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What You Need to Know About Windows in Georgia

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Georgia is located largely in a humid subtropical climate, which means the state experiences hot summers with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees F and somewhat cold winters with the coldest days dipping into the 40s.1 In areas like this, with extensive use of air-conditioning, the windows you have installed in your home can make or break your energy efficiency and largely dictate how much energy you waste and how much you spend on your energy bills. Unsurprisingly, Georgians use more energy than most U.S. residents as a result.2

Replacing windows in Georgia can be costly, averaging around $600 and totaling between $200 and $1,200 per window in most cases. However, given that a large portion of your home’s energy can be lost through your windows, replacement with energy-efficient windows can often be well worth the investment.3 The benefits of replacing windows in Georgia include:

  • Reduced energy bills in most cases
  • A greater level of comfort in your home
  • Reduced dependence on harmful fossil fuels
  • Less strain on your heating and cooling systems
  • Improved home value
  • Greater protection from wind and rain

To the last point, Georgians also experience precipitation well in excess of the national average — more than double, in some areas — and extreme weather events, including hurricanes and tornadoes. These events put added stress on your windows and can accelerate aging and loss of efficiency. As a result, replacing windows in Georgia is almost always worth the cost, and the replacements will often pay for themselves in just a few years.

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