What's Your Food IQ?

What's Your Food IQ?

Food & Water Watch

The word is spreading.

People around the country are realizing that we need to talk about our food—and how to protect it.

But, we can't protect what we don't understand. So today, we're giving you a challenge—How well do you know your food? Take our quiz and test your Fair Food IQ.

Our food faces some serious challenges—big agriculture, genetic engineering, pesticide use and much more. But many Americans don't even know where their food comes from, nevermind understand why our food systems are at risk.

The first step to protecting our food is to help spread the word, to let others know where our food really comes from. Take the quiz, then share it with your friends and family.

Right now, sharing the quiz will also help us do even more to protect your food. Thanks to a generous donor, Food & Water Watch will get $1 for every new supporter who takes the quiz—help us by spreading the word.

Take the quiz and find out your Fair Food IQ today.

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