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What You Need to Know About Windows in Louisiana

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Louisiana homeowners contend with high temperatures, humidity, and precipitation for well over half the year, meaning many depend on air-conditioning to stay comfortable.1 The windows in your home are your first line of defense against Louisiana’s challenging climate, and heat gain and loss through windows can represent up to 30% of a home’s energy usage for heating and cooling.2 

Window efficiency degradation in Louisiana is made worse by rapid changes in humidity and extreme weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical cyclones, which put added strain on your windows’ air seals.

To make window efficiency even more critical, Louisianans use more energy each month than residents of any other state on average, with a typical consumption of 1,201 kWh as compared to the national average of 893 kWh.3

The typical cost to replace a window in Louisiana is around $600, in line with the average across the U.S. Your total for window replacement will depend on several factors, including how many windows you’re replacing, the size and style of the new windows, the company you choose to handle the work, the brand of windows you want to be installed and more.

Replacing all of your windows at once will lead to the most dramatic reduction in your energy loss and can provide these benefits:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • More comfortable living areas
  • Less strain on your air conditioning system
  • Tax benefits for improvements to home energy efficiency
  • Increased home value
  • Improved curb appeal

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