James Savino

James Savino

Data Scientist


James joined the EcoWatch team in 2021.  He has both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering alongside three years of research experience in the chemical engineering PhD program at North Carolina State University. His research experience has focused on using computational tools and high-performance computing to study and design materials for a variety of applications. He has worked on studying the properties of graphene nanoribbons at the University of Rochester, the design of photoswitchable masks for high-powered lasers to support nuclear fusion research at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, the study of nucleation mechanisms for antibiotics, and using CUDA and Monte Carlo methods to study light propagation through biological tissue at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

He has since brought the skills he cultivated in scientific research to EcoWatch where he has collected, cleaned, and generated the data to power local solar insights, including the creation of a localized calculator to determine the impact of switching to solar on one’s carbon footprint.

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