How efficient are Water Filtration Pitchers?


Water quality is not the same everywhere, and if toxins are present in the water, they could cause serious health problems. It is important to have devices that can help clean the water and make it fit for use. Installing a complete water cleaning system for a home could prove very costly and out of budget for most people. It is because of such factors that Water filtration pitcher has become so popular. These devices come with a broad range of benefits and choosing the right one is critical to get the best results. The filtration pitcher devices have their limitations such as they can be used with a limited amount of water.

There are some things you must consider before you opt for investing in water filters for the safety of your family. Water security and its safety is a major issue. Especially the drinking water should be well marked above the safe level to make it fit for drinking. When you are looking for a good water purifying system for your home following things should be considered:

1- Water quality in your area. This is the critical factor as it will determine the kind of water filter you should buy. Not all water filters are efficient to remove hardness from water at the same time as removing impurities and other bacteria. Only specially designed RO water filters can remove water hardness as compared to other UV filters.

2- Amount of water that needs to be filtered is another major factor that determines the size or intensity of water filter you have to buy. A small purifier handles less quantity of water as compared to extensive purification systems that are used to meet the needs of the entire house.

Although there are debates on the efficiency of such pitcher filters and some consider it not so useful. And maybe they are right in as much as the limited use and benefit of water filter pitchers. These water filter pitchers are suitable for utilization in areas where the quality of water and its hardness is not a major issue. The filtration system of such water filters is very simple, and so they are only suitable to filter few microbes or bacterial and remove some impurities from the water. But considering that it can work as well as the massive water purification system is a flaw. They are suitable to be used for water that is not very hard and is in small proportion, like that of the kitchen sink.

But yes the benefits of using a water filter pitcher cannot be doubted especially for those who cannot afford a high-end water filtration system for an entire house or those who wish to add some additional security for water safety to their water taps. These filters are very economical and readily available in the market. If you cannot afford a vast purifying system, you can buy many of these small filter pitchers for every water tap in your house. This will not just serve the purpose but will be very budget friendly as well. Many people adopt this measure, especially those living in a leases house.

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