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What You Need to Know About Windows in New Jersey

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Windows provide sunlight and ventilation in your home, but they also allow for more heat transfer between your home’s interior and the outside than solid walls or doors. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient upgrades is an easy way to boost your home’s energy efficiency especially crucial in an area like New Jersey, where the humid subtropical and humid continental climates lead to hot humid summers and cold winters.2 Windows can let massive amounts of conditioned air escape your home, reducing your overall energy efficiency.

New Jersey homeowners also experience above-average precipitation, cyclical temperatures and humidity levels, and extreme weather events like nor’easters, hurricanes, and tropical storms. These weather events can put added strain on windows, causing damage or broken air seals that can contribute to energy loss.

Replacing a window in New Jersey typically costs around $750, and although this represents a significant cost for an entire home’s worth of windows, you could save up to $366 annually on home heating and cooling costs by upgrading, according to Energy Star.3 Most new windows pay for themselves over time, making them a great investment. In addition to energy savings, installing new windows will typically:

  • Make your living space more comfortable
  • Reduce the strain on your heating and cooling equipment
  • Reduce the maintenance required for home systems
  • Make your home more valuable
  • Lend your home greater curb appeal

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