Garden Windows Cost of Installations & Buying Guide (2023)

Garden Windows Cost of Installations & Buying Guide (2023)

In this garden window cost and installation guide, we’ll discuss: 

  • The average cost of installing a garden window
  • How garden windows are different from traditional windows 
  • The purpose of a garden window
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A garden window installation typically costs between $600 and $1,200. However, larger garden windows made of high-end materials will cost more. Your window installation can vary in price depending on the style, size and construction of the window itself.

If you’re looking to upgrade your traditional window to a garden window, we highly recommend hiring a professional window installer. Garden windows can be difficult to install due to their unique shape, and some installations may require structural changes to your home.

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What Are Garden Windows?

Garden windows, also known as greenhouse windows, are three-dimensional windows that extend outside your home. They are commonly used for small indoor gardens, as they create a sunny, ideal spot for growing plants. 

Garden windows are most commonly installed over kitchen sinks to filter in more sunlight, add storage space and enhance outdoor views. However, they can be installed in other parts of your home as well. 

Garden windows are similar to bay windows but tend to be smaller and have a boxier shape. Bay windows and garden windows can both accentuate an outdoor view, but garden windows also serve the practical purpose of displaying items or growing plants. 

Garden window
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Benefits of Garden Windows

Garden windows offer a unique, charming look to your home while also providing a few key functions. Garden windows are perfect for growing herbs indoors or expanding your kitchen’s storage space.

Other benefits of garden windows include: 

  • Function as a mini-greenhouse
  • Create a great space for indoor plants to grow 
  • Add storage space 
  • Extend outdoor views 
  • Enhance natural lighting

Drawbacks of Garden Windows

Although unique and functional, garden windows have drawbacks as well. Garden windows are not suitable for every home and cannot be installed just anywhere.

Before you get a garden window, you should consider that they: 

  • Are more expensive than traditional windows 
  • Are more labor intensive to install than traditional windows 
  • Require proper placement and location in your home 
  • Increase condensation, potentially creating moisture issues 
  • Can let hot air escape during the winter if they are not energy efficient models 

How Much Are Garden Windows?

On average, garden windows cost between $600 and $1,200 to install. However, high-end models may run you $2,500 or more.

So, what factors determine the cost of your garden window? Size, frame material and glass type will all impact the price of garden windows. It may also vary depending on the difficulty of installation and which window installation company you hire to install your garden window.

We’ll dive into more window installation cost factors in the section below.

Window Cost Factors

When installing a garden window (or any type of window), many factors will determine the total cost of your project. Here are the top considerations: 

  • Window style: Window style is one of the most important factors in determining window cost. A simple, single-hung window will be cheaper than a more complex garden or bay style window. However, garden windows are typically only found in kitchen or nook areas, not throughout the entire home.
  • Window size: Window size is another major influence on window costs. Windows are typically priced by square foot, so as the dimensions of your window increase, your price will increase exponentially.
  • Frame material: Most garden window frames are made of either aluminum, vinyl or wood. Aluminum and vinyl frames are typically cheaper and require less maintenance than wood frames. Vinyl windows are the most popular because they are long lasting, energy-efficient and budget-friendly. However, aluminum garden windows are a great option if you’re looking for a strong frame with a slim profile.
  • Window brand: The window brand you choose will influence your price. Consider the popular brands Renewal by Andersen and Window World. Both are reputable, longtime players in the window industry. However, Window World is known for having lower prices than Renewal by Andersen. That being said, you should compare window brands and weigh your options before making a decision.
  • Garden window features: Features on your garden window like insulation under the window sill, an operating sash (the side panels opening like a casement window), security sensors and more will all increase your total cost.
  • Glass choice and treatments: Although standard tempered glass is typically the cheapest option for windows, upgrading to a thicker, energy-efficient glass can lower your energy bills. Anti-glare and privacy window coatings are also available for an extra cost, but if you are planning to grow plants in your garden window, make sure they will not prevent sunlight from filtering in. 
  • Permit cost: Depending on where you live and the extent of your project, you may need a permit to install new windows. Garden windows may require a structural change to your home, requiring a permit. Check with your local government and window contractor to make sure you have all your bases covered. 

