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What You Need to Know About Windows in Tennessee

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Most Tennessee homeowners live in a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and high temperatures in the 70s and 80s (Fahrenheit) for seven months of the year, so air-conditioning is in use for much of the year.1 Tennessee homeowners use more energy per month than the national average, and, in fact, the state has the second-highest rate of energy consumption in the country, using less than only Louisiana.2 In areas where energy consumption is so high for cooling, making sure your home windows are doing their job should be a priority.

Windows can lose a massive amount of energy to the outside of your home. Heat gain and loss through windows can represent up to 30% of a home’s energy usage for heating and cooling.3 That means upgrading to energy-efficient windows is usually a surefire way of making your home more efficient. Most Tennessee homeowners save nearly $236 per year on energy costs spent on heating and cooling after installing energy-efficient windows, so they very often pay for themselves over time and then keep on saving you money on energy.4

You can expect to spend an average of $550 per new window you have installed in Tennessee, although your price can vary based on several cost factors:

  • The number of windows you’re replacing
  • The style and size of window you need
  • Which floor of your home your windows are located on
  • The window brand you choose
  • The installer
  • The frame material
  • The type of glass you choose (single-, double- or triple-pane)

Some Tennessee homeowners find that a partial (or “pocket”) window replacement is a good option for saving some money on window replacement. This method leaves your window frame intact and just replaces the inner part of the window. This doesn’t always maximize energy efficiency, but it’s a more affordable option and will still save you money on your energy bills.

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