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Updated 6/27/2022

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of window replacement companies you can choose from in Houston, you’re in the right place.

Houston experiences some extreme weather, from temperatures reaching well into the 90s in the summer months to 40-degree days in the winter. Most homeowners in the area rely on heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable and safe indoor air temperature, but many don’t realize how huge an effect windows can have on overall home efficiency and comfort levels.

If you’re considering replacing your home windows for a boost to energy efficiency and to decrease your electric bills, you might be stymied by the number of window installers to choose from. In this guide, we’ll help narrow down your selection by providing reviews of the top Houston window replacement and installation companies, discussing the factors to look for in a company and more.

Best Availability
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48 States (No MS or WV)

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Renewal by Andersen

  • Pros icon Great industry reputation
  • Pros icon Award-winning company
  • Pros icon Member of US Green Building Council
  • Pros icon Manufactures products in-house
  • Con icon No lifetime warranty
  • Con icon More expensive than competition

Services Offered

  • Service icon Replacement Windows
  • Service icon Replacement Doors
  • Service icon Patio Doors
Window Veteran
Badge icon

200 Locations Nationwide

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Window World

  • Pros icon EnergyStar Partner
  • Pros icon Large serice area
  • Pros icon Wide variety of products and services
  • Pros icon Great industry reputation
  • Pros icon Lifetime warranty
  • Con icon Quality of service will depend on your area

Services Offered

  • Service icon Replacement Windows
  • Service icon Replacement Doors
  • Service icon Patio Doors
  • Service icon Storm Dors
  • Service icon Front Doors
  • Service icon Shutters
Best for Specialty Windows
Badge icon

Houston and surrounding area

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Vizion Windows & Doors

  • Pros icon Many years of experience
  • Pros icon Lifetime warranty available
  • Pros icon Expertise in local climate
  • Pros icon Excellent customer service
  • Pros icon Lifetime warranty
  • Pros icon Low number of customer complaints
  • Con icon No information on tax credits
  • Con icon Limited service area
  • Con icon Not available for commercial

Services Offered

  • Service icon Replacement Windows
  • Service icon Replacement Doors
  • Service icon Patio Doors
  • Service icon Storm Doors
  • Service icon Front Doors
Best for Custom Windows
Badge icon

Houston and surrounding area

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Custom Windows of Texas

  • Pros icon Many years of experience
  • Pros icon Custom Designs
  • Pros icon Lifetime warranty available
  • Pros icon Expertise in local climate
  • Pros icon Excellent customer service
  • Pros icon Lifetime warranty
  • Pros icon Low number of customer complaints
  • Con icon No information on tax credits
  • Con icon Limited service area
  • Con icon Limited additional services
  • Con icon Not available for commercial

Services Offered

  • Service icon Replacement Windows
  • Service icon Replacement Doors
  • Service icon Patio Doors
  • Service icon Storm Doors
  • Service icon Front Doors
Great Local Choice
Badge icon


Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Houston Window Experts

  • Pros icon Many years of experience
  • Pros icon Lifetime warranty available
  • Pros icon Expertise in local climate
  • Pros icon Excellent customer service
  • Pros icon Wide selectino of industry-leading impact windows
  • Pros icon Low number of customer complaints
  • Con icon No information on tax credits
  • Con icon Limited service area
  • Con icon Limited additional services
  • Con icon Warranty determined by product
  • Con icon Not available for commercial

Services Offered

  • Service icon Replacement Windows
  • Service icon Replacement Doors
  • Service icon Patio Doors
  • Service icon Front Doors

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The Best Replacement Window Companies in Houston

WIndow replacement is in high demand in areas like Houston because home energy efficiency is so important given the climate there. Your windows are under constant stress to keep the summer heat out and the warmth inside your home in the winter. Replacing your windows can be one of the best things you can do to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

  • Best Availability: Renewal by Andersen
  • Industry Veteran: Window World
  • Great Local Choice: Houston Window Experts
  • Best for Specialty Windows: Vizion Windows & Doors
  • Best for Custom Windows: Custom Windows of Texas

Below, we’ll provide in-depth reviews of the top window installers in the Houston area based on the criteria we believe are most important to Houston residents. This should help you narrow your search and feel more confident in your selection.


