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What You Need to Know About Windows in Colorado

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to about 30% of a home’s energy used for heating and cooling is attributable to heat loss and gain through windows.1 In an area like Colorado, where winter temperatures routinely hit below freezing for about half the year, this means an immense amount of energy can be wasted if your windows are aging or damaged. Inefficient windows mean less comfortable interior temperatures, higher energy bills, and more strain on your heating system.

Replacing a single window in Colorado is expensive averaging around $600. However, energy-efficient windows can protect your home and help you save on heating costs, eventually paying for themselves.

In Colorado you could pay anywhere from $200 up to $1,200, on average, for a new window, and some styles — like bay windows — can be even more costly. Some factors that affect your pricing include:

  • The style of the window
  • The size of the window
  • The replacement company you choose
  • How many windows you’re replacing
  • The type of frame and glass material
  • The overall energy efficiency of the window

Another cost factor to consider is the type of replacement you need. A full-frame replacement includes a new window and new frame material. This option is more costly, but it can make a more significant impact in an area like Colorado, where the temperatures can be extreme. A pocket replacement involves just replacing the inner materials of the window and leaving the frame. This is more affordable and will still improve your home’s energy efficiency, but not quite as significantly as a full-frame replacement.

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