Blue Raven Solar Review (Costs, Services & More in 2023)

Blue Raven Solar Review (Costs, Services & More in 2023)

In this review guide on Blue Raven Solar, you’ll learn:

  • What the step-by-step process to get installed looks like
  • How BluePower Plus+ can help you avoid costs for the first 18 months
  • What customers say the Blue Raven’s pros and cons are
  • How Blue Raven compares with other leading solar providers
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Blue Raven Solar 2023 Review

Blue Raven Solar’s innovative financing model, exceptional customer experience, quality warranty and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau make it a safe and reliable choice for solar customers.

Tackling financing and solar loan strategies can be a tough challenge for a new solar adopter, but Blue Raven sets itself apart from the competition with its straightforward financial solution that provides immediate returns.

Expanding with the speed and success of Blue Raven Solar would be a challenge for most solar providers, but Blue Raven is addressing these challenges head-on. The provider has delivered on customer expectations during a rapid stage of growth and is expanding offerings of backup batteries to provide further customization for its customers.

Blue Raven Solar Pros

Blue Raven Solar Cons

Innovative financing options No backup battery options
Exceptional service and customer satisfaction Little customization
Energy monitoring service available No solar lease or PPA option available
Quickly growing service areas

Based on our research, we recommend Blue Raven Solar to customers:

  1. Who are new to solar,
  2. Don’t need customization,
  3. Don’t have an advanced understanding of the technicalities behind a solar panel installation

Its straightforward financing, trusted sales representatives and customer service make the process simple and easy to understand for a customer new to solar.

Though an impressive young company, Blue Raven Solar may not provide the best services for those seeking a specific brand of panel, backup battery options or more custom features.

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Blue Raven Solar

Best Solar Financing

Regional Service

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Industry-leading in-house financing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent reputation


  • Doesn't offer solar batteries (coming 2022)

How Does Blue Raven Fit Into the Solar Landscape?

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Orem, UT, this young solar power provider boasts a stellar reputation anchored in exceptional customer service and an innovative solar financing model.

Its mission is to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their utility bills, increasing their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy and providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and speedy, high-quality installations.

Blue Raven Solar Fast Facts
Year Started 2014
Service Areas 17 states including CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MO, NC, NV, OH, OR, SC, TX, UT, VA
Service Types Solar panel system installations and monitoring
Types of Panels Sold Monocrystalline black-on-black panels between 315 and 335 watts from brands including Trina and Canadian Solar
Backup Battery Options Not yet offered
Certifications North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) technicians
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating A+ with accreditation

Though Blue Raven Solar may not be a household name like some other top solar companies, the growing provider has expanded its service area to an impressive 17 states and has no plans of slowing. Solar giant SunPower recently acquired Blue Raven Solar for $165 million, a testament to its growth and potential in the residential solar market.

As of now, it does not appear that Blue Raven’s operations will be affected by the acquisition.


What Solar Products Does Blue Raven Offer?

As a fast-growing solar company, Blue Raven is quickly becoming a nationally-known solar brand. Blue Raven Solar installs quality solar panels, inverters and even smart thermostats, making them a great choice for your entire solar energy system.

Solar Panels Offerings

Blue Raven values their workmanship and installs monocrystalline, tier-1 black solar panels that maximize your rooftop space. With equipment that is both efficient and aesthetic, Blue Raven’s sleek black-on-black solar panels embody the essence of modern living. While there are 3 types of solar panels, monocrystalline panels are the most efficient and popular option.

Further, low profile, rail-less racking and hidden interior conduit runs make it so that homeowners can save energy without compromising curb appeal.

Yet, appearances are only one component of Blue Raven’s products. Monocrystalline solar panels boast up to 20% efficiency ratings and have some of the longest lifespans of all solar panels on the market. These solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and can withstand even the harshest elements for over 25 years.

Blue Raven’s in-house crew will work with you to customize the solar panels for your home and will help you choose the best solar panel available for your home’s energy needs.

