Sun Services USA Review: Costs, Quality, Services & More (2024)

Sun Services USA Review: Costs, Quality, Services & More (2024)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this review of Sun Services:

  • Is Sun Services USA a legit company?
  • What does the installation process look like with Sun Services USA?
  • Is Sun Services USA expensive?
  • What do customers have to say about Sun Services USA?
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With the number of solar installers available to complete your solar project in Arizona, choosing the right one is often the most challenging part of converting your home to solar. Our Sun Services review below should help you decide if this company is the right choice for your solar panel installation, as it provides information on the company’s costs, services, products and more.

Is Sun Services USA a Good Solar Company?

Sun Services USA is an excellent solar installer in Arizona. The company maintains affordable pricing for solar panel installations, and although it has a somewhat limited product selection, the warranties provided for the equipment it does install are excellent. The company also offers solar loan options to make solar more accessible and affordable for all Arizona residents.

What Should You Know About Sun Services USA?

Sun Services LLC started as AZ Sun Services, a solar company headquartered in Arizona that served customers within state lines. The company has since changed its name to Sun Services USA and has expanded to serve Nevada and Florida, with plans to further expand to Colorado and Texas as well.

The company provides a decent array of solar equipment, installation and monitoring services for both residential and commercial solar installations. Sun Services also maintains an environmental blog on its website where solar customers can learn more not only about the positive impact of solar but also other eco-friendly practices.

It seems clear that Sun Services understands the big picture of solar and how it’s part of reducing emissions and pollution, making it a more reputable company that’s not just out for your money.

Sun Services USA Fast Facts
Year Started 2015
Service Areas Arizona, Nevada and Florida
Services Offered Solar panel installations; solar monitoring; commercial solar installations
Types of Solar Equipment Offered Enphase, SolarEdge, Aptos, Q Cells, Silfab
Certifications Technicians certified by the National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP); accreditation by the Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau Rating A+
Badge icon

Sun Services

Outstanding Regional Installer

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Full-service home energy solutions
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Great warranty coverage


  • Relatively young company
  • Quality of installation may vary by location

Sun Services USA Services and Installation

Sun Services provides just the basics when it comes to services, including solar panel installation and solar monitoring, so customers looking for more customization options might need to turn elsewhere. The installation process is relatively smooth, although some customers have complained about delays along the way.

Solar Installation Experience

The installation process is similar among most solar installers, with some minor differences. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect when hiring Sun Services to complete your solar panel installation.

Step 1: Fill Out the Company’s Contact Form

Your first step is to provide Sun Services with some basic contact and property information via the contact form on its website (there is a separate choice if you’d like a quote for a new roof). A project management representative will connect with you shortly thereafter to confirm the details and get some additional information.

You should be prepared to discuss the appliances and electronics in your home, your average monthly energy consumption (which can be found on your past electric bills), shading on your roof from trees and buildings, your HVAC (heating, cooling and ventilation systems) and more. The rep will then explain the entire process of installing solar and walk you through the next steps.

Step 2: Design and Approval Phase

A solar panel system designer from Sun Services will then get to work to design the system that suits your home best. This tech will connect with you to approve the design, discuss solar needs and expectations, estimate your savings and more. The phone call or video chat should last twenty minutes to a half-hour.

Step 3: Permitting and Installation

Once you approve the final design, Sun Services will begin pulling permits required for the work. As soon as permits are approved, your representative will connect with you to schedule an installation date, and the installation team and electricians will install your system according to the plan and specifications.

Step 4: Commissioning Your System

The final step of the process will be commissioning (turning on) your system. Once the solar panels are producing energy, you can begin saving money on your electric bills!

Sun Services USA Customer Service

Generally speaking, Sun Services maintains a great reputation for customer service. Most customers are pleased with the communication, honesty and transparency the company provides, although there are some negative customer reviews stating that communication was lacking throughout the process.

Post-installation customer service seems to have the same reputation, with most customers satisfied but some claiming warranties are hard to take advantage of if there are issues.

Sun Services USA Costs and Financing

The price of solar panels in Arizona will always be high, but Sun Services is a great option for keeping costs down. The overall price of photovoltaic equipment from this company is around average, and the quality of service and the products provided for that price are excellent.

The average cost of solar panels in AZ is around $3.01 per watt, although prices can vary based on the equipment you choose and the size of the system you need. Most Arizona residents will find their system totaling between $18,963 and $31,605 after the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is considered. Sun Services typically falls around the average based on solar system size.

