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Have you ever wanted to have your own fruit tree, growing right there in your front yard? If so, one option to consider is the Meyer lemon tree. This unique citrus tree has become a favorite among home gardeners, as well as those who simply want tantalizing citrus fruits available anytime.

But what is the Meyer lemon tree, exactly? What makes it so popular? And what should home gardeners know about caring for one? In this guide, we'll cover all those subjects and more.

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Whether you're tending to plant life outside or caring for houseplants inside, there's a lot of satisfaction to be found in keeping your flora vigorous and vibrant. Of course, one of the preliminary steps in the gardening process is actually purchasing your plants.

There are plenty of venues for buying plants online. With so many websites and marketplaces available for plant shopping, how do you know the best places to order from? We've put together a guide to some of the top online plant retailers for plants, potting soils, and more.

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The bright patterns and recognizable designs of Waterlust's activewear aren't just for show. In fact, they're meant to promote the conversation around sustainability and give back to the ocean science and conservation community.

Each design is paired with a research lab, nonprofit, or education organization that has high intellectual merit and the potential to move the needle in its respective field. For each product sold, Waterlust donates 10% of profits to these conservation partners.

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Nurturing plant life can be a highly fulfilling activity, no matter where you choose to garden. Through indoor gardening, you can maintain more delicate or climate-sensitive plants, including succulents and herbs, while also filling your home with vivacious greenery.

Whether you're just getting started with indoor gardening or you're an old pro, it's helpful to know some of the best indoor houseplants. In this article, you'll find a guide to some of the top flora for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

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Investing in an indoor herb garden is a great way to ensure you always have fresh flavors in your kitchen. They eliminate the need for store-bought herbs (which often come in plastic packaging) and give your home a bright spot of green. Plus, when you end up with more basil than you've ever seen in your life, they encourage you to tap into your culinary creativity.

We've researched the best indoor herb gardens on the market, and in this article, we'll review our top six picks for any space and budget. You can also find our review of the best indoor grow lights to help you get started.

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Indoor grow lights can help you grow a range of indoor plants year-round. These lights work by mimicking the sun's natural light to provide your houseplants or indoor garden with the color range they require for photosynthesis. There are plenty of options to choose from, and our review can help you determine the best grow light bulbs and setups to fit your plant cultivation needs.

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By Andrew Amelinckx

Having a plant or two in your office can really brighten up your space. Studies have found that keeping plants at the office leads to heaps of positive benefits, including increased productivity, better memory retention and reduced stress. But not all of us are born green thumbs.

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