Solar Battery Offerings

Because SunPower acquired Blue Raven Solar in 2021, they are now offering the SunPower SunVault solar battery for energy storage. This battery will allow homeowners to store excess solar energy to be used during low-sunlight hours and inevitable power grid outages. While this isn’t the only solar battery option for consumers, we wouldn’t say no to the option of receiving one.


Blue Raven partners with Enphase Energy to install only the best microinverters for your home. The Enphase IQ7+ Mirco and Enphase Enlighten system will safely convert high voltage DC into usable alternating current.

Further, these high-performing inverters are are known for their reliability and can easily be scaled should you ever decide to expand your home solar system.

Smart Thermostats

No solar system is complete without a high-quality thermostat. Blue Raven electricians will upgrade your outdated thermostat with an Ecobee smart thermostat that uses wireless remote sensors to keep every room in your home comfortable. Plus, this thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can control your home’s temperatures from anywhere.

What Can You Expect From Blue Raven Solar’s Installation Services?

blue raven solar installation reviews

Blue Raven Solar installs residential solar panels with top-of-the-line products and inverters. It sells exclusively monocrystalline Tier 3 black-on-black solar panels (between 315 and 335 watts) to provide a seamless look on your rooftop.

Brands used in Blue Raven installations typically include Trina and Canadian Solar, which are both known for their reliable, relatively affordable solar panels. Although Blue Raven Solar does not yet offer solar battery installations, it plans to soon.

Blue Raven strives to provide a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process, flexible solar financing and a speedy, high-quality installation. Here’s what you can expect the solar panel installation process to look like with Blue Raven Solar.

  1. Receive a free quote by providing some basic information like your address, average monthly payment for electric bills, and credit score.
  2. If deemed eligible, Blue Raven Solar will conduct a site visit at your home to examine the type of roof you have as well as its quality and electrical status.
  3. After the site visit, Blue Raven will work with you to draw up a maximum efficiency plan for your roof. It’s at this stage that your solar consultant will be able to answer any questions you may have about the installation process, the solar incentives available to you, and your financing options.
  4. Once all your questions have been answered and you feel confident in your decision, Blue Raven Solar will draw up your solar contract and apply for city permits. Blue Raven will handle all the paperwork, but expect this process to take a few weeks.
  5. After applying for city permits, Blue Raven Solar will get in touch with your utility company to enroll you in its net metering program, if applicable. Incentives like net metering are important to understand prior to signing a contract.
  6. Once all permits, agreements and plans are in order, Blue Raven Solar will install your solar energy system. This can be carried out in as little as one day depending on the complexity of your system.
  7. Before you can turn the system on, you will need to pass inspections carried out by the city and the local utility companies. These are usually separate inspections and processes will vary depending on your location. Blue Raven will handle the logistics.

Worried about weather or a winter installation? The below video shows how Blue Raven crews install panels on snowy roofs.

Solar Panel Warranty

Blue Raven Solar provides its customers with a 25-year product warranty, which will cover issues related to the manufacturing of the solar panels themselves. Routine maintenance, such as solar panel cleaning or snow removal, is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Like most solar panel installers, Blue Raven also provides a 10-year workmanship warranty that covers homeowners against faulty workmanship or errors by the installation team.

The company prides itself on customer satisfaction — and thousands of positive Blue Raven Solar reviews can tell you it’s not just an advertising tactic. One nice perk of going with this company is that it will cover the cost to repair any solar system that is underperforming its expected rate.

Note that this production guarantee only lasts for two years, so be sure to monitor your system closely after installation.

Is Blue Raven Solar Affordable?

The cost of solar is difficult to estimate by provider, as it can vary so widely depending on your state, roof and energy needs. However, Blue Raven sets itself apart from most competitors with its exclusive solar financing plans, BluePower Plus+ and SmartStart.

