ADT Solar (Sunpro) Vs. Vivint: Which Company Is Better?

ADT Solar (Sunpro) Vs. Vivint: Which Company Is Better?

Here’s what we’ll cover in this solar provider comparison:

  • Is SunPower or ADT Solar better for home photovoltaic systems?
  • Which is more expensive: SunPower or ADT Solar?
  • Does SunPower or ADT Solar offer a better solar warranty?
  • SunPower Vs. ADT Solar: Which does EcoWatch recommend?
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When you’re planning on going solar, one of the most important decisions you have to make is which company to choose to handle your installation. This will affect your cost, your experience with customer service, and much more, so it’s crucial to get it right.

Along with other national solar panel installation companies like SunPower, Sunrun, and Tesla Solar, ADT Solar (formerly Sunpro) and Vivint are two of the larger solar providers. Since they’re so well known and prevalent in the industry, many homeowners will likely consider them for installing their systems.

In this guide, we’ll be comparing ADT Solar and Vivint based on some important metrics, including cost, product warranties, and more. We’ll explain which company excels in these areas and discuss why we recommend ADT Solar over Vivint for most solar customers.

Overview: ADT Solar (Formerly Sunpro) Vs. Vivint

ADT Solar and Vivint are two of the most prominent solar panel companies in the U.S. We think it’s important to compare them, considering how many customers will be evaluating them. 

Additionally, both companies were recently purchased by larger companies, so we’ll be supplying up-to-date information on the new operations.

Company Brand Is Best For Price Warranty Coverage States Served BBB Rating Payment Options Solar Services Offered


Quality and Customer Service $$$ 25 years for equipment, power production, and workmanship 23 states (expanding to 5 more) B+ Cash, loan Solar panels, solar energy storage, EV chargers, solar monitoring
Vivint/Sunrun Leases and PPAs $$ 10 years for a roof leak, 25 years for performance, and the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty 20 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico A- Cash, loan, lease, PPA Solar panels, solar battery storage, EV chargers, solar system monitoring

Overview: ADT Solar (Formerly Sunpro) Vs. Vivint

ADT Solar and Vivint are two of the most prominent solar panel companies in the U.S. We think it’s important to compare them, considering how many customers will be evaluating them. 

Additionally, both companies were recently purchased by larger companies, so we’ll be supplying up-to-date information on the new operations.

ADT Solar (Sunpro) Overview

Sunpro was started in 2008, and through aggressive marketing campaigns was able to grow rather quickly to become one of the larger solar installers in America.

Sunpro was purchased toward the end of 2021 by ADT, the home security company. The company name was changed to ADT Solar, under which it handles all solar business now.

Like SunPower and its Maxeon panels, ADT provides an industry-leading warranty package. Despite the outstanding quality offered via its services, ADT maintains affordable prices for all renewable energy solutions.

Vivint Overview

Shortly after Vivint was founded in 1999 in Utah, it expanded its operations to become a nationwide installer. Like ADT Solar, it used aggressive marketing and door-to-door sales to expand its service area and increase its installation numbers.

Sunrun, another major player in the solar industry, purchased Vivint in 2020. Together, the companies operate Sunrun Inc., which is a massive installer that has achieved immense success.

Sunrun continues Vivint’s focus on solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs). These payment options are less appealing from a long-term savings standpoint, but they allow customers to install solar for little to no money down.

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ADT Solar

Best Warranty Coverage

Regional Service

EcoWatch rating

Average cost

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  • Industry-leading warranty coverage
  • Expansive service area


  • Some reported communication issues
  • No leases or PPAs
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Best for Leasing

Regional Service

EcoWatch rating

Average cost

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  • Regional
  • Many financing options


  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Some reported issues with door-to-door sales

Cost Comparison: ADT Solar Vs. Vivint

Even after solar incentives and tax credits, photovoltaic equipment is expensive no matter what company you use to install it. However, your total system price can vary depending on your installation company. 

In the sections below, we’ll explain why that’s the case and discuss how the average installation cost you’ll see from ADT Solar and Vivint Solar compare.

