperatures
  • Diminished curb appeal

Moss removal is performed most commonly on shaded portions of your roof. If you, like many other Phoenix homeowners, use shade trees to naturally reduce the amount of sunlight that beats down on your house, you could be prone to roof moss.

Since clay roofs are so prevalent in Phoenix and are challenging and sometimes dangerous to walk on without walk decks, most residents call on professional roofing companies for roof cleaning services.

Phoenix Roofing Buyers Guide

Since there are so many options for Phoenix roofing contractors, it’s crucial that you understand how to assess roofers and choose a reliable one for your roofing project. Below, we’ll explain some considerations you should take into account when hiring a roofer as well as some tips on choosing one that will provide a positive experience.

What Roofing Materials Are Best for Phoenix’s Climate?

One thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a roofer is the types of roofing materials they offer. Most will be able to install and repair asphalt shingle roofs, but if you’re looking for another material, you might be able to rule out some contractors.

In Phoenix, where the climate is extremely hot for much of the year, choosing an energy-efficient roofing material is essential for keeping your living area cool and your energy bills down. Clay and metal roofs offer far better efficiency than asphalt shingles, with reflective metal roofing being the best suited for the weather in AZ.

You should also consider the durability of the roofing material you’re installing in Phoenix. The monsoon season can bring intense winds and rainfall that can put roofs to the test. Metal roofs tend to be the most resilient to wind, making them a great option from both an energy efficiency and a durability standpoint.

Finally, since solar is so popular and worthwhile in Phoenix, you might want to consider the lifespan of the roofing material you’re installing. Solar panels last an average of 20 to 30 years, and it can be expensive to remove and reinstall your panels during that time if you need to replace your roof.

Roofing materials with longer lifespans are often more costly up front but can save you money down the road, especially if you plan to go solar. We’ll include some typical lifespans for different materials below:

  • Asphalt shingle roofs: 15 to 20 years
  • Metal roofs: 40 to 60 years
  • Concrete tile roofs: 40 to 50 years
  • Clay tile roofs: 80 to 100 years

Roof in AZ

When Should I Replace My Roof in Phoenix, AZ?

Knowing when to replace your roof in Phoenix can help avoid potentially disastrous roof issues, including roof leaks. There are a few things that should trigger you to call for roof replacement.

First, if you experience a single roof leak, you might be able to get by with a simple repair, which will cost far less than re-roofing your home. However, if you notice multiple leaks or ongoing issues with leaking despite repairs, it’s likely that your roof needs replacement.

Second, if you know that your roof is reaching its expected lifespan — based on the average lifespans mentioned above — then you should consider roof replacement. You might be jumping the gun by a year or more, but it’s better to replace a little early than to wait for severe and expensive issues to crop up.

Finally, if you’re installing solar panels to take advantage of the sunlight available in Phoenix, you might want to consider roof replacement before you install your panels. A new roof underneath your solar system will help reduce the risk of necessary roof maintenance after installation, and it will help avoid leaks resulting from roof penetration.

Licensing and Permitting Requirements in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re getting significant repairs done on your roof, a roof installed on new construction or a roof replacement, you should always make sure to check that your contractor is properly licensed and will pull the necessary permits.

The State of Arizona requires all roofing contractors to maintain a CR-42 roofing contractor license for residential and commercial roofing services.4 You can ask your preferred contractor for proof or check the state website for confirmation.

Additionally, all major roof work in Phoenix requires a building permit. Your roofing company should take care of this for you, but you should confirm that it will before committing to services.

How to Find the Right Roofer in Phoenix

There are a few things you should look for in a Phoenix roofing company before hiring one.

First, we recommend you confirm that your company is insured. Hiring a roofer without general liability insurance could result in your homeowners insurance company denying claims related to roof issues after the work is done. We also recommend checking for workers comp insurance.

Second, check to see what roofing materials the company offers. If you have a preference for aesthetic, energy efficiency or durability, or you want to match your home to the area with a clay tile roof, you might be able to rule out contractors that don’t offer the material you want.

Finally, we suggest reading through positive and negative online reviews from past customers. This can spell out the kind of service you can expect. It can also warn you of possible delays, issues with communication and other problems to avoid.

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