Blue Raven Solar does not offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs).

blue raven solar review financing

BluePower Plus+ Financing

BluePower Plus+ is a financing option available only to Blue Raven Solar customers. Unlike most other solar loans, BluePower Plus+ offers the unique advantages of a $0-upfront option for the first 18 months of a system’s life, as well as a fixed repayment rate and the ability to pay the loan off at any time without penalty.

The company claims this attractive financing option (when coupled with the federal tax credit) allows customers to pay off more than 33% of the overall cost of a system within the first 18 months after installation. This adjustment quickly accelerates the solar panel payback period for Blue Raven customers.

SmartStart Financing

To further make solar energy affordable for homeowners across the US, Blue Raven offers their exclusive SmartStart program that extends the low, 18-month promotional monthly payment by up to 42 months.

For five years, Blue Raven Solar will send you a monthly check that will keep your payment the same as it was while under Blue Power Plus. This program will further allow homeowners to save money on their utility bills as they pay off their solar installation. When combined with the federal tax incentives, Blue Raven’s financing options are easily some of the best in the solar industry.

More information about SmartStart can be found on or by contacting a sales representative at Blue Raven Solar, LLC.

Customer Reviews of Blue Raven Solar

As Blue Raven Solar positions itself as a leader in customer experience and satisfaction, it’s no surprise that it has received some standout feedback. Let’s take a look at a few examples of positive and negative Blue Raven Solar reviews.

Positive Reviews

Most satisfied customers post reviews similar to that below, praising Blue Raven’s customer service:

“Blue Raven did an excellent job under-promising and over-delivering, contrary to most competitors. Install was completed quickly, correctly, and all inspections were tailored to my schedule. My power bill is completely gone, and my property value has increased at the same time. Strongly recommend it.

– Justin via Google Reviews

“Blue Raven Solar made this so easy. They got the permits, contacted my HOA, found a great roof company for my new roof and then installed my solar panels. The solar install crew was so nice, on time, efficient and professional. If you are looking for solar, use BRS!”

– Cindy via BBB

Not only is their customer service strong, but Blue Raven’s workplace culture was recently celebrated with five awards.

Negative Reviews

As with any young company, Blue Raven Solar has experienced some growing pains. Most negative Blue Raven Solar reviews involve difficulties in communication after a sale.

“Terrible experience. We have a $20,000+ solar package with this company that hasn’t worked correctly for over a year. (All the while I’ve been paying for it.) Every time that we schedule to have it taken care of, the company finds some excuse to put it off.”

– Joshua via BBB

Blue Raven Solar strives for exemplary service, so it has personally replied to most if not all of its negative feedback online. Much of Blue Raven Solar’s growth is credited to its referral program, which serves as a testament to the overall satisfaction of its customers.

How Does Blue Raven Solar Compare With Other Top Providers?

Unless you’re handy enough to complete a DIY solar project, most homeowners considering solar will have to find a local installer to complete the design, permitting and installation of solar panels. But which is the right choice for your home?

Let’s compare Blue Raven Solar to some of the other name-brand solar companies in the U.S: Sunrun and SunPower. Overall, Blue Raven Solar excels in customer satisfaction relative to its competitors, earning it a rank among the top national providers.

Blue Raven Solar SunPower Sunrun
Year Started 2014 1985 2007
Services Offered Solar panel installation, monitoring, maintenance Solar panel installation, battery installation, monitoring Solar panel installation, battery installation, monitoring, maintenance
Batteries Offered No Yes Yes
Service Areas CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MO, NC, NV, OH, OR, SC, TX, UT, VA All 50 States AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, HI, IL, MD, MA, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, PA, RI, SC, TX, VT, WI, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.
BBB Rating A+ A+ B+
Payment Options Cash, in-house financing plans Cash, loan, lease Cash, loan, lease, PPA

FAQs: Blue Raven Solar

Here are the most common questions we get about Blue Raven Solar. If you have specific questions that aren’t answered here, reach out to our team of solar experts at

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