Solar Panel Cost in North Dakota (2022 Local Savings Guide)

Here’s a quick look at the estimated cost of solar in North Dakota:

  • Average Cost Per Watt: $2.42
  • Cost of Average System: $19,699*
  • Cost of Energy Without Solar: $44,662
  • Payback Period: 13 Years**
  • Lifetime Savings of Going Solar: $18,042

*Average system size is calculated using data from the Energy Information Administration. This price is after tax credit.
**Payback period is calculated assuming the system is purchased in cash.

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By Karsten Neumeister, Solar Expert

Updated 9/19/2022

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Cost of Solar Panels in North Dakota

Solar panel systems in North Dakota cost an average of $2.42 per watt, which is significantly cheaper than the national average of $2.66. Most homeowners in ND need a system that is around 11 kilowatts to offset the average monthly electric bill of $113.1 That averages out to a total system cost of $26,620 before the federal tax credit, or $19,699 after the credit. 

The total cost of going solar in North Dakota is around the national average price, given that the per-watt cost is lower and the typical system size is larger.

Solar Panel System Installation Cost in North Dakota

System size, which is predominantly determined by your average monthly energy bill, is the most significant cost factor to consider. Every additional kilowatt you need in North Dakota will add approximately $2,420 to your total. The table below provides some typical system sizes for the area, along with average costs before and after the federal tax credit.

Size of Solar Panel System North Dakota Solar Panel Cost Cost After Federal Tax Credit
8 kW $19,360 $14,326
9 kW $21,780 $16,117
10 kW $24,200 $17,908
11 kW $26,620 $19,699
12 kW $29,040 $21,490
13 kW $31,460 $23,280
14 kW $33,880 $25,071

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What Determines the Cost of Solar Panels in North Dakota?

As mentioned above, your energy needs and system size are the biggest cost factors when going solar in North Dakota. Most North Dakotans have a higher-than-average energy bill, so a system of around 11 kW is usually needed to power an entire home. 

That said, if you have a more modest home that uses less energy, you may be able to get by with a smaller, more affordable system. 

Aside from size, there are some other things that can swing the total cost of your renewable energy system up or down from the average. We’ll discuss three additional factors to consider below.

solar panels installed on a brick tile roofSolar Equipment

The solar equipment you choose to have installed can vary greatly in price, usually in relation to the overall quality, energy efficiency and brand. Some brands of solar equipment are more highly sought-after because of their efficiency and the energy savings they provide over time. 

Some of the more costly but more valuable products include Maxeon/SunPower solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries. Opting for products like these will cost more upfront but can often pay for themselves in a shorter amount of time. 

Although North Dakota sees roughly 200 days of sunshine a year, frequent snow and cloud cover may make investing in high-efficiency panels even more worthwhile.

Additionally, the pieces of equipment you choose to complete your home solar project can affect your total cost. Most residential solar systems include panels and inverters, but some North Dakota residents customize their setups with solar batteries for storing energy in case of power outages due to the state’s harsh weather. 

Any equipment add-ons will naturally increase the upfront cost of going solar, sometimes by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Solar Financing in North Dakota

Unfortunately, solar is a slow-going movement in North Dakota, so there aren’t a lot of state-funded financing options in the state. 

However, there are still several ways to apply for a solar loan. Many solar companies in North Dakota will offer solar financing programs, whether in-house or through a third-party company they trust. Or, you could take out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) to fund your system.

Additionally, North Dakotans can also take advantage of many federal solar financing programs. For example, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) that extends to North Dakota agricultural producers.

North Dakota Solar Installation Company

The company you choose to complete your solar installation will affect your total cost. While there aren’t many solar installers in North Dakota, we recommend getting as many quotes as possible to find one that offers you the best deal.

Although options are limited, several regional companies also service the state. We’ve found the top solar companies servicing North Dakota include Lightning Solar, GenPro Energy Solutions, REAL Solar and Wind and Solar World.  

Here’s an example of how solar installer quotes can differ: Lightspring Solar is known for its affordability and for working with customers to get suitable financing terms, but it offers limited warranty coverage for its products and has less than five years of experience in the industry. 

Wind and Solar World is often a bit more expensive, but you’re paying for over a decade of experience in the industry. Well-established companies with more experience are also more likely to stay in business for the long haul, meaning you’ll have support for decades to come.

Additional Considerations and Costs in North Dakota

While the above factors will play the biggest role in the prices of solar installations in North Dakota, there are other considerations homeowners should be aware of before making the switch to clean energy.

  • Permits: Permits are required to install a renewable energy system in North Dakota. Typically this is an expense that your solar installer will take on and include in your bill when installation is complete.
  • Licenses: As of 2022, North Dakota does not have any specific solar licensing requirements.
  • Warranties: Solar panel systems often come with warranties, which are important insurance considering you’ll be spending thousands on your system. Typically, longer and more comprehensive warranties are better, but the additional coverage usually translates to higher upfront costs.
  • HOAs: North Dakota’s Wind and Solar Easement Law should prevent homeowner’s associations (HOAs) from restricting solar panel access, but there may be additional costs if you live under an HOA.
  • Environmental zoning: Each city or municipality in North Dakota comes with its own zoning rules for solar panel systems. For example, in Cass County, solar systems must be at least three feet from lot lines.

close-up of dark solar panels against the sky

North Dakota Solar Incentives

With the average cost of solar panels in North Dakota topping $26,000, homeowners are pleased to find that the federal and state governments provide access to solar incentives to ease the financial burden of converting. Below, we’ll discuss the most appealing solar incentives available to North Dakotans.

North Dakota Solar Incentive How it Affects the Cost of Solar Panels in North Dakota
Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption Guarantees that your property taxes won’t increase from installing solar, even though the process bumps up your home value. Over time, this can lead to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars saved, depending on your property taxes.
Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Electrical Generating Facilities Allows homeowners to avoid sales tax on all solar equipment. With an average solar power system cost of $26,620 and an average sales tax rate of 5%, that’s a typical savings of $1,331.
Residential Energy Efficiency Rebates Offered by 5 utilities in North Dakota. This won’t cover solar but will cover energy efficiency upgrades that solar contractors can carry out with an installation, ultimately saving the homeowner money in some cases.
Net Metering Through net metering programs, homeowners can earn credits from their utility company for any excess generation by their solar panels. North Dakota’s net metering policy ensures these programs are available to all customers of investor-owned utilities, but it’s not mandated for customers of municipal utilities or electric cooperatives.
Local Solar Rebates & Incentives Many municipalities and utility companies offer their own rewards for renewable energy systems. Be sure to check with your local government and power provider for any additional rebates or incentives.
Federal Solar Tax Credit The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is a tax incentive that’s worth 26% of your total PV system installation and equipment costs. The credit will reduce to 22% in 2023 and will be eliminated in 2024 unless it is renewed by Congress.

The Best Solar Panel Brands Available in North Dakota

Typically, the higher the efficiency of the solar panel, the higher the cost. But a higher upfront investment usually translates into bigger energy savings over time. 

While exact costs are hard to pinpoint, the table below gives you a relative idea of how the top solar panel brands compare to one another in terms of cost.

Solar Panel Brand Average Cost Per Watt ($-$$$$$)
LG Solar $$$
Canadian Solar $$
JA Solar $$
Mission Solar $$
Panasonic $$
Q Cells $$
REC $$$
Silfab $$$
SunPower $$$$$
Tesla $$
Trina Solar $$$

Want to know how much solar panels would cost for your North Dakota home? Select one of our top providers below to get connected to a vetted solar installer and get a free, no-obligation quote based on your home’s energy needs.

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