Roof Repair Cost & Buyers Guide (2023)

Roof Repair Cost & Buyers Guide (2023)

Here’s what we’ll cover in this roof repair cost guide:

  • Cost considerations when repairing a roof 
  • How repair costs differ by roofing material 
  • How costs differ by type of repair  
  • How to save money on a roof repair 

As a homeowner, you probably don’t think much about your roof until there’s a problem. If you think that you need a repair, our roof repair cost data shows you could be paying anywhere from $150 to $7,000 depending on the issue.

We know that’s a wide range, so in this guide, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to estimate your project’s costs.

Get a Roof Repair Cost Estimate

The cost of a roof repair can vary greatly depending on the type and extent of your problem. 

Simple repairs like patching leaks or replacing shingles can start at just $150. More complex issues like extensive water damage, electrical issues, or entirely replacing underlayment, fascia, soffit or roof trusses can cost thousands of dollars. 

Here’s a breakdown of average roof repair costs based on our market research and data from roofing contractors:

Roof Repair Criteria Average Cost
U.S. average cost  $1,054
Low-end repair cost (minor repairs) $150 to $350
High-end repair cost (extensive repairs) $1,500 to $7,000

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Roof Repair Costs by Roof Type

The material of your roof will affect the overall lifespan and costs involved to perform a roof repair.

Cheaper and lighter materials like asphalt tend to cost less to repair, while heavy or specialty materials like slate or wood shake are more expensive. Factors like labor costs, roofing material costs and availability, as well as the weight of your roofing material, will influence the price of repairs.

Roofing Material Common Repairs  Average Roof Repair Cost  Estimate Cost
Per Square Foot 
Asphalt Shingles Replacing missing shingles; fixing cracked or curling shingles $450–$800 $5
Wood Adding sealant against water damage; removing moss and debris $450$800 $6$11
Metal  Fixing leaks, corrosion or discoloration $550$1,350 $3$18
Slate Replacing broken or chipped shingles $575$1,750 $30
Tile Replacing broken or chipped tiles; fixing leaks; reinforcing roof to support weight $350–$450 $4–$20
Flat Roofing Removing pooling water; fixing leaks and sagging $350$750 $4$9

Asphalt Shingles

An asphalt shingle roof is the cheapest and most common roof type. Therefore, fixes to asphalt shingles are some of the least expensive roofing projects.

One drawback of asphalt shingles is that they don’t last as long as other types of roofing. The most common repairs for these roofs are replacing missing shingles and fixing cracked or curling shingles.

  • Average repair costs: $450–$800
  • Estimated cost per square foot: $5

Wooden shingles

Wood Roof repair cost

Wood shingles and wood shake are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable roofing materials. Unfortunately, they are also prone to mold and mildew depending on the climate you live in. 

Common repairs for wood roofs include removing moss, mold and debris and applying a sealant to improve water resistance. 

  • Average repair costs: $450–$800
  • Estimated cost per square foot: $6–$11

Metal roofing

Metal is a long-lasting roofing material that is durable in extreme weather conditions. Common repairs for metal roofs include fixing leaks, corrosion and discoloration. 

Types of metal roofing include aluminum, steel, zinc and copper, and each material comes with a very different price tag. Aluminum tends to be the cheapest metal roofing material, starting at just $3 per square foot, while copper is the most expensive, reaching up to $25 per square foot.

  • Average repair costs: $550–$1,350
  • Estimated cost per square foot: $3–$25

Slate roofs

Slate Roof repair cost

A slate roof is one of the most durable, long-lasting roofs out there. Slate rarely has to be repaired, but when it does, the most common repair is replacing broken or chipped shingles. 

  • Average repair costs: $575–$1,750
  • Estimated cost per square foot: $30


A tile roof offers a stylish appearance that is characteristic of Southwestern-, Spanish- and Mediterranean-style homes. Tile is generally durable, long-lasting and will make your home more energy efficient.

On the downside, tile is heavy. The most common repairs and maintenance associated with tile roofs include replacing broken or chipped tiles, fixing leaks and reinforcing the roof to support the weight of the tile.

  • Average repair costs: $350–$450
  • Estimated cost per square foot: $4–$20

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is usually found on commercial or industrial buildings rather than homes. This type of roof will require occasional maintenance, including cleaning up pooling water and fixing leaks and sagging.

  • Average repair costs: $350–$750
  • Estimated cost per square foot: $4–$9

Roof Repair Costs by Type of Repair

The cost of repairing a roof can vary greatly depending on the complexity, roof size and severity of your problem. Most roofing contractors charge a labor rate between $40–$80 per hour or charge a flat fee for minor repairs.

