Pella Windows Review (Costs, Services & More in 2023)

Pella Windows Review (Costs, Services & More in 2023)

Here’s what you’ll learn in our Pella Windows review:

  • Top pros and cons of choosing Pella Windows
  • What types of windows Pella Windows carries 
  • Pricing and availability of Pella Windows

This guide has helped many homeowners choose the right window replacement company and will help you decide whether Pella Windows is right for you.

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What is Pella Windows?

Pella Windows is a nationwide window manufacturer and installer based in Pella, Iowa. It was founded in 1925 by Peter Kuyper and made a name for itself early by offering innovative window and blind solutions for homes. Today, it offers a wide selection of windows, doors smart home technology and more. Its window offerings are one of the best rated quality with costs ranging from from $350 to $1,220.

EcoWatch’s Pella Windows Review

The company provides high-end, highly energy-efficient windows suitable for window replacement and new construction window installation for eco-conscious homeowners looking to conserve energy. Its products rank high in Energy Star ratings, last for decades and come with outstanding warranty coverage to give you peace of mind.

For this company review, we have evaluated Pella based on its:

  • Pricing
  • Value-to-cost ratio
  • Industry experience
  • Availability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Product variability and
  • Overall customer experience

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

Pella loses some points mostly because of its customer service, which can be lacking in some cases. Additionally, its warranties aren’t transferable like the ones from Andersen, which limits the bump in home value you can expect.

However, Pella does manufacture some of the best windows on the market, with affordability and quality both ranking quite high. Pella also prioritizes energy efficiency in its products, which we specifically look for in window manufacturers. 

single-hung pella windows on house

Our Methodology

When we review window companies, we look at a wide range of factors to bring you the best possible information. Among other things, we look at years of experience, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, customer reviews online, overall product cost, availability, durability, warranty coverage and products offered.

We also compare Pella to other window installers, like Andersen and Marvin.

Pella’s most popular product lines are the Pella 250 series, the Pella 350 series, the Pella architect series and the Pella lifestyle series windows. However, we’ve looked at all of the company’s options to provide a comprehensive review for you.

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Window Veteran

Nationwide (via contractor network)

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Many years of experience
  • Wide variety of products and services
  • Large service area


  • Some installations carried out by third-party contractors

Pros & Cons of Pella Windows

In the table below, we’ll provide a quick look at some of the most compelling pros and cons of working with Pella for window replacement, installation and repair.

Pros of Working With Pella

Cons of Working With Pella

High-quality, durable windows More expensive than some other brands
Wide range of frame materials and glass options Some issues with customer service, communication and follow-up
Good value relative to cost Warranties aren’t transferable
Long warranty coverage No aluminum window frames
Nationwide availability

Pella Windows: Products & Services

Pella focuses its efforts on windows, but it also offers exterior doors, including patio doors, decorative front doors, sliding doors and storm doors. It also serves as both a window manufacturer and an installer, and its installation team can also carry out window repairs if necessary. Below, we’ll discuss its product lines and services in greater depth.

picture windows pella
Courtesy: Pella Window

Types of Windows

Pella offers quite a few product lines with varying frame and glass materials, each with a different level of quality and average price. As far as window styles go, Pella provides a wide range of options to suit most homeowners’ needs, including:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Picture windows
  • Specialty windows

The specialty windows can be customized with different sizes, shapes and even styles.

In addition to these styles, Pella carries the below glass and frame options:

  • Double-pane glass
  • Triple-pane glass
  • Aluminum-clad wood frames
  • Vinyl window frames (called the Pella Encompass Series)
  • Wood window frames
  • Fiberglass window frames (called the Pella Impervia windows)

Pella ensures that all of its products come with a high Energy Star rating and will last for years without issues. The company backs up these claims with a great warranty that provides peace of mind for every product.

Installation Services Overview

Pella has an in-house installation team that carries out installation services, and it also sends its products to certified third-party installers to cover the labor.

Unfortunately, Pella doesn’t have the greatest reviews when it comes to installation. Many customers complain online mentioning delays in the installation process, often stemming from poor communication within the company.

Some customers mention issues with the installation process that lead to leaks or improperly installed products. Complaints about the company delaying fixing these issues are plentiful.

With that being said, there are also lots of positive reviews about the professionalism and expertise displayed by Pella’s installers. It seems clear that your experience can vary depending on the Pella branch and installer nearest to you.

Opting for a third-party installer will yield much of the same experience, as you never know beforehand how your installer will perform. We always recommend going with either the manufacturer or a certified installer to avoid more serious issues, but you should check reviews online before you commit.

Pella has showrooms across the country where you can go and look at the products it offers. The representatives there can set up free in-home consultations or installations. You can also buy pre-made Pella windows online, but they aren’t available at home improvement stores.

Energy Efficiency of Pella Windows

Pella is one of the best brands to go with if you’re looking for affordability and outstanding energy efficiency. This company offers quite a few energy-efficient and noise-reduction options, including:

  • Double-pane glass
  • Triple-pane glass
  • Highly insulative fiberglass frames
  • Low-e (low-emissivity) glass coatings
  • Window tinting

In addition to efficient options, Pella windows and doors are just naturally excellent insulators. Many of the company’s products have high Energy Star ratings, including low U-factor and low solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC).1

U-factor is a measurement of the window’s insulative properties and tells you how much the outside temperature will affect your living space through the window. SHGC is a measurement of the solar heat that the window allows into your home, which is an important metric in hot, sunny climates.