Renewal by Andersen: Best Availability in Houston, TX

Renewal by Andersen is one of the most recognized names in the window and door replacement industry. 

With over 110 years of experience, Andersen has earned countless homeowners’ trust. It manufactures its own products and has high standards for durability and efficiency, and it backs all of its windows and doors with extensive warranty coverage that protects your investment for years following the installation. The company also provides outstanding customer service and a straightforward scheduling and professional installation process.

Renewal by Andersen also gets our top spot because of its commitment to energy-efficiency window options. The company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and all of its products are Energy Star-rated.

The company offers high-efficiency options, like triple-pane windows, insulated window frames, efficient window frame materials, low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings and more. Most customers are very pleased with the jump in home energy efficiency they experience after installing new Andersen windows.

Why We Chose Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen scores high in all of the criteria we use to assess window replacement companies. It provides outstanding customer service and a wealth of eco-friendly options, it has over a century of experience and it makes scheduling and financing your window replacement project a breeze. Below are some additional benefits of choosing Renewal by Andersen.

  • Scheduling: Easy scheduling with great responsiveness
  • Consultation: Free consultations in person or virtually
  • Financing: In-house financing options that suit most budgets
  • Warranty: two-year warranty on labor, 10-year warranty on parts and 20-year warranty on new windows
  • Customer Service: Excellent customer service for over 100 years
  • Reviews: Mostly positive reviews, A rating with the BBB

Renewal by Andersen Pros

  • Reputable and widely trusted brand
  • Lots of energy-efficient options and products
  • Energy Star-rated windows
  • Outstanding customer service
  • In-house financing and instant approvals
  • Over 110 years of experience and success
  • Member of the U.S. Green Building Council
  • In-house manufacturing team for quality control

Renewal by Andersen Cons

  • More expensive than many other companies

Window World: Industry Veteran in Houston, TX

Window World of Houston has been providing window replacement services since 1995. In that time, it has managed to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, both of which are a testament to its commitment to customer service. 

Window World installs a variety of Energy Star-rated window brands, including Pella and Marvin, and the company is an Energy Star partner. The warranty coverage is excellent, providing protection for the lifetime of your windows as long as you live in your home.

Why We Chose Window World

Window World is one of our highest-rated window installers because it focuses on providing efficient windows for customers. Options like triple-pane glass, fiberglass frames and Low-E coatings make Window World an outstanding choice for making your home more energy-efficient. Below are some additional things you can expect from this company if you choose it for your project.

  • Scheduling: Easy scheduling online or over the phone, open availability
  • Consultation: Free in-person or virtual consultation with a free quote
  • Financing: Yes, in-house financing with fast approvals
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for maximum peace of mind
  • Customer Service: Long history of great customer service and satisfaction
  • Reviews: Impressive A+ BBB rating, mostly positive online reviews

Window World Pros

  • Many years of experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Many environmentally-friendly options
  • Lifetime warranty included with all new windows
  • Partnered with Energy Star

Window World Cons

  • Customer service can vary by location, but it’s generally positive in Houston

Houston Window Experts: Great Local Choice in Houston, TX

Houston Window Experts is a smaller local company that excels in providing best-in-class customer service. It has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB. It carries a massive range of high-quality window brands, including Pella, Anlin, Marvin, Andersen and more. The company offers great warranties, depending on the product you choose, many of which cover the equipment and the installation for life.

Why We Chose Houston Window Experts

Many of the window brands carried by Houston Window Experts are Energy Star rated, which means they’re suitable for protecting your home and minimizing your electric bills in an area like Houston. Some options offered include triple-pane glass, Low-e coatings, tinting, super-efficient fiberglass window frames and more. 

The company also offers energy-efficient doors to help maximize your home’s efficiency and interior comfort. Below are some additional benefits of working with Houston Window Experts:

  • Scheduling: Easy to schedule by phone or online
  • Consultation: Free consultation and free quote, in-person only
  • Financing: Yes, in-house financing available with appealing terms
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty depending on window brand installed
  • Customer Service: Best-in-class customer service
  • Reviews: Almost entirely positive customer reviews online, A+ rating with the BBB

Houston Window Experts Pros

  • Wide range of products and brands available
  • Most brands offered have high energy efficiency
  • Appealing financing options offered
  • Great warranty coverage in most cases
  • Positive customer reviews and A+ rating with the BBB

Houston Window Experts Cons

  • Warranty depends on product installed
  • In-person consultations only

Vizion Windows & Doors: Best for Specialty Windows in Houston, TX

Vizion Windows & Doors has been serving the Houston area since 1990, so it has several decades of local experience behind it. It excels in providing outstanding customer service as is evidenced by the many positive customer reviews online and the impressive A+ rating with the BBB. 

