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What You Need to Know About Windows in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is home to moderate summers, so residents depend less here on air-conditioning than in other locations, but temperatures routinely dip below freezing in the winter months and the average monthly temperature remains at or below freezing for about half the year.1 Through the long winter, the demand for home heating is high, which drives up energy bills. Wisconsin ranks 13th highest in the country for the cost of electricity, averaging 15.20 cents per kilowatt-hour.2 With high heat used in the winter and a high average cost of energy, maintaining good home energy efficiency in Wisconsin is paramount.

Your windows are a primary site in your home for energy loss. Even new windows are less insulative than solid walls, and heat gain and loss through old or damaged windows can represent up to 30% of a home’s energy used for heating and cooling.2 That means you’re likely putting unnecessary stress on your heating and cooling equipment, increasing the frequency of needed maintenance and replacement and costing you more for energy than you should be paying.

Replacing a single window in Wisconsin will cost an average of $600. The typical price range is $200 to $1,200, but you could spend far more for larger windows or specialty options. The factors below will be the most influential in your window pricing:

  • Window brand
  • Frame material
  • Window size
  • Window style
  • Installer hired
  • Window location
  • How many windows you’re replacing

Replacing all of your windows at once will give you the most significant bump in home value and energy efficiency, and it will help you save the most over time.

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