Making Money While Playing The Game: Method That Actually Works


Playing games and earning money are completely opposite activities. Games are for fun and that’s it. Well, let’s just say that now you can actually mix these two activities together. You can actually earn money while playing a game. The best fact is that you don’t have to work a lot, you don’t have to invest anything and you can work anything you like. The thing is, all games become more and more popular, especially the unblocked free games that are getting extremely popular among the kids in school. This means that more people are drawn to the games, so this becomes a market. The game that will help you make money is Second Life. Yes, it is extremely popular.

Second Life: Basics

Second Life is one of the most popular games ever developed. It is an online 3D virtual life game that has no limitations. At the beginning, you will have to create your avatar. It can be a male, female or something completely else. Then, you will be drawn into the world where you can chat with other people, dance, drive cars, swim, buy houses and etc.

The best thing is that you can literally do everything you do in a real life. Finding love is also possible. You can meet interesting people and you can have romantic dinners, walks or kisses. If you want more, you can get. Having sex is also possible in the game, but you will have to do it in specific locations.

Your avatar represents you or how you would like to look. You can be a small woman or a huge man. Customizing the clothes, shoes, accessories and even the body is constantly available.

Making the money: Method one

In order to earn money, you can design new clothes, accessories, shoes or literally everything that is present in the game. Once you designed it, you can upload it to a store and set the price. All the items are bought in stores, so this increases the chance of earning money.

You will send the price and the availability. How many people will buy an item purely depends on your originality. If we know that millions of people buy new things in the game every day, you can expect a high profit.

Some people actually have full-time jobs as designers in the game or their own stores. The currency in the game is Linden Dollars. You can withdraw them and convert into US Dollars or several other currencies.

Making the money: Method two

Do you have a job? If not, you can find one in the Second Life. All kinds of jobs are available. You can be a dancer, professional one, of course, a DJ, manager and many others. You will be paid by the owner of the club or where you work and you can earn a decent amount of money. If you are a DJ, this is definitely a place to try.

You can even find a job to other residents and take a percentage. Or, you can open your own club and start earning money in huge amounts. The next best thing is that you don’t have to pay taxes.

Other ways

There are several other ways that allow you to make a profit in the game. You can buy real estates. They are more expensive than you may believe. By re-selling them, you can make become an in-game real estate agent. You can also create your own homes and decorate them as you wish. Yes, they can be sold as well.

You can also work as an escort and earn up to 200 Linden Dollars per 30 minutes. These are just some of the ways and keep in mind that you may discover and create a completely new earning money method.

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