This company includes a lifetime warranty with all of its new windows and doors, so you can always rest assured that you’re getting exceptional value when you choose Vizion Windows & Doors. This company also handles just about every type of window, making it ideal if you have custom shapes or sizes in your home.

Why We Chose Vizion Windows & Doors

Most importantly, it provides many energy-efficient window options that are helpful for combating the harsh climate in Houston. These include double-pane and triple-pane glass options, vinyl window frames, laminated glass and more. The company also provides additional home improvement repairs that can boost your home’s energy efficiency, including new doors and siding. 

Below are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose Vizion Windows & Doors.

  • Scheduling: Simple scheduling process online or by phone
  • Consultation: Free in-person consultation
  • Financing: Yes, in-house financing with $0 down and 0% APR
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for all new windows
  • Customer Service: Excellent customer service
  • Reviews: Nearly all 5-star reviews, A+ BBB rating

Vizion Windows & Doors Pros

  • Highly efficient window options available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great financing options to suit most budgets
  • Lifetime warranty on all new windows
  • Mostly positive customer reviews online

Vizion Windows & Doors Cons

  • Only in-person consultations are available

Custom Windows of Texas: Best for Custom Windows in Houston, TX

As the name implies, Custom Windows of Texas specializes in specialty windows, so it’s a great option if you have uncommon window sizes or shapes in your home. It can tackle everything from standard single-hung windows and double-hung windows to garden windows, arched windows, storm windows, bow windows and more. 

It’s well-known in the Houston area for providing outstanding customer service, which is why it has managed to accrue mostly positive customer reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB. Keep in mind that this company has a smaller service area than most and only serves Houston and nearby cities like Katy, The Woodlands, Tomball and Richmond.

Why We Chose Custom Windows of Texas

This company has quite a few energy-efficient options, making it a great company choice for those living in harsh conditions like those in Houston. You can choose from options like double-pane glass, thermally-stable sealants, high-efficiency frame materials like composite and more. It also provides energy-efficient exterior doors, including entry doors, patio doors and French doors, to add even more efficiency and curb appeal to your home. 

Below is some additional information about what you can expect from this company.

  • Scheduling: Easy to schedule online or by phone
  • Consultation: Free consultation and quote, in-person only
  • Financing: Yes, 100% in-house financing available for qualifying homeowners
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty plus manufacturer’s warranty
  • Customer Service: Outstanding customer service
  • Reviews: Stellar reviews plus A+ BBB rating

Custom Windows of Texas Pros

  • High-efficiency window materials offered
  • Works with top manufacturers in the industry
  • In-house financing offered
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Great warranty coverage for peace of mind

Custom Windows of Texas Cons

  • In-person consultations only
  • Small service area

Our Choice For Best Window Replacement Company in Houston

Renewal by Andersen is our top choice for a window installer in the Houston area. For over 110 years, Andersen has been manufacturing high-efficiency windows that can stand up to the extreme climate in Houston. 

It has also maintained generally positive reviews throughout its long history, and it has an A rating with the BBB. Its customer service is astounding, especially given the company’s size, and most customers are pleased with the quality they receive and the warranty coverage that protects their investment for 20 years.

Renewal by Andersen secured our top ranking by offering many different energy-efficient materials and window options. These include insulated glass, frame materials with a high thermal value, Low-e glass coatings, window tinting and more. In an area like Houston, where summer temperatures routinely reach into the 90s, Andersen windows can help reduce your energy bills and keep your living space comfortable and safe. 

It doesn’t offer other energy efficiency upgrades like siding or roofing or tangential services like window repair and glass repair, but it’s the best in the business for window replacement.

