How Much Do Triple-Pane Windows Cost to Replace? (2024)

How Much Do Triple-Pane Windows Cost to Replace? (2024)

In this guide on the cost of triple pane windows, you’ll learn:

  • What does it cost to replace a triple pane window?
  • What cost factors should you consider when replacing a triple pane window?
  • How do you save money when replacing triple pane windows?

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Triple-pane windows are the most energy-efficient windows you can purchase. They contain three layers of glass and two sealed compartments of gas with insulating properties to protect your living space from the outdoor temperatures. Homeowners who have installed triple-pane windows before know they’re more expensive than double-pane windows, but you might be wondering just how expensive your window replacement project will be.

In this article, we’ll discuss the national average cost to replace a triple-pane window, the cost factors that can bring your total cost above or below that average, how to save money on your triple-pane window replacement, and more.

What Does it Cost to Replace Triple Pane Windows?

While there are many factors that affect the cost of replacing a triple-pane window, the national average is around $1,000 per window. Depending on several cost factors — which we’ll discuss below — you could pay anywhere from $600 to $3,500 for standard triple-pane windows or up to $7,500 for the cost of larger bay windows or bow windows with triple-pane glass.

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What Factors Affect the Cost of Triple Pane Windows?

The price range to replace a triple-pane window is so wide because there are quite a few cost factors affecting what you pay. We’ll discuss these factors below, along with the impact each has on your total cost.

Window Style

“Triple-pane” refers to the glass part of the window any type of window can have triple-pane glass. The style of the window you’re having replaced is one of the most significant cost factors. Window styles vary in size, shape, availability and difficulty of installation, so you could pay 10 times the price or more for one style over another. 

The table below provides average pricing for replacing different window styles containing triple-pane glass. These cost estimates are for one window and include labor.

Window Style Average Cost of Triple-Pane Window
Picture Window $650
Single-Hung Window $575
Double-Hung Window $820
Casement Window $1,250
Awning Window $1,100
Bay Window $4,000
Sliding Window $920
Bow Window $9,600
Hopper Window $700
Skylight $1,800

Frame Material

Window frames come in a range of materials, each with advantages and drawbacks. The most common frame materials available include aluminum, vinyl, wood, composite and fiberglass.

triple pane window costs tip

While aluminum frames are generally considered the least energy efficient, they’re also the most affordable and are low-maintenance. Choosing aluminum will drastically reduce your home’s energy efficiency, but it can be suitable for areas with very moderate climates where heating and air conditioning are seldom used. The average cost for a triple-pane aluminum window is around $725.

Vinyl windows offer a great balance between energy efficiency and cost. They are naturally more insulative than aluminum, and some vinyl window frames include a void that you can fill with foam insulation for added protection. Vinyl is somewhat more expensive than aluminum, with a typical triple-pane window costing around $900.

Wood windows are typically chosen for their aesthetics and durability, and they compete with vinyl windows in terms of energy efficiency but come at a higher cost. Triple-pane wood windows average around $1,100 each.

Composite is made from multiple materials for a mix of affordability and energy efficiency. The typical composite window will cost around $1,450.

Fiberglass is the most energy-efficient window frame material, as well as the most durable.1 However, it’s the most expensive as well, with each fiberglass triple-pane window totaling around $1,800.


The size of your window is an important consideration when estimating your window replacement costs. Not only will larger windows come with higher material costs, but your window replacement company might need special equipment or multiple laborers to deliver, place and install the window if it’s oversized or exceptionally heavy. This will also drive up your labor costs.

The table below provides a quick look at some standard window sizes and the expected costs of replacing them with triple-pane windows.

Window Size Average Window Cost with Triple-Pane Glass
24” x 36” $650
30” x 36” $800
36” x 42” $1,000
24” x 54” $800
46” x 54” $1,750


The brand you choose can have a significant impact on your window replacement cost. There are countless brands available, and each offers its own advantages and drawbacks.

Some of the higher-end brands — like Renewal by Andersen, Pella, Milgard and Marvin — will always be more costly. However, they tend to provide more value, better durability, better energy efficiency and a longer-lasting warranty than less costly window brands. 

Lower-tier brands like JELD-WEN and Reliabilt will be more affordable up-front but they might cost you more over time if they don’t improve or even worsen your home’s energy efficiency, or if they fail and need replacement sooner than the high-end brands would.

Insulative Gas

Triple-pane windows have three layers of glass and two sealed compartments filled with a gas that has a high thermal value. Most windows use either argon or krypton gas, and the one you choose for your windows can affect your pricing.

