Phone Obsessions Lead To These Five Habits [Here’s How To Get Over Them]


In the world we live today, or do we really live is a debatable question, we are but a dependent lot on our techno gizmo gadgets. Smartphones especially. There was once a time when almost all of us were read a story by the pillow at night, or we read a book to snooze into cosy slumber. That was back then; cut to the modern age, our phones keep ringing or buzzing and the messages on watsapp don’t cease to stop. From the moment, our eyes open, even sitting on the John each morning and to the end of the day, sometimes wee into the unearthly darkness of the night; we stay glued to the phone screens! This obsession can be bad- physically and mentally, and that is why we should learn how to stop them now!

1. We cut off from the real world

Sad yet true, there was a time when a romantic date for two was meant for two. A time when friends gathering over a drink or coffee by the late evening, was meant to be a time with laughter, ranting, banter, jokes, leg pulling and fun- where have all those days gone? We see groups or couples, and one of them glued to the phone. We have ignored the basic rule of communication- listening actively! Phone obsession has led to that, which can break relationships too. What you need to do is to put that phone down and to engage in an active conversation. Treat the moment and the person in front of you as priority, or someone else will. Think of exploring some fun activities together. Watch movies, bond over watching a play together or join a Zumba class together. Get started by getting your hands on some tracksuits, air zoom shoes, sports bras and trendy yoga wear. These tools to take your fitness and conversations further are available at Yes, now you don’t have to visit the brick and mortar stores to get your sportswear. You just have to know your size and shop for it online. Make use of Nike discount codes that are one of the best facilities that the store is offering to its customers – now who says that getting fit is an expensive affair for only a few?

2. Lack of intimacy in the bedrooms

Marriage counsellors have realised, new-age couples with a rocky marriage are married more to their cellphones than their spouses. The old-fashioned intimacy has flown out of the window, since couples in their bedrooms are addicted to their phones. This leads to misunderstandings and fights being borne out of loneliness; cellphones most say can cause relationships and marriages to fail. Couples need to put that phone down if they expect old-fashioned intimacy in their bedrooms. Messages and calls can wait for the next morning; moments of intimacy cannot!

3. Using it to pass away time

So you are bored waiting for your bestie to turn up, and you switch on your phone to log into a social network or check your messages, which is fine. Once a way doing that is okay to kill time, but not always! Why should anyone use the phone as a social crutch, when there are other things to do? For example, carry a book in your bag, read it and pass your time while waiting for someone. You endlessly wouldn’t have to swipe the phone and waste your energy, when other valuable things can be done.

4. Your phone is your excuse

The one thing that we all do when wanting to get out of trouble is to flake! We do that blaming our cellphones and that’s human nature in the new-age. This is a sign of being too obsessed with the gizmo gadget. You tend to show least concern in respecting your time and that of the others, because the phone it seems does the job of setting reminders. What you need is a good old dose of no access to phones for a few days, to bring you back on track. Remember the times, when we would jot dot important appointments in a diary and work our schedules accordingly; we need to do that again!

5. Reckless driving

If drinking and driving for many years was dangerous and killing people all the time, the new-age has brought on to us the woes of driving while talking on the phone or texting. So obsessed are we that we have to be connected while driving, and our attention span is diverted; crushing someone under the wheels or banging into something and losing a limb or two, death also. What we need to stop right away is using our phones when being behind the wheel, because someone at home is waiting for us to come back!

We hope these five signs tell you why it is not good to be a phone-obsessed human! Change before it is too late!

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