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What You Need to Know About Windows in Michigan

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Michigan has a varied climate from north to south, although the entire state experiences warm summers and extremely cold winters that persist for more than half the year. Temperatures in the winter months can reach well below freezing, which means most homeowners rely heavily on their heating systems to keep their homes safe and comfortable.1 In areas with this type of climate, a large portion — between 25 and 30% — of a home’s energy usage for heating and cooling can be represented by heat gain and loss through windows, which are less efficient than doors and solid walls.2 To make matters worse, heavy snowfall and extreme weather in Michigan — including tornadoes and lake-effect storms — can put added stress on your windows.

With these conditions, it’s crucial for Michiganders to maintain energy-efficient windows to avoid extreme energy bills and uncomfortable living areas. The best windows for homes in Michigan will typically have:

  • A highly insulative frame material, like fiberglass
  • Double-pane or triple-pane glass
  • Professional installation to ensure proper insulation
  • Glass coatings like Low-E coating reduce heat transfer

The average cost to replace a window in the U.S. is around $600, but Michiganders tend to spend more on energy-efficient options and average around $800 per window. The total can quickly add up if you’re replacing all windows at once, but this is the best way to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency and save money on heating and cooling in the long run — often up to $366 per year in Michigan.3

Your cost per window replacement will depend on quite a few factors, including how many replacement windows your project calls for, the size and style of the windows, where they are in your home, and the type of replacement — like full-frame or pocket replacement — and more.

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