Argon gas is the most common and affordable option. Krypton gas is more expensive, but it offers better insulation and thus higher energy efficiency. Opting for krypton gas will drive up the price of your window replacement, but it could save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Glass Treatments

Many homeowners choose glass treatments and coatings for their new windows to maximize energy efficiency. Options like low-e coating (low-emissivity) and window tinting can reduce the amount of heat loss through your windows and the amount of UV (ultraviolet) radiation coming in.2 They can improve your home’s energy efficiency, although they both come at an extra cost of around $6 to $7 per square foot of window treated.

Location of Your Window

Finally, the location of your window can play a major role in your cost of replacement. Windows on your first floor with easy outdoor access often present no problems for window installation technicians. Triple pane window installations on upper floors typically require safety precautions, safety equipment and window lifts to install, so they will naturally be more expensive.

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It?

Given that triple-pane windows are nearly twice as expensive as double-pane windows, many homeowners wonder if the added cost is worth the investment. 

Here’s a quick rundown on the difference between the two options:

Triple-pane windows do provide better energy efficiency than double-pane windows, but they aren’t twice as efficient to match the twice-as-expensive price tag. Many homeowners who don’t live in extreme climates find that double-pane windows offer a good blend of energy efficiency and affordability, making them the most popular window type to install.

With that being said, triple-pane windows do provide better energy efficiency for your home and can sometimes pay for themselves in energy savings. However, this is often only the case in areas where temperatures are extreme. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and deciding whether the added energy efficiency and bump in home value and home protection are worth the added cost.

Energy Rating of Triple Pane Windows

Yes, triple-pane windows are the most energy efficient option on the market and are almost always Energy Star-rated. They are significantly more efficient than single-pane windows and triple pane options provide more insulation than double-pane windows as well.

Triple-pane windows include three panes of glass and two layers of argon gas or krypton gas. When hot or cold air from outside heats or cools the outer layer of glass, the heat transfer between your living space and the outside is obstructed by three glass layers and two voids through which heat transfers very slowly. The result is maximum protection from the elements.

Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

Triple-pane windows come with a significantly higher price tag  than other options, so what’s the benefit? There are a few upsides to installing triple-pane windows in your home, which we’ll discuss briefly below.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The most significant advantage is the best-available energy efficiency that triple pane windows provide. Triple-pane windows improve your home’s insulative capabilities, which means your living space won’t be affected as easily by outside temperatures. This not only means a more comfortable living space but also reduced energy costs and less strain on your heating and cooling equipment.

Additionally, installing triple-pane windows will boost your home value.

Fewer Issues with Condensation

Condensation forms when one side of a pane of glass is at a drastically different temperature than the other. It happens frequently with single-pane windows because there is no layer of insulative gas to temper the variance in the temperatures of the two glass surfaces. Condensation can be frustrating if it blocks your view of the outdoors, but it can also drip down your windows and cause damage to your window frames, window coverings or furniture.

Triple-pane windows prevent condensation from forming almost entirely, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll experience window-fogging with triple-pane windows. The same can be said for double-pane windows, although the risk of condensation is a bit higher.

Noise Reduction

Finally, triple-pane windows provide insulation from outside noise, so they’ll keep your interior living space quieter and more peaceful. You’ll still hear some noise from your home’s exterior, as they aren’t totally soundproof, but air traffic, road noise, landscaping equipment and neighbors’ activities will all sound much more muffled with three panes of glass working to keep the sounds outside. 

Read More: Soundproofing Your Windows

How to Save Money When Replacing Triple Pane Windows

Triple-pane is the most expensive glass type to install for home windows, so when homeowners take the plunge they generally look for ways to save money in the process. There are a few things you can do to bring installation costs down.

First, you can choose the appropriate window frame material for your budget and needs. Opting for aluminum frames might be tempting to keep up-front costs down, but they’re not energy efficient and if you’re installing triple-pane windows chances are that’s a top priority for you. Choosing a more insulative frame material like composite or fiberglass will suit you better and save you money over time on your cooling and heating bill.

The brand of window you choose can bring your costs down as well. If you’re just looking to keep up-front costs to a minimum you can select a lower-tier brand like JELD-WEN. However, you need to keep in mind that these cheaper brands often have a lower durability and a less appealing warranty.

Finally, you can choose to replace all of your windows at the same time. This will come at a significantly higher up-front cost than replacing them one at a time, but many companies offer a discount based on the number of windows you’re replacing.

FAQ: Triple-Pane Window Cost

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