Financing Options Through Sun Services USA

Sun Services accepts cash purchases and solar financing options through Dividend, Mosaic and Sunlight Financial, but it doesn’t accept solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Most customers will be able to find a solar loan that works for them and fits within their budget. You can find some basic information on the different solar purchase and financing options below.

Cash Purchase Solar Loan
System Ownership
Upfront Cost
Added Property Value
Eligible for Tax Credit
Payment Due to Solar Installer Loan Provider

For more information on which financing option is best for you and the pros and cons of each, you can check out our guide to solar financing plans.

Sun Services USA Solar Panel Warranty

Solar panel warranties typically either cover the equipment — which can include damage and/or power production efficiency — or the labor or workmanship. Sun Services provides the manufacturer’s warranty for all solar equipment based on the brand:

  • Aptos Panels: 25-year product warranty, 30-year efficiency warranty
  • Hanwha Q Cells Panels: 25-year product warranty
  • Silfab Panels: 25-year product warranty, 30-year efficiency warranty
  • Panasonic Panels: 15-year product warranty
  • LG Panels: 25-year product warranty
  • Enphase Inverters: 25-year product warranty
  • SolarEdge Inverters: 12-year product warranty with an option for a 25-year product warranty

In addition to the product warranties, Sun Services provides all customers with a 20-year workmanship warranty. Most solar panel companies offer workmanship warranties between 10 and 25 years.

Sun Services USA Reviews

Most solar customers consult reviews of solar installers they’re considering, as these provide an unbiased look at what you can expect. We scoured the internet for Sun Services reviews and found that most were positive, although some paint the company in a negative light. Overall, it seems that most customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

Positive Sun Services USA Reviews

Below are some of the positive reviews that capture the general consensus reached by countless other reviews.

“Great price and outstanding value. Communication was great and the project was executed ahead of schedule. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Matt Nam (the sales rep) was very thorough and did a great job articulating our options. Excellent communication, coordination, and follow-up after the sale. It is definitely worth giving this company a look if you are in the market.” — Jeff via Google Reviews

“I had a solar system installed on my home in Prescott, AZ. We had 21 panels installed and couldn’t be happier. Team 3 did a great job with the installation. They were respectful and clean. The AZ Sun Services staff was very informative and kept me up to date as things changed and progressed. From the start we were happy with the services that were provided. I’d like to add that if you need a roof, they can help you with that as well.” — Anthony via Google Reviews

Negative Sun Services USA Reviews

As is the case with any company, there are some negative reviews of Sun Services online. Most of them concern slow installation timelines, and a few state that there are issues with communication between Sun Services and the panel manufacturers, leading to slow fixes.

“Seven months since I signed the contract. It took them four months to get the permits. Month five they finally installed the breaker panel on the second try after a no-show/no-call. Tore up the stucco and concrete and have not fixed it yet. […] Took them eight months to finally install my system (took them two days), but now the Cellular Monitoring keeps losing connection. […] Talk about poor customer service.” — Mike via Google Reviews

“The service is excellent, however they do not have a clue how to make my system work. Tech has over 40 hours of troubleshooting and is getting no support from the manufacture[r]. At this point it is still not working five months after the initial install. They came out again today [and] installed what the manufacturer said was the fix. Guess what it’s not working. Great service and no support does not work.” — Alex via Google Reviews

Solar Energy Provider Comparison

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Sun Services is one of 138 solar panel installation companies operating in the State of Arizona.1 With so many companies to choose from, many customers wonder if Sun Services is the best. The below table provides a side-by-side comparison with other top AZ installers SunPower and SunPro.

Sun Services USA SunPower ADT Solar (Sunpro)
EcoWatch Rating 4.0 5.0 4.0
Year Started 2015 1985 2008
Services Offered Solar panel installation and solar monitoring Solar panel and battery backup installation; EV chargers; solar monitoring Solar panel installations; solar battery installations; electric vehicle charger installations; energy-efficiency upgrades
Service Areas Arizona, Nevada and Florida Nationwide 21 states
BBB Rating A+ A+ A
Payment Options Cash payments, solar loans Cash purchases, solar loans, leases, PPAs Cash payments, solar loans


The cost information presented in this article is derived from a comprehensive analysis, incorporating data from multiple industry sources. The average cost per watt per state was calculated based on figures from Consumer Affairs, Energy Sage, and Berkeley Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Department. Additionally, monthly energy consumption and the average monthly cost of electricity were sourced from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, ensuring a well-rounded and accurate representation of the information presented.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions our readers ask us most often about Sun Services USA. If you have specific questions that aren’t answered here, reach out to our team of solar experts at

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