The best way to know how much your roof repair will cost is to have a professional roofer conduct a roof inspection and provide you with an estimate.

Shingle Repair Cost

Asphalt Shingle Roof repair cost

Shingle repairs are generally simple and can even be a DIY project. That being said, replacing missing or damaged shingles will generally cost you somewhere between $200 and $500 if you hire a contractor.

Replacing a few shingles is a relatively easy project. However, if your shingles are starting to deteriorate or if you have an older roof, you may need to start thinking about a roof replacement. A new roof costs less in the long run than making constant repairs on an old roof.

Although repairing shingles is a relatively simple fix, it’s important that you address any issues as soon as possible. Oberon, the CEO of Very Informed sums it up: “Be sure to keep an eye out for any missing or damaged shingles, as this could also lead to water damage if left unaddressed.”1

Roof Leak Repair Cost

If you start to notice leaking from your roof, it’s wise to get the leak repaired as soon as possible. If you wait too long, water will continue seeping inside, causing mold and rot that will require you to invest in a new roof.

A roof leaking is typically caused by missing shingles and flashing, which can be fixed for around $200–$400. However, leaks around skylights, chimneys or a roof valley will likely be higher. 

Your roofing contractor may recommend a roof sealant to prevent future leaks, which can cost between $750 and $1,000.

Overall, a roof leak repair can cost anywhere from $200–$1,500 depending on the size and severity of the leak.

Roof Hole Repair Cost

The cost to repair a hole in your roof varies depending on the size of the hole. Roofers can generally patch a small hole for about $125, but larger holes can cost $1,000 or more to fix depending on the complexity of the repair. 

Hail Damaged Roof Repair Cost

Hail and other severe weather can cause significant damage to your roof. In the case of weather-related damage, you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance to try and cover the cost of your repair. Make sure to document as much as you can, and your roofer can help with this process. 

roof repair cost tip

Hail damage can include cracked roof flashing or fascia, broken tile, holes in shingles and damaged skylights. Depending on the extent of the damage, these repairs can run you anywhere from $700–$2,000.

The total cost of your repair will include roofing replacement materials, labor, supplies, equipment and disposal. 

Sagging Roof Repair Cost

Sagging on your roof can be a result of storm damage, improper gutter drainage or poor roof ventilation. Sagging can also be caused by low-quality or improperly installed rafters or sheathing. 

The issue with fixing a sagging roof is that it is sometimes difficult to identify the damage before the problem becomes severe. There could be water damage on your roof, but you may not notice it until sagging and rotting boards clue you into the issue.

Fixing a sagging roof can cost you anywhere from $650–$3,000, making it one of the more costly roof repairs.

Roof Vent Repair Cost

Roof vents support airflow in your attic, preventing damage from moisture and heat. Failing to fix a broken roof vent can lead to more serious roofing damage later down the road, so it’s important that you stay on top of roof vent repairs.

Replacing just a vent boot can cost you as low as $75 if you hire a contractor, and will only cost you around $10–$15 if you buy the supplies and do it yourself. Repairing or replacing an entire roof vent will run higher, costing you between $100 and $200 or more.

Skylight Repair Cost

skylight roof repair cost

If your skylight is leaking, a simple repair will generally run you anywhere from $250–$550. However, you should find and resolve leaks as quickly as possible to avoid water damage inside your home. Fixing interior water damage will be an additional cost.

A more involved skylight repair that requires removing the roof around the light and replacing the flashing could cost you upwards of $1,000. 

Roof Valley Repair Cost

Roof valleys, where two sloped roofing sections meet, are prone to damage from snow and ice pile-up. They can also be hot spots for leaks due to the high water flow in these low points of your roof.

Replacing the flashing on a roof valley will also involve removing and replacing the surrounding shingles, costing you anywhere from $300–$600 depending on the extent of the repair. If rain, snow or hail has caused the roof valley to sag or crack, the repair could cost you $1,000 or more.

Roof Fascia Repair Cost

Fascia board damage is commonly a result of leaky or clogged gutters. Therefore, if you are experiencing fascia board damage, always check for the root of the problem. Preventing future fascia board damage may be as simple as cleaning out your gutters.

New fascia board will cost an average of $10 per linear foot, but this price varies dramatically depending on the material of your fascia board. Wood or vinyl fascia boards cost around $8 or $9 per linear foot, while high-quality materials like aluminum can cost you up to $25 per linear foot.

