Sun Badger Solar Review: Costs, Quality, Services & More (2022)

Here’s what you need to know about Sun Badger:

  • EcoWatch Rating: 4.0 Stars
  • Service Area: Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida
  • Warranty Length: 10-25 Years
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A-
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Updated 9/19/2022

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Founded in 2018, Sun Badger has seen notable growth as a solar company, with hundreds of customers across four states and a sustainability award to boast of.1 In this Sun Badger review, we will explore the various pros and cons of the company while also outlining the products, services and financing options it provides.

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Sun Badger Solar

  • Pros icon Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Pros icon Competitive pricing
  • Pros icon Offers rewards for customer referrals
  • Con icon No leases or PPAs
  • Con icon Relatively young company

Services Offered

  • Service icon Solar Panels
  • Service icon Solar Batteries
  • Service icon EV Chargers
  • Service icon Maintenance & Repairs

Is Sun Badger a Good Solar Company?

Sun Badger Solar prides itself on using top-quality products for every solar project. It comprises experienced management and skilled operations teams — and a competent sales team — that promise and deliver on (mostly) quick service. It even champions sustainability by using electric vehicles within the company. Based on our market research and collected data, we’ve found Sun Badger to be a great solar company despite its few small flaws.

Pros and Cons of Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger Solar Pros Sun Badger Solar Cons
Offers products from leading manufacturers Does not offer systems on lease or with a power purchase agreement (PPA)
Has competitive pricing Is a relatively young company
Has a referral program

Sun Badger Solar Rating

Category Sun Badger Star Rating
Reputation 3.5
Cost & Financing 4.5
Services 4.0
Installation Process 4.0
Customer Experience 4.0
EcoWatch Rating 4.0

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About Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger Solar might not be a massive, iconic company like Tesla or SunPower, but for its size, the company shows a lot of promise. It reportedly employs a management team with 50+ years of combined experience in the industry. 

The company was founded in Milwaukee in 2018, just two years before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Despite being a relatively young company, Sun Badger has garnered mostly positive reviews, thanks in part to its policy of always using top-tier components with the newest technology. In its own words, Sun Badger “has the technology that national companies have but with a more personal, small business feel.” It is no wonder that it is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing developers in the Midwest.

Sun Badger Solar Fast Facts
Year Started 2018
Service Areas 4 states: IL, WI, MN, FL
Services Offered Solar panel, battery and EV charger installations; system maintenance
Types of Solar Equipment Offered SolarEdge, Fronius, SMA, Q Cells, Solaria, Enphase, Jinko Solar, Sonnen, Tesla, Longi
Certifications Tesla Powerwall certified installer; member of the Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association, Illinois Solar Energy Association and Renew Wisconsin memberships; design and installation technicians certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners 
Better Business Bureau Rating A-

Sun Badger Solar Services and Installation

Sun Badger provides solar power systems for both homeowners and business owners. It also designs and installs battery storage systems and EV charging units. Aside from the above, it offers maintenance and repair services, regardless of whether the system was originally installed by Sun Badger.

Let’s take a look at how a typical solar installation experience with Sun Badger would go.

Solar Installation Experience


The entire process of hiring Sun Badger for a home solar system installation begins with a free quote. During the process, you’ll enter information like your average electric bill, home size and phone number. If you have the optimum roof orientation with no shading on it, Sun Badger will analyze your electricity pricing and a salesperson will call you with a system proposal. If you are happy with the information provided and, more importantly, the cost quoted, you move to the next step.


This is the interesting part. Sun Badger has a smartphone app, which customers can use to track installation progress. You can get the Sun Badger Solar app even before signing a contract. Then, once you sign, you are assigned to a project manager. 

Site Survey

Your initial design and estimate will be based on some approximations, since the company cannot send a survey team to every house that wants a free quote. At this stage, the Sun Badger team will actually visit your property and survey it, deciding where the solar array will fit best and how the wiring and other components will look. The design team uses this information to prepare a final design.


The actual installation of a system can be done in a day, but that is not how it usually works. Unless you are installing a fully off-grid system away from civilization, your system will be interconnected to the grid. It will hence require several permits, including but not limited to a net metering agreement. 

This step often takes the largest portion of the total time required. The good part is that the installer will handle all of this for you. In this stage, Sun Badger will also help apply for any solar incentives or tax credits available in your area.


Once you have all the necessary permits, Sun Badger’s truck finally arrives at your location with the panels and other system components. Weather permitting, the company’s NABCEP certified electricians and technicians complete the installation and commissioning in two to three days. This is followed by switching on your solar system, at which point you finally start using solar energy.

You can track the whole process in the Sun Badger Solar app. This entire process takes anywhere between three and six months, but Sun Badger claims to take not more than four months for any installations.

Sun Badger Solar Customer Service

Most independent reviews by customers seem to laud Sun Badger for several things, including customer service. However, a few customers also seemed to face a problem with communication, with negative feedback citing a few issues with the responsiveness of the company’s team members. As a customer, you can hope that your service experience is similar to the majority.

Sun Badger Solar Costs and Financing

Arguably the most decisive factor in the purchase of solar panels is their cost. The pricing of a system varies based on factors such as your location, equipment used, the complexity of installation, etc. In the case of Sun Badger, the company uses some of the best equipment on the market. And yet, the pricing is mid-tier.

The company’s website makes somewhat of a bold claim by saying that “you will get the best price out there.” But the claim stands true to a large extent. For the high-quality equipment offered, Sun Badger quotes prices that are lower than the average prices in the states it operates in.

The company also has a referral program through which you can earn cash for referring your friends and neighbors to go solar with Sun Badger.

