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What You Need to Know About Windows in Mississippi

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Mississippi homeowners are well accustomed to long summers with hot temperatures and mild winters.1 It’s not uncommon for residents to call on their heating systems all winter and then quickly switch over to relying on their air conditioners for the long summer months. In large part, air conditioners are responsible for the above-average rate of energy consumption in Mississippi, which is around 1,146 kilowatt-hours as compared to the national average of 893 kWh.2 Mississippi homeowners use more energy per month than residents in all but two states: Tennessee and Louisiana.

Since your windows play such a significant part in your home’s energy efficiency — heat gain or loss through windows represents up to 30% of your home’s energy usage for heating and cooling — replacing your windows is a great way to reduce your energy bills, make your home more comfortable and reduce the strain you put on your heating and cooling systems.3 Replacing a single window in Mississippi will cost an average of $600, in line with the national average, but your total will depend on:

  • How many windows you’re replacing
  • The frame material
  • The glass type
  • The style of the window
  • The window’s location
  • The installer you hire
  • The brand of window you purchase
  • And more

You’ll also need to choose between a full-frame replacement and a pocket replacement. The former is more expensive per window but provides a more significant bump to energy efficiency, while the latter is more affordable but won’t maximize your home’s efficiency. Your window frames will also need to be in good shape to make a pocket replacement possible.

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