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By Agata Mrowiec

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," an old adage says. This phrase is even more relevant when talking about hidden gems lying in sea-bottom areas of the North Sea, which many consider to be a cold and dark sea, composed of murky waters and dull animals living in it.

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4 Best Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Cases (2022)

We recommend sustainable options to protect your iPhone or Android device.

d3sign / Getty Images

Where can you find the best eco-friendly cell phone cases when most cell phone cases are made of plastic?

Popular phone cases are designed to protect your phone but create more plastic waste when they need to be replaced. They also may contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Thankfully, recycled ocean plastics and plant-based composites are just a few of the eco-conscious materials that are increasingly being used to make phone cases with little environmental impact. Below, we break down the best eco-friendly phone cases for both Android and iPhone to get you started.

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