Rooftop Solar Systems Fared Better Than Big Energy Companies in Surviving Hurricane Ida

Renewable Energy

Hurricane Ida shut down all of Entergy’s electricity transmission into New Orleans and left hundreds of thousands across the region to suffer a week — or longer — in the heat and darkness.

But the Hazlett family’s 37 rooftop solar panels made the blackout caused by Entergy’s failures after Ida bearable. While not powerful enough to run the central air conditioning during the day, the family’s solar panels did allow them to run fans throughout their home, distribute ice to the neighborhood, and even power their elderly neighbor’s refrigerator and oxygen machine.

“During this whole Ida incident, I didn’t have to chase gas, I didn’t have to worry about carbon monoxide, I didn’t have to worry about extension cords,” Jewell Hazlett told “The sun came to me.”

According to SEIA, Louisiana ranks 38th in the U.S. for home solar panel installations.

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