Costs & Financing Options

One of the primary reasons different installers have different pricing is the brands of equipment they install. Providers that use high-efficiency equipment — like solar cells from LG, Panasonic, Tesla, and SunPower — will usually be a bit more expensive. 

However, you pay for quality, and that quality can mean greater long-term savings on your electricity bills.

The financing options that an installer accepts can also have an impact on your costs. The payment options and the effect on your totals are as follows:

Up-front Costs Long-term Savings
Cash Purchase High High
Solar Loan Moderate Moderate
Solar Lease Low or None Low
Power purchase agreement Low or None Low

Which Company is Cheapest, ADT Solar or Vivint?

Sunpro (ADT) installs panels from LG, Panasonic, and Tesla. These are all tier-one manufacturers of some of the best monocrystalline panels available.

sunpower vs trinity solar install and panels
Credit: Kindle Media / Pexels

Vivint (Sunrun) installs panels from LONGi and Costco, low-profile solar roof shingles from Tesla Solar, inverters and microinverters from Enphase, and battery backups from Tesla (Tesla Powerwall) and Brightbox. These are all high-quality brands with excellent durability, but some brands — like LONGi and Costco — aren’t as good as ADT Solar’s offerings.

Both companies are about equal in terms of solar panel cost, although ADT Solar brings slightly better quality for the money. ADT Solar and Vivint both accept cash purchases, solar loans, leases, and PPAs, so they’re equally accessible.

Our Pick for Best by Cost – ADT Solar

In terms of price and financing options, these two companies are about even, and both have prices around the national average. However, ADT Solar’s panels have a better reputation for quality, so we have to go with ADT Solar for the cost-to-value ratio.

Warranties Offered: ADT Solar Vs. Vivint

Solar warranties are critical for protecting your investment in solar energy, so we strongly recommend considering coverage carefully before choosing a provider.

ADT Solar has one of the best solar panel warranties in the industry. It’s a 25-year warranty on your panels, the panel performance and power generation and the workmanship involved in the installation process.

Vivint’s warranty depends on how you acquire your panels:

  • Cash purchase/solar financing: 10 to 25 years of coverage for the equipment and a 25-year performance warranty
  • Solar lease/PPA: 25-year comprehensive warranty that covers equipment, energy efficiency, workmanship and roof leaks

The warranty coverage for leases and power purchase agreements makes Vivint one of the best solar companies for no-money-down payment plans.

Our Pick for Best Warranties – ADT Solar

ADT Solar’s warranty coverage is outstanding, and it has a better track record of responding to and providing solutions for warranty claims. Although Vivint’s warranties for leased systems are better on paper, we still give the win to ADT Solar when it comes to warranty coverage.

Coverage Area: ADT Solar Vs. Vivint

Most solar companies in the U.S. don’t provide nationwide coverage and instead operate in just a few states or even a single state. Companies with larger service areas will, of course, be able to serve more customers and are, therefore, more appealing to some homeowners.

ADT Solar currently services an impressive 23 states, including:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

It’s also in the process of expanding into Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia.

Vivint serves Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., as well as the 20 states below:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Our Pick for Best Coverage Area – Tie

Both ADT Solar and Vivint Solar have impressive service areas. Although they differ a bit in size and specific states served, they are more or less equivalent in their coverage.

Solar Panel Performance: ADT Solar Vs. Vivint

As mentioned above, the quality of your panels will have an effect on your installation cost, but it can also affect your energy production and, in turn, your long-term savings on electricity bills. 

The more power your panels produce, the more energy needs you can offset — especially if your utility company offers net metering — and the more you’ll save.

ADT Solar and Vivint both install tier-one solar products. ADT Solar’s brands have a slightly better reputation, but the efficiency rating for all products is relatively similar:

Efficiency Rating
ADT Solar’s Brands
LG 20.8% to 21.4%1
Panasonic 18.5% to 20.3%2
Tesla No data
Vivint’s Brands
Costco No data
LONGi Average of around 18.7%

Our Pick for Best Panel Performance – ADT Solar

While both of these companies install tier-one panels that all have somewhat similar efficiency ratings, ADT Solar’s offerings are a bit more efficient. The brands offered by ADT Solar also have a better reputation for durability and consistency.

