Sunnova Reviews: Costs, Quality, Services & More (2023)

Sunnova Reviews: Costs, Quality, Services & More (2023)

In this Sunnova Solar review, you’ll learn:

  • Is Sunnova Solar a legit company?
  • What does the installation process look like with Sunnova Solar?
  • Is Sunnova Solar expensive?
  • What do customers have to say about Sunnova Solar?



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In just a decade of operations, Sunnova Solar has risen to become one of the largest solar installers in the country. Many Sunnova reviews cite the company’s professionalism, while its recent purchase of SunStreet Solar also shows its financial might as a company. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the pros and cons of choosing Sunnova Solar as your solar installation company. 

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Is Sunnova Solar a Good Solar Company?

Many factors make Sunnova Solar an attractive deal — including its large coverage area, unparalleled warranties and premium batteries, panels and inverters. However, it has no BBB rating or accreditation and customers report post-installation issues. Overall, the company is a good installer but comes with some risk.

What Should You Know About Sunnova Solar?

Founded in 2012, Sunnova is a renewable energy company that has undergone tremendous growth. Today, the company serves 38 U.S. states and territories, offering high-quality solar power systems with exceptional warranties and multiple purchasing options.

Sunnova offersprovides service and protection programs for solar systems installed by other providers and often partners with other local companies to implement leased systems. In terms of customer rewards, it offers Visa gift cards of up to $750 and a reward of up to $250 for making a referral.

Sunnova Solar Fast Facts
Year Started 2012
Service Areas AZ, CA, CT, DE, DC, GU (Guam), HI, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NM, NY, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, NC, NV, OH, SC, TX, UT, VI, PA, PR (Puerto Rico), RI, MP (Saipan), TN, WV, WI
Services Offered Solar panel, battery and EV charger installations; system monitoring
Types of Solar Equipment Offered Tesla, Enphase, Generac
Certifications Tesla Powerwall-certified installer; North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP)- certified technicians; member of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
Better Business Bureau Rating Not rated
Badge icon


Outstanding National Installer

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Expansive service area
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Great warranty coverage


  • Low BBB rating
  • Issues with post-installation support
  • Issues with misleading marketing

Sunnova’s Purchase of SunStreet Solar

In March 2021, Sunnova completed its purchase of SunStreet Energy Group LLC (Lennar Corporation’s residential solar platform). Sunnova thus became Lennar’s exclusive home solar and energy storage service provider for new housing developments with solar across the country.

As for SunStreet’s existing customers, not much has changed. Their warranties will be honored by Sunnova and the company will be available for any maintenance or repair work that comes up.

Sunnova Solar Services and Installation

Sunnova offers solar energy systems with or without battery storage to homes, homebuilders and community developers. It is one of the largest certified Tesla Powerwall installers in the country. Sunnova also offers Level 2 EV charging stations supplied by Chargepoint.

Below is a quick overview of the steps involved in having a solar system installed with Sunnova.

Solar Installation Experience

  1. Once you’ve connected with Sunnova, a sales rep will get in touch to discuss your needs. You may be asked to submit your bills from your electric company along with other basic details.
  2. Based on the information gathered, Sunnova will do a basic analysis of your power consumption and roof orientation. It will figure out how many solar panels you need and where they should be installed. The team will then prepare a basic design and a quote for the system.
  3. If you’re satisfied with the pricing and other terms and decide to go ahead with Sunnova, its site survey professionals will visit your property for a more detailed analysis of the roof, conduits and other property characteristics.
  4. Sunnova’s design team will put together a final, fully detailed design of your system and will also submit permit applications to your jurisdiction and your power company along with applications for solar incentives you’re eligible for.
  5. After the jurisdiction and utility have approved the applications, the Sunnova team will install the solar equipment on your property. Your jurisdiction will then inspect the work to make sure it meets standards. Once you have the final approval, you can switch on the system and enjoy the benefits of energy independence, savings on your electric bills and increased home value.

Sunnova Solar Customer Service

Based on a number of customer reviews, we can conclude that Sunnova’s customer support is not the best out there. While the company impresses with its equipment quality, warranties/service plans and almost nationwide presence, multiple Sunnova customers have experienced poor post-installation support.

