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What You Need to Know About Windows in Maryland

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Most of Maryland has a humid subtropical climate, meaning hot summers and cold winters are the norms in most parts of the state. Temperatures reach into the high 80s (Fahrenheit) in the summer months and then drop into the 40s in the winter months.1 The temperature fluctuation means that homeowners rely heavily on heating and cooling equipment year-round. Based on estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 30% of your energy spent on heating and cooling is represented by heat gain and loss through windows, making maximizing window energy efficiency for Maryland homeowners a big deal.2

Replacing a single window in Maryland will typically cost around $700, but you could spend anywhere from $250 to $1,400 or more on yours, depending on the following factors:

  • Where in your home your window is located
  • How many windows do you want to be replaced
  • The brand of window you choose
  • The company performing the installation
  • The frame materials
  • The glass quality (single-, double- or triple-pane)
  • Glass coatings you choose for added protection

While replacing all of your windows can be costly, Energy Star estimates that in Maryland annual savings on heating and cooling costs resulting from window replacement can be around $236.3 Not only will your energy savings make up for the cost in many cases, but you’ll also improve the comfort level in your home and your property value. Additionally, Maryland consistently ranks as one of the greenest states in America, so there are likely to be tax incentives available to make your upgrade more affordable.

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