Solar Panel Cost Guide in Indianola, IA (2023 Update)

  • Indianola Solar Installation Cost: $26,724
  • 25-Year Savings: $24,634
  • Payback Period: 15.5 Years

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Data Analysis: James Savino

Ranking Methodology: Karsten Neumeister

Updated February 03, 2024

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Average Cost of Solar Panels in Indianola

See how much it might cost to switch to solar power in Indianola.

The national average cost of solar panels is $2.66 per watt, but in Indianola it’s 4 per watt.The average solar panel system size in Indianola is around 9.5 kilowatts, meaning a cost of about $26,724 for a solar installation, or $38,215 before the 0 federal solar tax credit is applied.

Remember that the numbers above are only averages. The price you’ll pay for solar may look quite different based on your household energy needs, the type of solar system you choose, your solar contractor and more.But, once you've paid the initial cost of installation, the return on investment for most homeowners is usually good, with a net average savings of about $17,000 over 20 years on utility bills.

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Solar savings over time in Indianola

Year Return on Investment
1 years $-25,656
3 years $-23,520
5 years $-21,384
7 years $-19,249
9 years $-17,113
11 years $-14,977
13 years $-12,841
15 years $-10,705
17 years $-8,570
19 years $-6,434
21 years $-4,298
23 years $-2,162
25 years $-27

Top Solar Installers in Indianola

DIY solar panel installation is a possibility, but it's an undertaking that can be a pain. Hiring an installer can make switching to solar power much easier. Companies can also provide access to quality options of the best solar panels and help you pick which one will be right for your home.

Working with a licensed solar installer can help you make the most of your investment in solar. Here are our recommendations:

Best Technology

Tesla Energy


  • Price-match guarantee
  • Sleek, efficient, and durable solar panels
  • Best solar battery on the market
  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

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Factors that Affect Solar Panel Costs in Indianola

There are several factors that can affect your solar system installation cost, such as the size of your system, the equipment you choose, your financing options and the specific company that performs the installation.

Solar Equipment

One of the most significant factors to consider when it comes to the cost of installing solar panels is the size of the solar system, which is measured in kilowatts (kW). The more electricity your household consumes, the larger your system will likely need to be. You can expect to spend around $4,010 per kilowatt in Indianola.Some solar panel brands — like Maxeon from SunPower — are more expensive upfront but also tend to offer better efficiency. In a city like Indianola, where sunlight is relatively abundant, efficiency can quickly pay off. Also, if you have a small roof or limited space for your panels, higher efficiency options will be a better option. Additional equipment like electric vehicle chargers and solar batteries will also increase the cost.

Solar Financing Terms

Solar panels can save you money on energy bills over time, but they can also be a big investment. That’s why many Indianola homeowners choose to finance their solar panel systems to offset upfront costs.Even though solar loans make going solar more accessible for Indianola homeowners, they can also increase the total you pay for your system due to interest. If you put down a larger down payment, though, you can cut back on how much interest you have to pay.

Solar Panel Installation Company

The solar installation company you select will influence your total cost to adopt solar energy. Different companies will charge different amounts for the equipment and labor.The size of the company can sometimes play the most significant role in the installation costs. Larger national companies, like SunPro and Sunrun, often have lower pricing due to more resources and better pricing. Smaller local companies might be more costly, but they can sometimes have better customer service and more customization options, and the occasional sale or discount can bring their pricing down to compete with bigger names.

Solar Panel Cost Data by System Size

System size Cost per system watt Solar system cost 25-Year savings Payback period
6 kW $4.17 $17,516 $9,643 16.1 years
8 kW $4.09 $22,905 $13,306 15.8 years
10 kW $4.01 $28,070 $17,194 15.5 years
12 kW $3.93 $33,010 $21,307 15.2 years
14 kW $3.85 $37,726 $25,644 14.9 years
16 kW $3.77 $42,217 $30,206 14.6 years
18 kW $3.69 $46,484 $34,992 14.3 years
20 kW $3.61 $50,526 $40,003 14.0 years

How to Save on Solar Panels

The solar panel company you opt for will affect not only your overall costs, but also the kinds of solar panel brands, warranties, and other equipment you can get. When choosing a solar company, there are a few important things you should keep in mind, including:

  • Solar Panel Brands: Homeowners will have different preferences for panels based on their roof configurations and how much efficiency they need. Even though there are many options for which model of solar panel you can get, not every company will have the exact one you may want or need, so make sure you take a look at their list of offerings before making your decision.
  • Installation Process: Make sure you’re on the same page with the installer with regard to how the installation process will go and what needs to be done before your solar system is installed, such as updating your electrical system or roof.
  • Reputation: Well-established companies likely have a solid reputation. This is important because it ensures that it will not only see your solar installation through, but will also provide quality aftercare and customer support, such as part repairs and replacements.
  • Warranty: If you care about the endurance of your solar energy system, making sure your company offers a 25-year, all-inclusive warranty can help put you at ease.

Best Technology

Tesla Energy


  • Price-match guarantee
  • Sleek, efficient, and durable solar panels
  • Best solar battery on the market
  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

EcoWatch's Indianola, IA Solar Cost FAQs

What is the average cost of installing solar panels in Indianola?

The average cost of solar panels in Indianola is about $20,050 for a 5-kW system and $40,100 for a 10-kW system before the ITC, but the actual cost will depend on certain factors such as the kind of solar panels you want, what size system you need and how much energy you use.

Is cost the most important thing to keep in mind when buying solar panels?

Cost is certainly one of the most important things to keep in mind when buying solar panels, but other important factors include efficiency, durability, and quality.

Can solar panels eliminate my electricity bills?

Solar panels can potentially eliminate your electricity bills depending on where you’re located and how much sunlight your home gets. Even if it doesn’t get rid of them completely, you can save a lot of money on your bills, about $905.29 per year.

What solar power system size is right for my home?

The exact number of solar panels you need depends on your household energy usage and the amount of sunlight your roof gets. You can look at your energy bills for the past year to get an idea of the solar system size you'll need. The average household has to get between 20 and 35 panels to account for their typical energy usage.

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