How We Chose the Top Replacement Window Installation Companies in Houston

how we chose best window replacement companies in Houston

We assess window installers based on many different factors, and we weight each of those criteria based on the impact it’s likely to have on you and your experience. Below are just some of the more crucial factors we consider when evaluating window installers in the Houston area.

Eco-Friendly Options

As an environmentally-friendly website, it’s most important to us that a window company offer high-efficiency windows. These options not only reduce your energy bills and save you money over time, but they also make your home more comfortable and reduce your home’s carbon footprint and contribution to global warming and pollution. There are two main things we look for to determine a company’s commitment to energy efficiency.

First, we look for efficient materials and glass options. Most companies carry wood and vinyl frames, but those that also make more efficient options like fiberglass and composite available tend to rank higher. Similarly, companies that offer triple-pane glass, argon and krypton insulative layers, Low-E coatings and window tinting get a slight preference in our rankings.

Second, we look for industry affiliations that suggest a company is involved in energy-efficient practices. For example, companies that are Energy Star partners or are U.S. Green Building Council members get ranked higher than those that aren’t.

Window Brands Available

Next, we’ll assess the window brands available from a company and the overall quality and durability provided. 

Some companies like Renewal by Andersen manufacture windows in-house, so only one brand is available. This could be a negative, but only if that brand is of a low quality or known to be less durable than most. Renewal by Andersen maintains some of the best quality, efficiency and durability standards in the industry, so the fact that it only offers one brand is hardly a downside.

Other companies, like Window World and Houston Window Experts, install windows manufactured by third parties. In some cases, this can lead to a lack of quality and consistency, so we assess overall value similarly for these providers. Those that provide windows with lifetime guarantees, high durability and high energy efficiency from multiple manufacturers score higher than those that have varying degrees of quality among their offered brands.


Window warranties are crucial for protecting what is likely going to be a major investment in your home. The last thing you want is to pay for new windows just to have one fail and need to be replaced again. Window warranties not only protect you from failing components but also from mistakes made during the installation process.

Warranties typically cover parts or labor, and some of the best ones include coverage for both. Of course, the more that is covered by your warranty, the more peace of mind it will provide you, and the better the deal you’re getting. We assess companies not only on what their warranties cover but also on how long the coverage lasts. Some of the best warranties provide lifetime coverage for your new windows, which is exceptional.

Pricing and Financing

Every homeowner will be concerned with what their new windows cost, so we consider overall pricing when evaluating window replacement companies as well. However, we’re more concerned with the value provided for the money. 

Companies that offer top-tier windows and outstanding warranties and customer service can still rank high in our ratings if their prices are above-average. Similarly, companies with more reasonable prices won’t make our list at all if their quality is subpar.

We also assess companies based on the financing options they offer. Installing new windows can easily cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how many you need and the sizes and styles. Companies that offer in-house financing to make these renovations more accessible get ranked higher, as they will naturally appeal to more homeowners.

Year Founded

The last significant factor we consider is the year a company is founded. Companies with a long history of success will almost always be more likely to provide outstanding service. They’re more experienced and knowledgeable, and they’re better able to service their customers.

New window installation companies and showrooms pop up in the Greater Houston area all the time to capitalize on the high demand, but many of them end up going out of business because of the competition and the challenge of maintaining great customer service. We rank companies with a long history higher to ensure that you have a positive experience with your installer and get served by someone with years of industry knowledge and know-how.


When Should You Replace a Window in Houston?

Choosing a window replacement company in Houston can be challenging enough, but knowing when to replace windows is another story entirely. Many homeowners don’t know how to tell if their windows need replacement, which tends to let problems get worse over time. Below, we’ll discuss three clear signs that you should replace your windows.

High Energy Bills

window repair draft check

One clear sign that your windows need replacement is high energy bills, but this is one of the most challenging signs to recognize. Most homeowners set their thermostats to whatever temperature is comfortable and let their heating and cooling equipment do the rest. 

Unfortunately, failing or low-efficiency windows will leave your home with air leaks that can put added strain on your systems. In the summer, cool, conditioned air escapes, and in the winter, warm air can leak out of your home. Your heating and cooling systems will pick up the slack to offset these energy losses, but they undergo added stress in the process and can add significantly to your utility bills.

