Gutter Services in Illinois

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What You Need to Know About Gutters in Illinois

Gutter systems are essential to keeping your home safe from damage from roof runoff. Gutters are especially helpful in areas throughout Illinois, as residents experience above-average rainfall, above-average snowfall, and frequent severe weather including thunderstorms.

Without gutters, runoff from your roof can soak into the soil around your foundation, leading to a variety of issues including:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Leaks
  • Increased risk of pest infestation
  • Structural damage

Gutter Cleaning in Illinois

Gutters can easily become clogged with roof grit, leaves, and other tree debris. Unfortunately, clogs mean water will pool up and spill over the edges of your gutters, rendering them useless.

Cleaning out your gutters is an important part of protecting your home from the problems we’ve described. Although Illinois — and particularly urban areas like Chicago — has a lower level of tree cover than many other states, the risk of clogged gutters is still high, and the consequences are worse than in many areas because of the heavy precipitation.1

Gutter Repair in Illinois

Gutter repair is a common necessity in Illinois, especially because the weather puts fragile gutters at risk. Tornadoes and frequent thunderstorms can dent, bend and warp gutters, leading to an increased risk of inefficient drainage.

Gutter repair can help maintain proper performance. This is especially important in Illinois, where rainfall is above average and the risk of ice dams in the winter from heavy snow and freezing temperatures is high.

Gutter Installation and Replacement in Illinois

If you don’t already have gutters on your Illinois home, you should consider installing them immediately. Most homes in IL have crawlspaces or basements two foundation types that are particularly prone to water intrusion and damage from saturated soil.

Most homes in Illinois are around 51 years old, which means the likelihood of an older gutter system on your home is good.2 Replacement can help maintain proper functionality, and while it’s somewhat costly, it’s usually a worthwhile investment to prevent more expensive home damage.