Financing Options Through Sun Badger Solar

A strong selling point of Sun Badger is its industry-leading financing option with an attractive 0.99% interest rate. You can even purchase a solar system with a $0-down financing option, wherein you will have to pay nothing upfront. A sizable number of homeowners and business owners seem to prefer this option.

Cash Purchase Solar Loan
System Ownership
Upfront Cost
Added Property Value
Eligible for Tax Credit
Payment Due to Solar Installer Loan Provider

When it comes to purchasing options, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to buying your system. If you want to understand all the options in detail in order to make a choice that is perfect for you, you can refer to our solar financing guide.

Sun Badger Solar Panel Warranty

Being a system installer, Sun Badger does not produce its own solar panels but uses panels manufactured by reputed companies like Trina or Longi. Once you get a system installed, you will have two different warranties.

  1. System warranty: Sun Badger provides a warranty on the entire system’s workmanship, which lasts an admirable 10 years from the date of installation. This covers any issues that pop up due to faulty installation.
  2. Component warranty: As mentioned before, Sun Badger installs components from various manufacturers. Naturally, it passes on the warranties provided by the original equipment seller. Most important among these are the solar panel, battery and inverter warranties.

Sun Badger mentions that it always uses panels that have a 25-year linear production warranty. The Enphase inverters it installs also come with a 25-year warranty. The batteries offered (Tesla, Enphase) come with the standard 10-year warranty. These are some of the best warranties in the solar industry.

Sun Badger Solar Reviews

Sun Badger calls itself a company with ethics, and most customer reviews seem to validate that claim. However, fast growth brings some challenges with it, and a number of reviews have brought up issues with communication — mainly the fact that experience with the installation team was different from that with the sales rep. Although Sun Badger’s reviews are largely positive, it is important to look at both.

Positive Sun Badger Solar Reviews

Satisfied customers highlight a smooth installation process, lower-than-average prices and quick installations. Check out a couple of examples below:

“They were easy to work with, quick to respond to any questions or concerns, and kept us in the loop through each step. I was a bit hesitant to go with solar in the Chicago area, especially right before winter, but our system is performing well and we’re already saving money, even in January! We’re very happy with our system and would highly recommend Sun Badger.”

-Mandy S via Yelp.

“It seemed like many of the companies selling installations were based in California, and we wanted to deal with a company based in the Midwest… [Sun Badger] responded promptly and talked us through the process thoroughly. The other installers didn’t seem as diligent about the details of the installation and their prices were higher (at least their first estimates were). We followed through with Sun Badger and have been pleased with every step of the process.”

– Sleepy Hollow Customer via Best Company

Negative Sun Badger Solar Reviews

As stated before, a recurring theme in negative Sun Badger reviews is a lack of communication. Here are some customers pointing out the same:

“The planning process was efficient, everyone was easy to work with but then communication broke down. There was a supply chain issue (which I do not blame them for) and we had to change the type of inverter. This actually should have saved me money. However, they never sent over a change of work order which reflected the price difference… It has been 14 weeks and I have followed up consistently but am yet to receive my promised refund.”

– Jesse D. via Best Company

“After agreeing on a price and signing a contract to hire them for our solar installation, they said there was an internal “miscommunication” and they would have to charge me an additional $3,600 for the already agreed upon service. They canceled our contract and refused to do any of the agreed-upon work unless the additional money was paid.”

– Alex B. via Yelp

Solar Energy Provider Comparison

A great way to understand where Sun Badger stands is to compare it with some of its competitors. Take a look at the table below that puts Sun Badger head-to-head with two other similar-sized companies serving the same areas.

Sun Badger Solar Arch Electric All Energy Solar
EcoWatch Rating 4.0 4.0 4.0
Year Started 2018 2003 2009
Services Offered Solar panel, battery and EV charger installations; system maintenance Solar panel, solar battery and EV charger installations Solar panel, solar battery, and solar shingles installation; removal and reinstallation
Service Areas IL, WI, MN, FL WI MN, MS, MI, IA, NH, WI
BBB Rating A- A+ A+
Payment Options Cash, loan Cash, loan Cash

Be sure to check out some of the other noteworthy solar companies in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida before choosing Sun Badger.

You can also connect with one of the best solar companies in your area and get a free, no-obligation quote by simply filling out the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions that aren’t answered here or you’d like to share your feedback, reach out to our team of solar experts at

Is Sun Badger Solar a legit company?

Sun Badger is definitely a legit company, with its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has all the required licenses and certifications to operate as a solar company. It also employs technicians and electricians with NABCEP certifications. It has successfully handled the designing, installation, commissioning and servicing of solar panel systems on a significant number of properties in four states.

Is Sun Badger Solar solar a good deal for homeowners?

When buying solar panels, getting a “good deal” will depend on several factors, most important of which are the cost of a system, the quality of products and services and the reliability of the company. Sun Badger seems to have ticked all these boxes in its few years of operating. Except for a few communication issues, Sun Badger presents itself as a good deal for homeowners.

Will using Sun Badger Solar lower my electricity bill?

A solar array, installed correctly, will always reduce your electricity bill. Sun Badger has an experienced team of designers and installing technicians who have successfully installed many systems that have reduced electricity costs for customers. So yes, going with Sun Badger can certainly lower your electricity bill.

Is Sun Badger Solar expensive?

One of the pros of Sun Badger solar is its lower pricing. There may be installers offering cheaper systems, but considering the high-quality equipment that Sun Badger installs, the price definitely provides good value. In other words, no, Sun Badger is not expensive.

Where is Sun Badger Solar available?

The company operates in four states: Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. Homeowners and business owners in these states can hire Sun Badger to install panels on their property. Sun Badger Solar’s main offices are located at 2625 S Greeley St. Suite 215 in Milwaukee, WI 53207; and 2420 E Oakton St. Unit K, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.

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