2 Best Window Replacement Companies in Waynesboro, MS (Mar 2023)
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When you need to upgrade your windows, our list of the best window installation companies can help you find the provider for you.

We analyzed all the top window installers in Waynesboro and selected the top 2 based on:

  • Customer reviews
  • Window replacement expertise
  • Popularity with home-owners like you
EcoWatch Local Advisors

By EcoWatch Local Advisors

Updated March 14, 2023

Why you can trust EcoWatch

Our panel of energy experts work tirelessly to create unbiased reviews and informative content to help homeowners make educated decisions. No other windows site has covered energy efficiency and sustainability as long as EcoWatch, which means we're going to help you find windows replacements that will save on your energy bill and put more money back in your wallet.

Although environmentally friendly energy sources like wind and solar are important when it comes to lowering your carbon footprint, improving your home's energy efficiency can also have a considerable impact on home energy conservation. If your windows are drafty or damaged, you could be sending 25-30% of your home's heat or cool air out of them.

That's bad for both your wallet and the environment, but one of the best window installation companies can help you with that.

We've put together a list of the top installation companies to help you in your search, so you can not only benefit from brand new windows, but also save money on your electric bills.

Best Affordability

Window World


  • Large serice area
  • Low prices relative to competitors
  • Great industry reputation
  • Quality of service will depend on your area

Best Window Replacement Companies in Waynesboro

The EcoWatch team examined several window companies in Waynesboro to find the best ones for our readers. The providers in this article scored the best in our review categories, such as energy-efficient offerings, availability, local expertise, customer service, price and more.

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Best Affordability

Window World

BBB Rating: A+
Locations: Nationwide
Founded: 1995
  • Pros icon Large serice area
  • Pros icon Low prices relative to competitors
  • Pros icon Great industry reputation
  • Pros icon Quality of service will depend on your area

Window World provides windows expertise in Waynesboro. It's the largest window replacement company in the country, known for its vinyl windows and affordability. Window World has around 27 years of experience in the window replacement business. Hundreds of positive reviews from customers online back the provider's reputation.

It has established itself as a company that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Energy Star and supports charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Energy Efficiency of Window World Windows

There are a wide variety of window types that Window World offers, some of which are Energy Star products. Its high-performance Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings and argon gas insulation offer exceptional efficiency and performance for any home.

How much does Window World cost in Waynesboro?

Prices are not available on Window World's website, as the cost of window replacement differs based on how many and what type(s) of windows you need. However, it's known for offering some of the most affordable window installations around. For more accurate information on pricing, you can receive a quote from the company.

We've recommended providers with shining reputations, but note that these are national companies, so the quality of service may differ depending on your local crew. We have tried to be unbiased and transparent by including pros and cons for each company reviewed.

More Window Replacement Companies in Waynesboro

The Glass Company Inc.

Laurel, MS
  • Pros icon No-Hassle Pricing
  • Pros icon Helps Educate Customers
  • Pros icon No-fee Quotes
  • Pros icon Excellent Customer Service

Services Offered

  • Service icon Residential Windows
  • Service icon Custom Window Designs
  • Service icon Aluminum Window Frames
  • Service icon Business Windows
  • Service icon Sliding Glass

Website: http://glasscolaurel.com/
Address: 1002 Mitchell Dr, Laurel, MS 39401
Phone: (601) 428-7835

Jones County Glass

Ellisville, MS
  • Pros icon Excellent Customer Service
  • Pros icon No-fee Quotes
  • Pros icon Helps Educate Customers
  • Pros icon Price Transparency

Services Offered

  • Service icon Custom Windows
  • Service icon Residential Windows
  • Service icon Commercial Windows
  • Service icon Sliding Glass

Website: https://www.jonescountyglass.com/
Address: 5102 US-11, Ellisville, MS 39437
Phone: (601) 426-0901

How Installing Energy-Efficient Windows in Waynesboro Saves You Money

When you upgrade to energy-efficient windows, you may see several benefits, such as:

  • Protect your valuables: Many Energy Star certified windows have low-emissivity coatings, which filter out damaging UV rays, preventing fading of your furniture, carpet and other valuables.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint: Because energy-efficient windows improve the insulation in your home, you can reduce your indirect greenhouse gas emissions by about 12%, according to Energy Star.
  • Protect your investment: When you have an older home, your windows could also be outdated or drafty. Keeping your windows up to date is an important part of maintaining your property and its real estate value.
  • Save money on power bills: Since energy-efficient windows reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home, they can help you save about $385 annually on your energy bills in Waynesboro.