Roof Eaves Repair Cost

skylight roof repair cost

A roof eave is the edge of your roof that extends over the side of your home. Roof eaves can become damaged as a result of clogged or leaky gutters, ice dams and damaged shingles or flashing, so it’s important to fix the root problem when repairing roof eaves. 

Roof eaves typically have soffits underneath them and fascia board attached between the roof and external wall. Replacing or repairing roof eaves usually costs between $15–$30 per linear foot. 

Chimney Flashing Repair Cost

If your chimney is leaking, you may need to repair or replace your chimney’s flashing. A simple sealant or waterproofing around your chimney can start at just $150, while repairing chimney flashing costs between $200–$500. If you have a stone chimney, repairs can cost up to $2,000.

Costs to Remove Ice Dams

Ice dams are ridges of ice that form on your roof after heavy snow or freezing ice. They prevent melting snow from draining off the side of your roof and can cause extensive damage to your roof, including cracks, leaks and — once the ice starts to melt — mold.

Hiring a contractor to remove an ice dam costs $1,300–$1,500 on average, with prices varying from just a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the size and height of your home. 

To avoid ice dams, you can hire an energy professional to evaluate how airtight your ceiling is and complete weatherization on your roof. This will prevent the uneven surface temperature on your roof that causes ice dams to form.2 

You can also invest in a quality gutter guard with heat cables meant to melt ice dams and keep water properly flowing through your gutter system.

Roofing Repair Cost Factors

Aside from the extent and severity of your roof damage, the cost of your roof repair will be determined by several factors.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Should-I-Repair-or-Replace-My-Roof-410x1024.jpg


Emergencies happen. If you have a roofing repair that needs to be completed immediately, most roofers are available for emergency repairs. However, you’ll likely get charged an extra fee of $100 or more for the on-demand service. 

Time of Year

Because roofing work is best completed in clear, moderate weather conditions, roofers tend to be busiest in the spring and summer. When roofers are busier, you’ll likely pay more and wait longer for someone to complete your roofing repair project.

If you notice roof damage on your home, it is generally best to address it as soon as possible. That being said, if you can wait until the off-season, you can save some money on labor and possibly even material costs during the fall and winter.

However, keep in mind that as the weather becomes colder and more severe, you could be risking further damage by waiting. Plus, unless there is an emergency, you don’t want to call a roofer in snowy or icy conditions. 

Completing repairs on a snowy or icy roof can be dangerous, so you’ll be paying a premium to have a roofer come to your home. Some roofing companies may also decline to service your home if the conditions put its workers at risk.


If you live in a location that experiences harsh winters or extreme weather, you’ll likely have to repair your roof more frequently than someone living in a mild climate. Additionally, your roofing repairs may cost more depending on the extent and type of damage on your roof. 

Also consider how far your roofer will have to travel to get to your home. You can expect a travel time or mileage fee if you’re in a more rural location far from your roofing company.

Type of Roof Issue

Roofing issues vary greatly in severity. Minor repairs include replacing shingles, patching a hole, or sealing a small leak. Major repairs include severe water damage, mold or electrical issues. 

The more extensive the problem, the more time and money it will take to fix it. 

Roof Material

The material that your roof is made of will impact the cost of your roof repair. If you are having your roof repaired during your roofer’s busy season, roofing materials may be in higher demand and thus cost more.

In general, wood, metal and tile roofing will cost more than asphalt, but the quality of materials can greatly impact cost even among roofing types (for instance, aluminum roofing starts at just $3 per square foot, while copper roofing can cost upwards of $25 per square foot). 


A roof inspection can cost you between $100–$300, although some roofing companies offer free inspection services and estimates to attract customers.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather or harsh winters, you should consider getting your roof inspected annually. Some types of roof damage are difficult or impossible to detect without professional expertise. 

Labor and Permitting

Certain features of your roof can drive up prices. For instance, a high roof pitch, steep A-frames, skylights and dormers can all make a roof more difficult to walk on and, thus, increase the cost of labor.

Weather conditions, location and the time it takes to complete the repair will also impact your labor costs. Talk to your roofing contractor before you start your project to get an idea of what your labor costs will be.

A complete roof replacement generally requires a permit, while smaller repairs do not. However, permitting requirements vary depending on the size of your project and the laws where you live. Talk to your roofer to make sure you have the necessary permits for your project.

How to Save Money on Roof Repair Costs

Unexpected costs like a roof repair can quickly become expensive. With a little research, you can make sure that your costs stay as low as possible. Here are our suggestions:

  • Get multiple quotes from different contractors for your roofing repair project.
  • Check if your homeowners insurance can help cover repair costs.
  • Conduct your own research so you know what is a reasonable cost for the repair.
  • Inspect your roof, attic and home’s exterior regularly, especially after severe storms.
  • Look for government rebates or community assistance programs for home repairs.

