Windows Replacement in Alaska

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What You Need to Know About Windows in Alaska

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As the northernmost state in the country, Alaska is prone to frigid temperatures year-round. Average highs can be only in the 50-degree F range throughout the summer and routinely dip well below freezing in the winter.1 Heating homes in Alaska takes an immense amount of energy, especially if your windows aren’t energy-efficient. Not only can old or damaged windows needlessly use more resources, but you’ll also spend far more money on energy to keep your home comfortable, as electricity rates are the third highest in the country.2

The average price to replace a single window in Alaska is around $750, above the national average of $600. Your total will vary based on the factors below:

  • How large is your window is
  • The type of window you need replaced
  • The window materials you need
  • The installer you choose
  • The time of year when you need your window replaced

But because energy costs are higher in Alaska than in most states, you stand to save more money over time by making the move to more efficient windows. Energy Star estimates that replacement windows in Alaska will save up to $366 per year in heating and cooling costs, and given the extreme temperatures in the state, your savings may be higher.3

Most Alaska homeowners choose full-frame window replacement to get the most energy efficiency benefits. However, if your window frames are in good condition you can choose a pocket installation, which is more affordable up-front and will still likely have a significant positive impact on your energy usage and costs.