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EcoWatch supports the sharing of information across the web. That’s why we’re glad to help news organizations who want to distribute our reporting and writing. All we ask is that you follow a few simple rules:

  1. Keep the byline and biography intact. We want to make sure our reporters get credit for the work.
  2. Keep links in the article the same. We want to keep references in the work intact.
  3. Cite EcoWatch as the source and link back to the original article. If you can, edit the “rel=canonical” tag in the HTML of your version to let search engines know EcoWatch is the original source.
  4. Do not edit, change, or modify the work. Also, do not add commercial elements to the article or use our content to sell a product.
  5. Do not republish any images in the article if you aren’t licensed to use them. If you want to change the images to use images where you retain the rights, that’s fine with us. The same applies to custom graphics or illustrations. If sharing original EcoWatch artwork, you should be sure to cite EcoWatch and the creator and source of the image.
  6. Notify us by email when you publish a piece of our content. You can reach us at
  7. Do not republish all our content. Replicating our site on your domain doesn’t help readers or do either of our websites any good. The web is crowded enough—let’s share only what is most valuable and relevant to readers.
  8. Tag us on social media. The best thing about sharing our content with you is it gives us a chance to connect, find common ground, and help each other find new readers. Tag us on socials and let’s start conversations.

With any additional questions, reach out to our editors at

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