Solar Panel Cost Guide in Pryor Creek, OK (2024 Update)

  • Pryor Creek Solar Installation Cost: $19,215
  • 25-Year Savings: $21,953
  • Payback Period: 12.6 Years

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Data Analysis: James Savino

Ranking Methodology: Karsten Neumeister

Updated April 21, 2024

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Average Cost of Solar Panels in Pryor Creek

Here’s how much it might cost to switch to solar power in Pryor Creek.

Although the national average of solar panels is $2.66 per watt, solar panels in Pryor Creek typically cost about 3.Since a 8.8-kW system is needed to cover the energy usage of a typical home in Pryor Creek, the average price of going solar will be about $19,215 after claiming the federal solar tax credit of 0.

These figures are just averages, and how much solar costs for you will most likely differ based on your specific situation and what company you want to go with.Many homeowners find adopting solar power is a rewarding investment. The average homeowner in Pryor Creek can save around $16,000 on their energy bills over 20 years.

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Solar savings over time in Pryor Creek

YearReturn on Investment
1 years$-17,977
3 years$-15,502
5 years$-13,027
7 years$-10,552
9 years$-8,077
11 years$-5,602
13 years$-3,127
15 years$-652
17 years$1,823
19 years$4,298
21 years$6,773
23 years$9,248
25 years$11,723

Top Solar Installers in Pryor Creek

Many homeowners decide to hire a solar panel installer since trying to install solar panels yourself can be a labor-intensive endeavor. Local solar installers can also help you maximize your return on investment by assisting with any local incentives and by providing warranties and repairs.

If you're on the hunt for a solar installer in Pryor Creek, we've organized a list of our top suggestions here:

Best Technology

Tesla Energy

  • Price-match guarantee
  • Sleek, efficient, and durable solar panels
  • Best solar battery on the market
  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

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Factors that Affect Solar Panel Costs in Pryor Creek

Cost is typically one of the most important factors for homeowners wanting to invest in solar. There are a few key factors that determine your overall cost in Pryor Creek: solar equipment and system size, financing options and the solar installation company you choose. We’ll cover each of these briefly below.

Solar Equipment

One of the most significant factors to consider when it comes to the cost of going solar is the size of the solar system, which is measured in kilowatts (kW). The more electricity your household consumes, the larger your system will likely need to be. You can expect to pay about $3,130 per kilowatt in Pryor Creek.The kind of solar equipment you choose can increase or decrease your cost by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. If you opt for the most efficient solar panel brands, you’ll end up paying more upfront than if you opted for the most affordable panels. On the other hand, more efficient panels could save you more in the long run on your electric bills. In addition, extra products, like solar batteries, can bump up your total well above the Pryor Creek average.

Solar Financing Terms

For some homeowners, paying for solar out of pocket can be financially overwhelming. Solar loans are offered by most installers in Pryor Creek, which can bring down, or in some cases completely eliminate, your upfront costs to make solar more accessible.You’ll have to consider the long-term cost of loans, including the amount of interest you’ll pay over the length of the loan. If you’re only able to get a high-interest loan, then your total can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars above the equipment and labor cost. Making a larger down payment or securing a solar loan with a low interest rate could reduce your costs considerably.

Solar Panel Installation Company

A final consideration when trying to estimate the cost of solar for your home or business in Pryor Creek is the company you choose to install your solar system. As with choosing a company to renovate your kitchen, for example, there are plenty of solar installers that provide a range of services at different price points.Companies that only sell products with high efficiency and therefore a higher price point — like Maxeon solar panels from SunPower or Tesla Powerwall batteries — so choosing those installers will generally come with an above-average cost. It’s best to do some research and find a company that offers the products, warranties and services you want and also fit into your budget.

Solar Panel Cost Data by System Size

System sizeCost per system wattSolar system cost25-Year savingsPayback period
6 kW$3.26$13,672$12,35113.1 years
8 kW$3.19$17,879$16,81912.9 years
10 kW$3.13$21,910$21,46212.6 years
12 kW$3.07$25,766$26,28012.4 years
14 kW$3.00$29,447$31,27312.1 years
16 kW$2.94$32,953$36,44211.9 years
18 kW$2.88$36,283$41,78611.6 years
20 kW$2.82$39,438$47,30511.4 years

How to Save on Solar Panels

There are a lot of companies to choose from in Pryor Creek, and some homeowners feel overwhelmed considering their options. Choosing the right company for you can be tough, so here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Solar Panel Brands: The model of solar panel you want to install plays a part in which installer you should opt for, since different companies offer different panels.
  • Warranty: If you’re concerned about the durability of your solar panel system, making sure your installer offers a 25-year, all-inclusive warranty can help put you at ease.
  • Contract: Before you sign a contract with a solar company, make sure to look it over fully so you understand the terms. Also, ask questions if you’re unsure about some of the terms, such as what the warranty covers and what services you can expect from them.
  • Installation Process: Get details from your solar installer about the installation process and what to expect, such as when the site survey will be completed and how long it will take.

Best Technology

Tesla Energy

  • Price-match guarantee
  • Sleek, efficient, and durable solar panels
  • Best solar battery on the market
  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

EcoWatch's Pryor Creek, OK Solar Cost FAQs

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Pryor Creek?

This is a hard question to answer precisely, because the cost depends on a variety of factors. Generally speaking, it costs about $15,650 for a 5-kW system and $31,300 for a 10-kW system after the ITC is applied. It will be more expensive if you want extra solar equipment or more efficient panels, or if you have above-average energy needs. On the flip side, you can spend less if you go with a smaller solar panel system or less efficient solar panels.

Can you get solar panels for free in Pryor Creek?

Solar panels aren’t free in Pryor Creek, but there are some options that can make getting them more affordable, such as leasing solar panels or getting a solar loan. There may also be local programs or incentives that can help lower the cost.

Can solar panels completely eradicate my power bills?

Solar panels can potentially eliminate your electricity bills depending on your location and the efficiency of your system. Even if it doesn’t get rid of them completely, you can save a lot of money on your bills, about $867.43 per year.

How long do solar panels last in Pryor Creek?

On average, the lifespan of solar panels is about 25 to 30 years. Some even last up to 50 years, but their efficiency decreases by about 0.8% each year. You can choose to replace them sooner if you want to maintain a higher level of energy production.

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