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What You Need to Know About Windows in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma has a somewhat unique climate because it’s where cold air moving in from the north and warm, humid air moving in from the Gulf of Mexico converge.1 The result is a moderate winter but extremely hot summers, often reaching over 100 degrees F and averaging over 90 F, and extreme weather events like tornadoes. Given the high summer temperatures, most homeowners in the Sooner State will call on air-conditioning for much of the year to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Air-conditioning usage is a primary reason why Oklahomans use more energy per month than residents in most other states.2

Your windows are your home’s first line of defense against extreme temperatures, and they can be responsible for a massive loss of energy to the outside, sometimes accounting for up to 30% of your home’s heating and cooling energy usage.3 Aging windows will gradually lose efficiency and require replacement, and, unfortunately, weather events like tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can encourage window damage and degradation, making replacement all the more necessary.

You can expect to spend around $550 per window that needs to be replaced in Oklahoma. The per-window pricing can vary quite a bit, though, depending on these factors:

  • The size and style of the window
  • How many windows do you replace at once
  • The frame material
  • The quality of the glass (single-, double- or triple-pane)
  • The company you hire to complete the work
  • The brand of windows you purchase

The price can also fluctuate based on whether you choose a pocket replacement or a full-frame replacement. The former is more affordable but won’t provide quite the same boost to energy efficiency. The latter is more costly but maximizes energy efficiency. To do a pocket replacement, though, your window frames must be in good shape.

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