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What You Need to Know About Windows in Indiana

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Indiana’s climate is humid continental in the state’s north and central portions and humid subtropical in the south, meaning summers are hot and humid and winters generally cold.1

The state is a meeting ground for cold air from polar areas and hot air from the tropics, making for frequent weather changes in the winter and tornadoes and thunderstorms in the spring. 

In areas like this, the insulative value of your windows plays a major role in how energy efficient your home is, as up to about 30% of your home’s energy usage for heating and cooling is accounted for by heat gain and loss through your window glass.2 Additionally, fluctuations in humidity can take a toll on your window seals and weatherstripping, which means windows are more likely to fail and stop insulating your home as they should.

Indiana homeowners pay an average of $500 to replace a single window. Your total replacement costs will depend on:

  • How many windows you’re replacing
  • The style of window you want
  • The size of your existing windows
  • The brand you choose
  • The installer you choose
  • The glass and frame quality and materials

Given that windows and window frames are exposed to the elements and rapid weather fluctuations in Indiana, when replacing windows most homeowners opt for full-frame replacement. If your window frames are in good shape, another option is a pocket replacement, which lets you keep your existing frame materials. This option is more affordable up-front, but it won’t be as effective for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

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