Estimated Cost of Window Replacement in Waynesboro

Windows come in various styles, purposes and shapes, so costs and services will differ remarkably depending on several factors. Below, we detail the average cost and services that you can get from window installation companies.

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

According to our research, the typical cost to replace a single window is around $600. However, window replacement costs can range from $200 to $1,200 a window. But costs differ remarkably based on the size of your home, complexity of the installation, your location and the quality of the company you choose. Many window installers also offer door replacements, which will make your project cost more.

It's important to keep in mind that windows with the best efficiency may cost more initially but can save you hundreds of dollars via returns on your energy bills. Investing in certified energy-efficient windows can save Waynesboro homeowners $385+ a year when replacing single-pane windows.

Costs will also vary depending on the material you want for your window frames. Aluminum frames have the lowest price. They're sturdy, light and maintenance-free, but offer poor insulation. Vinyl frames are somewhat expensive and offer good insulation. Composite frames made from wood fibers encased in plastic also offer good insulation and are moderately expensive. Wood frames cost the most and are the most in-demand. They're also aesthetically pleasing and offer decent insulation for your home.

What Services do Window Installers Offer?

Generally, there are two kinds of window replacement services companies offer: full-frame and pocket installations.

Full-frame installations are usually recommended when you want a new style or your window has significant rot. With this service, your professionals will replace the full window, including the sill, trim and frame. Pocket installations (or retrofits) involve installing a new window within its existing frame, which makes pocket installations take less time and therefore cost less. But, if the frame has any rot or deterioration, you will likely need a full-frame installation instead.

If you're still debating which kind of installation to get, you can consult with your provider and get their advice. The choice mostly depends on how old the frames are and if there's any damage.

Best Affordability

Window World


  • Large serice area
  • Low prices relative to competitors
  • Great industry reputation
  • Quality of service will depend on your area

How We Choose the Best Window Installers in Waynesboro

In our hunt to find the most reliable, eco-friendly window installers in Waynesboro, the EcoWatch team chose the above companies as the top window installation companies in the city. Along with energy efficiency, we reviewed window companies all across the state and ranked them based on the following methodology:

Service Area

Since this is a guide for Waynesboro, we only included companies that cover the city. There are certainly reputable providers that didn't make the list because of the low odds that they would serve the average homeowner in Waynesboro.

Work Quality

We're willing to bet that you're not looking for a company to do a shoddy job installing windows. We've vetted each installer on this list to make sure its technicians are well-qualified and that the company has received plenty of positive customer feedback to vouch for its service.

Customer Reviews

We analyzed trends in recent online reviews to determine the companies with the most consistent customer satisfaction, weighted by sample size. Customer satisfaction might be the factor we place the most value on, as it reflects the quality of services across most other categories, including quality of parts, warranty, quality of installation, professionalism, cost and more.


Cheaper windows don't necessarily mean better windows, but we know many of our readers would like to keep costs as low as possible. When analyzing the prices of providers, we gave higher points to companies with reasonable prices and accessible financing rather than "cheaper" services.


As discussed previously, windows are a significant investment, so you'll want to make sure that investment is well protected. Window installation companies that have lengthy warranties for products, parts and labor rank higher with EcoWatch.

Years of Experience

Last but not least, we like to see companies that have been in the industry for quite some time. Window installation companies that have more years of experience are going to earn higher rankings by our standards. We like to see at least ten years of experience.

Waynesboro, MS Window Replacement FAQs

How much should window installation cost?

The national average cost of replacing a window is around $600 but can range between $200 and $1,200, based on a few different factors. The price is often dependent on the type and material of the window, the size of the window and the location of your property. Also, remember that energy-efficient windows may cost more initially but can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills.

Which kind of window should I get?

Generally, double-pane windows are more efficient than single-pane windows and windows that do not open will be more efficient than windows that do. To be sure you'll have the most energy-efficient windows, look for models with the blue Energy Star certification — this means they're certified energy-efficient by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Can you replace your own windows?

Although it is possible to install your own windows, doing so is time-consuming and requires a lot of handiness. Hiring a professional can help guarantee that the installation is done properly and that you won't have to spend the time and effort to do it yourself.

When is the best time of year to replace windows?

Replacement windows can be installed any time of the year, but warmer weather is typically better. Regardless of when you install them, the contractors will take steps to ensure that too much hot or cold air doesn't get into your house, so the temperature outside isn't necessarily a big factor. What's most important is that the weather should be dry.

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