Learn More About Best Solar Panels by Watt

Customer Experience: ADT Solar Vs. Vivint

It’s easy to get hung up on solar panel costs and performance specifications and forget about the customer service provided by your installer. However, response times and willingness to address warranty claims can have a direct impact on your system performance and your energy savings.

Below, we’ll discuss the general consensus about these two companies in terms of customer support.

What Customers Say About ADT Solar

ADT Solar is a massive company that got to its size by using aggressive sales techniques and an army of door-to-door salespeople. Not only do customers complain about the company’s door-to-door sales model, they also note that large companies like this naturally fall short when it comes to customer service.

Common complaints for Sunpro (ADT) include:

  • Poor communication leading to delays in permitting and installation
  • Confusion within the company sometimes leads to missed consultations and delays in the installation process
  • Slow response times, sometimes to warranty claims and system performance issues

With that being said, many customers are pleased with the customer service they get from ADT Solar. Below are some reviews that capture both the good and bad experiences customers report having.

Our experience was great, our salesman was very Informative, helpful and professional. We would highly recommend him to others seeking to go solar. We have been greatly satisfied with our decision to go solar. We can’t wait until Georgia goes 100% solar in the near future!” — Bryan C. via Better Business Bureau (BBB)

“I have been receiving calls from one of the Florida locations. I have been on the DNC registry for almost a year. I have not requested information as I don’t live in Florida and haven’t for over 10 years. I received 11 calls this morning back to back within the span of about a minute. I received 22 calls yesterday afternoon over the span of 2 minutes and 24 calls in the morning. I have received a total of 164 calls in the last 30 days. This is abusive and harassing.” — Laura M. via BBB

What Customers Say About Vivint

Vivint, unfortunately, has a much worse reputation. Long before it was purchased by Sunrun this company garnered a lot of negative attention, but Sunrun has also had a spotty reputation, as seen in this news clip:


While some homeowners are happy with the service they receive and the fact that they get access to solar power systems for no money down, countless customers have complained about Vivint’s business practices and response times. Most complaints mention:

  • Poor customer service from start to finish
  • Slow responses or no responses to warranty claims
  • Misleading marketing tactics and poor communication about lease termination
  • Aggressive and harassing sales tactics
  • A lack of respect for a personal property during installation

Below are some customer reviews for Vivint/Sunrun that provide some insight into the service you can expect.

“This is a great system for people with rental properties or those who don’t have $20,000 to buy their own system.  My sales rep James made the whole process extremely easy. He was able to take care of any paperwork that I was either having trouble with due to my HOA or too busy to do myself. With electricity costs that are almost half of what [the utility company] charges and nothing down, you can’t go wrong with this system.” — Phil W. via Yelp

“Disclosures upon signing are the real issue. We are in the process of selling our home and the next owners don’t want the system so we are going to have to buy it out. When signing up I was under the impression that the company would move our panels for a fee. The company offers no service or even recommendation on who to employ on moving the panels. It’s looking like at least $20,000 to buy them out and move them if we even can find someone to do the moving?!” — Ben B. via Yelp

Our Pick for Best Customer Experience – ADT Solar

Neither ADT Solar nor Vivint is the best solar energy company for customer service. Both seem to have issues with communication, especially given their size. However, Sunpro — now ADT Solar — has a much better reputation, so we have to go with this company for the quality of service.

Final Verdict: ADT Solar Vs. Vivint

We would recommend against Vivint/Sunrun, as the company has gotten a lot of bad press and prioritizes less beneficial leases. ADT Solar is far from the best solar company, but it provides better quality for the money, in our opinion. 

Our Top Pick: ADT Solar

We strongly believe ADT Solar is a much better option overall. The warranty coverage is superior for purchased and financed rooftop solar energy systems, the customer service is better and the panel performance is slightly better as well.

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  • 4.0
    • Industry-leading warranty coverage
    • Expansive service area
    • Some reported communication issues
    • No leases or PPAs
    Best Warranty Coverage
    Silfab, Panasonic and others depending on location
    25-year all-inclusive warranty

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