Sunnova Solar Costs and Financing

The cost of a solar power system from Sunnova is somewhere between $3 to 5 per watt of installed capacity. A typical 5 kilowatt (kW) system may cost between $15,000 and $25,000.

Most solar installers offer systems that are around the $3-per-watt mark, while some may offer lower prices. Sunnova’s pricing, then, can be said to be on the slightly higher side. Sunnova has an advantage for some buyers, though, in its variety of purchasing options that can make going solar easier.

Financing Options Through Sunnova Solar

Sunnova offers all four purchasing models available on the market. Customers can save the most by paying cash, or they can make fixed payments by choosing the loan or lease option. They can also pay only for the power consumed (PPA), just as with their utility bills, while not worrying about system maintenance.

Here’s a table that outlines how each buying option works.

Cash Purchase Solar Loan Solar Lease Solar PPA
System Ownership
Maintenance Included
Upfront Cost
Added Property Value
Eligible for Tax Credit
Payment Due to Solar Installer Loan Provider Solar Installer Solar Installer

Choosing the right option can be tricky owing to the different advantages and limitations. You can consult our solar financing guide to get clarity on all the buying options.

Sunnova Solar Panel Warranty

If we had to point out Sunnova’s single biggest pro, it would be its impressive warranty offerings.

Called Sunnova Protect, the warranties/service plans come with systems the company installs but can also be purchased for systems installed by other companies.

The Sunnova Protect Platinum warranty accompanies Sunnova’s solar installations and covers repairs, replacements and a production guarantee, and also includes system monitoring. The Platinum plan covers an impressive 25 years.

The Protect Basic and Protect Premium warranty plans cover systems installed by other providers and come in one- and 10-year versions with different combinations of service elements (monitoring, repairs and replacement). Under the Sunnova Protect Premium plan, for system parts covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, Sunnova will work with the manufacturer to complete repairs and replacements.

Sunnova Solar Reviews

Customer reviews provide a great window into a company’s quality and reliability. Sunnova’s reviews reveal a mixed bag of positive and negative experiences. Most positive reviews praise the company’s knowledgeable salespeople and speed of execution, while the negative reviews discuss disappointing post-installation support and overall-unsatisfactory customer service. Take a look at some examples below.

Positive Sunnova Solar Reviews

“Entire crew from sales to implementation did an excellent, professional job. Answered all my questions and resolved any issues quickly to ensure timely implementation of the system. Excellent communications and teamwork throughout the project.”

– Ed D. via Best Company

“Everyone we have dealt with has been so friendly and respectful. Any questions I had were always answered very quickly and they were very understanding when we had water damage that made us postpone our installation. I love being able to track our production on the website.”

– Amy via Trustpilot

Negative Sunnova Solar Reviews

“After a new roof was installed by a Sunnova subcontractor, the shingles were falling of [and] water was coming in…I called 9 times within 3 weeks to customer service to fix [the] hole and they were totally useless!…I wouldn’t recommend this company at all in New Jersey!”

– Dave M. via Trustpilot

“We are extremely unhappy with Sunnova. We were told that the system they installed would be sufficient to meet our energy needs. In fact, we were stuck with a huge true-up bill at the end of the year. They keep telling us that the system provides the energy that they said it would, but the key issue is that it does not provide energy sufficient to meet our needs as they said it would.”

– Jillian via Consumer Affairs

Solar Energy Provider Comparison

You should always review different solar companies before purchasing to make sure you’re choosing the best solar installer for your needs. Here’s an example of how Sunnova compares to other large providers:

Sunnova Solar Momentum Solar Blue Raven Solar
EcoWatch Rating 3.0 4.5 4.5
Year Started 2012 2009 2014
Services Offered Solar panel, battery and EV charger installations; system monitoring Solar panel and battery installations Solar panel installations; system monitoring
Service Areas AZ, CA, CT, DE, DC, GU, HI, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NM, NY, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, NC, NV, OH, SC, TX, UT, VI, PA, PR, RI, MP, TN, WV, WI CA, CT, FL, GA, MA, NJ, NY, NV, PA, TX AZ, AR, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, NC, OH, OR, SC, TX, UT, VI, WA
BBB Rating Not rated A+ A+
Payment Options Cash, loan, lease, PPA Cash, loan, lease, PPA Cash, loan

Frequently Asked Questions

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