Many homeowners in Houston don’t notice increases in energy bills, so it’s a good idea to compare yours to the previous year to check for bumps in consumption.

Poor Window Operation

Your windows have quite a few parts that can break down and fail over time. For example, window balance issues can cause your windows to slam shut, window locks and hinges can make opening and securing your windows challenging and issues with your frame warping or swelling can make your windows hard to open and close.

Most of these problems don’t necessarily require an emergency replacement. However, when they start to appear, it’s often a sign that your windows are aging and losing energy efficiency and that they need to be replaced. 

Damaged or Rotting Frames

Physical damage to your frames or the walls around your frames is often the easiest sign of trouble to spot. Most window frames last for around 20 years, while some materials can last double that. In time, your frames can crack, peel, chip or get moldy, all of which are good indications that you should replace them.

You can also check the walls around your window for damage, including water spots, rot and mold growth. These can all appear if your window is leaking, which signals the need for immediate replacement to avoid ongoing water intrusion problems and potential health hazards from things such as mold exposure.

What to Look For When Choosing a Window Installation Company in Houston

Some homeowners will prefer to do their own research into window installers. If you do decide on that approach, you can use the criteria below to find the installer that fits your needs and your budget best.

New Construction or Replacement

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your options and choose a window installer that can tackle your home improvement project is to figure out whether the companies you’re considering offer new construction window installation or just window replacements.

If you’re building a new home in Houston and need windows installed where they don’t currently exist, a company that handles new construction window installations will be required. Not all companies offer this service, so this can be a way to limit your options.

Window replacement refers instead to replacing an old window with a new one. All window installation companies will be able to handle this if your new window is the same size as the old one. You might be able to rule out some companies if you need a larger window than the existing one or a different shape.

Window Style

Not all window companies handle every type of window, so you could also rule out some providers based on the window styles in your home.

If you have standard window styles — like single-hung windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, or awning windows — chances are any installer will be able to tackle your project. However, fewer companies provide installation services for less common window styles, like bow windows, garden windows and arched windows. The installation process can be a bit more challenging and require special equipment, so you might be able to reduce the number of company options you have by looking at the styles each one deals with.


Windows come with lots of options, including different glass materials and thicknesses, different glass coatings, frame materials and more. Just like with window styles, not every company offers the same materials, so you can often rule out providers based on what they offer.

This is an especially important consideration in Houston, where the climate is quite extreme, and most homeowners strive to maximize energy efficiency to reduce electric bills and keep their living spaces comfortable. You might want to limit your search to installers that provide materials with a high energy efficiency, like fiberglass or vinyl frames, double-pane or triple-pane glass, Low-E coatings and more.

Scheduling & Consultation

Given the extreme weather in Houston, there is relatively high demand for window replacement. While there are many companies to service the city, you might find that some of them are unable to accommodate your project in a reasonable amount of time. In some cases, you might have to rule out window installers just because their scheduling and availability don’t work for you.

Just about every window company offers free consultations and free quotes, but some only offer in-person consultations, while others offer virtual consultations (or sometimes both). If you have a hard preference, you might be able to rule out some companies that only provide one or the other.


Investing in new windows for your home will typically pay off, as they improve your home value and your home’s energy efficiency.2 However, the cost can often be higher than many homeowners are able to pay upfront, so financing is a great option to reduce the barrier to entry.

If you think you might want to finance your window project, you should consider a company that offers in-house financing options. This will make the process a bit smoother and prevent you from having to coordinate between a third-party lender and your window installer.


The warranty you get with your new windows is another important consideration. Windows are expensive, and warranties can provide some peace of mind that you’re receiving high-quality products and an installation team that knows what it’s doing.

We recommend looking for companies in Houston that have warranty coverage for both the workmanship and the windows themselves. Longer warranties are, of course, better.

Online Reviews

Finally, you should look through some online customer reviews for a company you’re considering to get a sense of what you can expect. Customer reviews are a great way to see behind the company’s marketing and get a true glimpse of the experience you’ll have when you choose it.

We suggest reading both positive and negative reviews to see how a company ranks in terms of customer service, overall satisfaction, timeliness, professionalism and more. You can also look for signs that a company charges a fair price for the value, provides proper prep and clean up and arrives on time.

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