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What You Need to Know About Windows in Kansas

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Most of Kansas falls in an area with a humid subtropical climate, meaning the summers tend to be hot and humid, and the winters tend to be quite cold but drier than the summer months.1 This poses two issues for aging or damaged windows. First, up to 30% of your home’s energy use for heating and cooling is represented by heat gain and loss through windows, which means older or damaged windows will be wasting a ton of energy.2 Second, changes in humidity and temperature together make your windows more prone to damage and failed air seals, as can damage from the tornadoes and severe storms that are common in Kansas.

As you can probably guess, the climate in Kansas is one of the worst for window health and maintaining home energy efficiency. The good news is that many homeowners find that upgrading to energy-efficient windows is a simple way to boost energy efficiency in the home, reduce energy bills and make living spaces far more comfortable.

The average cost to replace a window in Kansas is $600, on par with the national average. While the cost of replacing all your windows can quickly add up, new, energy-efficient windows will very likely pay for themselves and continue to save you money over time. Energy Star estimates that window replacement in Kansas can save up to $366 annually in heating and cooling costs.3

Keep in mind that you can save money on your window replacement project by:

  • Choosing windows with a high energy efficiency rating
  • Taking advantage of tax incentives for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Replacing all of your windows at once
  • Choosing a durable brand with a great warranty
  • Opting for pocket replacement instead of a full-frame replacement

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