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost?

There are quite a few factors that go into the price of replacement windows, so it’s difficult to say with certainty what your window project will run you. However, most Pella windows cost between $350 and $1,200 per window.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the more critical factors that can affect your window pricing.

Window Style

The style of the window you need will dictate the price to some degree. Simple window construction that you’d see on a double-hung window will almost always cost less than a casement window, which requires more hardware and inner moving parts for proper functionality.

Window Size

The size of the window is another major cost factor. Larger windows not only cost more to manufacture, but they’re more challenging to maneuver into place and install. You’ll pay higher material costs for larger windows, and your labor costs will also be higher if you need multiple window technicians to tackle the installation process.

Glass and Frame Options

Choosing more insulative frame materials — like fiberglass — or glass materials — like tri-pane glass — will make your home more eco-friendly and efficient, but these options will also drive up your costs.

Keep in mind that optimizing energy efficiency might be well worth the investment, as it’s likely to reduce your heating and cooling costs, providing energy savings in the long run.

Energy-efficient windows can save you money on electric bills
Credit: Diari La Veu / Flickr

Also, opting for window options like grilles, muntins or upgraded locking or functioning mechanisms can drive up the cost.

Window Location

The location of the window on your home can play a part in your total as well. Windows located on the first floor with easy access to the exterior are usually the simplest to replace and will come with the lowest labor charges.

Windows on the second floor or skylights in the ceiling often require ladders, additional safety equipment and window lifts to get the product up into position. These factors will all increase your costs.

Financing Options For Your Pella Windows

Finally, how you pay for your windows will affect both your upfront costs and your long-term prices as follows:

  • Cash — paying in cash comes with the highest upfront payment, but you’ll save money over time because you won’t be paying interest on a loan
  • In-house financing — Pella offers in-house financing through Wells Fargo. This will drastically reduce your upfront payment — possibly to nothing — but interest will accrue over time and push your total remodel project cost upward
  • Private financing — you also have the option of finding financing through a third party. This type of financing also comes with a low upfront payment but usually has the highest long-term cost. Of course, this depends on your annual percentage rate (APR) and other loan terms

In Which States Are Pella Windows Available?

Pella is a nationwide window manufacturer that makes its products available in all 50 states. It maintains over 200 branches across the country, with at least one in every state. It also has 17 manufacturing locations in the U.S.

How is Pella Windows’ Customer Service?

Pella doesn’t have the best customer reviews online, and its BBB rating sits at a D. Many customers complain about poor customer service, including delays in the installation timelines, improperly installed products, a lack of communication and issues with getting service for warranty-covered problems.

There are also many positive reviews online, so overall, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Your experience will likely depend on the quality of your local branch and the installer assigned to your project.

Keep in mind that the varying customer service is common among larger window brands, including Andersen and other window manufacturers.

Below, we’ll include one positive and one negative review for Pella branches to showcase the best- and worst-case scenarios when choosing Pella.

“My sales associate was such a pleasure to work with when replacing my 40-year-old Pella door/windows. He took the time to answer all my questions, showed me numerous options/prices, and demonstrated in detail the quality of Pella. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new PELLA door/windows. I can’t hear the train at night anymore with my triple pane glass and sleep like a baby.”

Joe H. via BBB

“If I could leave zero stars I would. Have been trying to get a window fixed since early march. The first time was a no show. Next day two guys showed up [with the wrong materials]. They ordered the wrong parts. Took two months for them to finally schedule again for them to tell us they still don’t have the parts even though they set up an appointment. They have wasted over 7 days of no shows, delays, wrong parts etc. I will never buy Pella again.”

Nicole M. via Yelp

Warranty Details for Pella Windows

Pella provides quality windows and doors, and it backs them up with warranty coverage that lasts for years. The warranties are included with your windows and don’t require any additional paperwork or registration.

When you purchase new windows from Pella, you’ll get the following coverage. These warranties are non-transferable:

  • 10-year warranty on all materials
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship and labor
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all non-glass materials

Keep in mind that warranties vary a bit from window product to window product, specifically with window frame material. You can check out Pella’s warranty page for more information on specific window options and other Pella products, like patio doors and entry doors.2

Scheduling an Appointment with a Pella Windows Installer

Scheduling an appointment with Pella for a consultation couldn’t be easier. You can connect with Pella through our funnel below, where we can connect you with a salesperson who you can meet either in your home or at a showroom.

An in-home consultation just requires your address before you can see available appointments and schedule a time slot with a sales rep. If you’re looking for a consultation in a Pella branch, you’ll just need to search for the branch online by zip code, select the nearest one and choose from the available appointments.

Conclusion: Are Pella Windows Worth It?

Overall, Pella is a great choice for replacement windows, new construction windows, patio doors and front doors. 

Pella is one of the best options as far as materials go, as the company provides high-quality products, including durable and efficient window options. All of its products have high efficiency ratings and are sure to reduce your heating and cooling costs and make your home more efficient.

However, while the company’s craftsmanship is excellent, we have a hard time recommending Pella’s installation services.

Many customers complain about delays in the installation timeline, incorrect products arriving and a lack of communication from the company as a whole. Experiences do vary, though, as some homeowners are quite pleased with the service they receive.

Ultimately, we recommend Pella’s products for quality and value for the money, but you might want to opt for a more reputable third-party, certified installer in your area if you can find one.

FAQ: Pella Windows

Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we see about Pella Windows, its products and its installation services.

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