How Can You Tell If You Need Roof Repair?

If you’re not a roofing professional, it can be difficult to detect roofing damage and understand what repairs your roof needs. At times, damage to your roof can be invisible until the problem has gotten out of control. 

However, if you keep a lookout for these issues, you may be able to catch a roofing problem and perform a simple repair before it’s too late and you need a full roof replacement.

Roof Leaks

Many roofing leaks are simple repairs that are easy to identify. Missing shingles, buildup in gutters and damaged flashing are all issues that could be causing a leak. Issues like these can be quickly solved by a professional. 

However, if large parts of your roof are showing signs of damage, including damage to your underlayment or decking, you may need a roof replacement. If your roofing material is getting older, a leaky roof could be a result of long-term exposure to heat, cold and extreme weather like snow, hail and high winds.

Gutter Clogging

Clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your roof. If there is water or debris buildup in your gutters, it can get under the roof coating and damage your roof’s surface and underlying materials. Clogged gutters can also worsen other roofing-related issues, including ice dams and rooting fascia board. 

The best way to avoid this is to keep your gutters clean. It’s generally recommended that you clean out your gutters twice a year. However, if your gutters are chronically clogged and have caused damage to your roof, you will have to complete roofing repairs as well. 

Signs of Moisture

roof repair cost for water damage

Discoloration, water spots and peeling, cracking or bubbling paint on your walls are all signs of moisture caused by a leaky or damaged roof. Mold and mildew are also red flags that your roof is allowing in moisture. 

The sooner you identify and address signs of moisture, the easier it is to repair your roof instead of having to replace it altogether. 


A sagging or uneven roof deck is an indication that there is rot or water damage on your roof. It’s very important to call a professional as soon as you notice sagging, because if you wait too long, the damage will spread and cause you to have to replace your entire roof. 

Some other warning signs of rotting include:

  • Peeling, curling or cracking singles 
  • Moss, mold or algae on your roof
  • Debris build-up in gutters
  • Sagging or uneven roof deck
  • Other signs of water damage like moisture and stains 

Increased Energy Bills

If you have noticed your energy bills going up, it could be an indication that a roof leak or hole is allowing your heating and cooling to escape. Even if you don’t see the damage, an increasing energy bill could mean that you need a roof repair or replacement. 

Roof Damage

Some signs of roof damage are obvious. A collapsed roof or fallen tree will cause immediate and significant damage to your home.

However, as your roof gets older, you should regularly look for more subtle signs of damage to your roof. Catching roof damage early prevents the problem from getting worse and requiring a roof replacement. 

Signs of roof damage to look out for include:

  • Rotting wood 
  • Peeling paint on walls or ceilings 
  • Damp rafters or leaks in your attic
  • Moisture marks
  • Granules coming loose from your shingles and collecting in your gutters
  • Missing or damaged shingles

Top Questions to Ask Your Roof Repair Contractor

If you need a roof repair, you should ask your roof repair contractor some basic questions about pricing, services and overall expectations before getting started. To have all your bases covered, we recommend asking your roof repair contractor the following: 

Roof Repair Pricing

  • What will be the total cost of my repair?
  • What factors are influencing the cost of my repair? 
  • Are there any additional costs that I should be aware of? 
  • Will I have to pay upfront for my roofing repair? 
  • Are there financing options available to pay for my roofing repair?
  • Will you accept homeowners insurance? 

Roof Repair Services and Expectations

  • How long will it take to complete the repair? 
  • Who will be coming to complete the roof repair? 
  • Is there a quality repair guarantee or repair warranty? 
  • How long has your business been operating? 

Looking Forward

  • What precautions should I take to make sure my roof stays in good condition? 
  • Who can I call if there are still issues after the repair is completed? 
  • Will I need a full roof replacement sometime in the future?
  • How much would a roof replacement cost? 

How to Find the Right Roof Repair Company

The best roofing repair companies offer fair prices and great service. It’s hard to know which companies will stand by their work and not cut corners, so we recommend looking for a roofing company that: 

  • Offers the roofing repair service you need 
  • Is locally based and has availability in your area
  • Has years of experience and positive reviews
  • Will operate within your budget and timeline
  • Has a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The best way to feel confident that you’ve found the best roofing company is to shop around and get a few roofing repair quotes. Do your research and ask questions about each contractor so that you feel good about your decision.

If you’re ready to get started, select one of our top roofing providers below to get a free quote: 

FAQ: Roof Repair Costs

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