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Much different from the violent world of stereo headphones used by music listeners, Professional headsets have an entirely different clientele to serve. Here that ‘extra bass,’ ‘loud beats’ or cool colors and all such jargon are irrelevant instead things that matter are the comfort, durability, battery life and noise cancellation performance. With more and more business done online, professionals require headsets that allow their hands to be free for multi-tasking. A typical office environment requires headsets of various kinds such a Wireless headset, Bluetooth headset and Telephone headset. A correct selection of headset will not only help reduce work-related fatigue of your employees but will also boost the productivity of your business. Although there is a myriad of professional headsets in the market; but Jabra and Plantronics each have their distinctive advantages and are favorite among professionals. Plantronics is a renowned organization starting in the 1960s. It initially catered to aircraft pilots. It was a Plantronics headset through which Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s first words got transmitted from the moon. Jabra, on the other hand, is a relatively new organization starting in 1993. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the market, it currently holds a significant chunk of professional headset market share and its campaign to secure 50% of the market share is in full swing. offers many models from these two great establishments apart from many other brands in its stock.

What does Plantronics offer in Telephone headset category?

Plantronics offers some of the best solutions for telephone/desk phone hands-free. Plantronics is a market leader in this segment. recommends the following

Plantronics S12

• Has a unique design hands free headset with adjustable integrated microphone, the headset itself is of 2 in 1 design that you can wear in over-the-head or over-the-ear styles.

• Noise cancellation microphone to minimize background noise

• Volume, Mute, Answer/End call function buttons on the headset

• Long 6ft cable length so that you can walk and talk

• 22g/36g weight according to wearing style

• A stylish yet compact docking station

• Connects directly to your desk phone

Plantronics SMH 1783

• A multipurpose device for the visually impaired or for dictation purpose

• Each speaker has different sources of connection; one side of the telephone while the other hand to an audio processor device attached to a computer.

• With the help of an audio processor such as Plantronics DA80 USB Audio Processor and a screen reader, it can convert text written in the computer to audio enabling the visually impaired to read the screen.

• The other side can be used to communicate through a telephone

• It comes with a two-year warranty

A Wireless Headset from Jabra will complete your office’s communication system offers numerous devices from Jabra Telecom including headsets, Cords, Speakerphones and accessories. Jabra is a known name in headsets for phones. recommends the following from this brand

Jabra PRO 920 Mono

• Can be worn in three styles

• Generous Battery with 12 Hours talk time

• Advanced DECT connection from the base

• Call control buttons on the headset for Volume, Mute, Answer/End call functions

• Lightweight 27g headset

• Connects to your PC or smartphone

• Noise Cancellation

• Cuts off volume spikes to keep your ears safe

• 325 feet range

• Can be connected with up to 4 headsets for conferencing

• Fast Charging Battery

• Two years warranty

Jabra Biz 1500 Mono

• Corded headphones available in QD+USB configuration as well as USB only configuration

• Can be connected to your desk phone or PC/Notebook

• Lightweight and sturdy build

• Compatible with various AVAYA phones

• Noise Cancellation

• Spike protection

• Flexible boom arm

• HD Audio

• Excellent for call centres

• Two years warranty

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