Garden Window Installation Pricing Factors

The cost of your window installation will depend on how labor-intensive the process is for your window contractor. Here are the top pricing factors for window installation costs:

  • Window size and shape: Large windows that require two people to install will drive up your labor and installation costs. 
  • New vs. replacement: If you’re installing replacement windows, you’ll have to pay extra for your contractor to remove and dispose of your old windows. 
  • Seasonality: Your installation will cost more during the spring and summer months because these months are the most popular for window installations. 
  • Geographic location: If your installers have to travel to get to your home, you will likely pay more in labor fees.

Garden Window Prices By Size

Garden windows are relatively small, but with their side panels, they typically extend between 16 and 24 inches beyond the exterior wall of your home. Here’s what to expect to pay for your garden window based on its size (including labor):

Measurements  Typical Cost 
Small Garden Window  36 in x 36 in $700–$900
Large Garden Window  36 in x 60 in  $1,100+ 

How to Purchase Garden Windows?

Savvy homeowners looking to perform DIY home improvement projects may run into difficulty when it comes to installing garden windows.

Most garden windows are customized to the home and space they are being installed in. Although you may be able to find garden windows online, even popular retailers like Costco, Home Depot and Lowes carry little or no selection of garden windows. 

If you decide to buy a non-customized garden window online, keep in mind that the window opening must be a standard size, or else the window cannot be installed properly.

If you’re looking to replace an existing window with a garden window, we recommend hiring a professional installer. Although you will have to pay installation costs, a professional can guarantee a quality installation and the right fit. Almost all window companies also offer a limited warranty to back up their work.

Overall, the best way to purchase a garden window is to call a few window companies to receive a personalized quote. To get connected with one of our recommended installers, click below.

Best Brands for Garden Windows

Several of our top-rated window replacement companies offer garden windows as part of their product lineup. Most well-regarded window companies do not offer pricing on their websites because garden windows are typically custom-made for your home. 

Here are the top nationwide brands offering garden windows: 

  • Window World 
  • Window Nation
  • Renewal by Andersen 
  • Universal Windows Direct 
  • Simonton Windows 
  • Milgard Windows & Doors 

If you’d like to get connected with a window professional, select one of our top providers below to get a quote. 

How to Get the Best Prices on Garden Windows

Every homeowner looking for new windows wants a high-quality, affordable product. If the price of custom windows gives you sticker shock, here’s how you can get the best deal: 

  • Wait for deals and promotions: Most window companies run seasonal deals and promotions. You can expect to see more sales during the window installation “off-season,” but holidays are great opportunities for sales too.  If you’re replacing multiple windows, even better. Many companies offer “buy one, get one” deals to encourage you to buy more windows.
  • Get multiple quotes: Whenever you’re hiring a professional for a home improvement project, you should call several companies to compare quotes. Make sure to compare the products and services that each company offers as well.
  • Choose affordable materials: The material that your garden window is made of impacts the price. Aluminum and vinyl garden windows tend to be the cheapest. Wood windows are far more expensive. The type of glass you choose will also make a difference. For instance, fiberglass windows will cost more than traditional tempered glass. 
  • Buy standard size windows: You can drastically reduce costs by buying standard size windows instead of having your windows custom-made. However, most retailers do not sell standard size garden windows. Plus, not every home has standard size window openings. 

Calculating Garden Windows Budget

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to calculate the total cost of your window project before you make any decisions.

We’ve determined that smaller garden windows will cost you $700 to $900 with installation, while larger garden windows can cost $1,100 or more. To get a quick estimate of your total cost, just multiply the estimated cost per window by the number of windows you need. The more windows you install at once, the lower your labor costs will be overall. 

Keep in mind that the cost of a window can fluctuate throughout the year. You’ll generally pay less for windows during the off-season (fall and winter).

If you want a more accurate estimate that is customized to your home, you should call around and get some quotes. You can select one of our recommended window providers below to get started with a free estimate.

Garden Windows Vs. Bay Windows

Bay windows and garden windows are both window styles that extend outside your home. They offer extended outdoor views and filter in more sunlight than traditional windows. Although they are similar, bay windows and garden windows serve different purposes in the home.

Bay window
Bay Window

Bay windows are larger than garden windows. They frequently create an indoor seating area (the “bay”) with multiple glass panes conjoined at an angle.

On the other hand, garden windows have a more box-like shape and are typically small enough to be installed over a kitchen sink. Garden windows are great for displaying items and growing plants on the window sill.

Because bay windows are larger than garden windows, bay windows are typically more expensive to install. Bay windows and garden windows are both more expensive to install than traditional windows due to their unique shape. 

FAQ: Garden Window Cost

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