Windows Replacement in Montana

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What You Need to Know About Windows in Montana

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Montana is a big state with a lot of variation in climate, but the majority of residents experience reasonably hot summers and winter temperatures below freezing.1 It’s not uncommon for Montana residents to rely on heating and cooling equipment year-round, which means a lot of energy goes toward maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures not to mention that the above-average amount of snow can contribute to colder indoor temperatures.

Energy efficiency is naturally an important consideration in Montana. Specifically, windows — which can be responsible for a massive amount of heat transfer from your interior to the outside and vice versa — are crucial to replace before they become old or damaged and start letting outdoor temperatures in. Most homeowners in Montana pay around $600 for a single-window replacement, which is around average for the U.S. Some factors that influence the cost include:

  • The type of window
  • The size of the window
  • How many windows do you need to be replaced
  • The companies that make and install your windows
  • The story of your home on which your windows are located
  • The type of frame and glass you want
  • And more

Despite the relatively high cost of replacing windows, most homeowners stand to save even more in reduced energy costs, especially in a more extreme climate like that of Montana. According to Energy Star, just upgrading your windows can save around $366 every year on heating and cooling costs, so your windows are likely to pay for themselves and then some in Montana.2