5 Best Gutter Install and Repair Companies in Omaha, NE (2022)

In this guide to the top gutter companies in Omaha, you’ll learn:

  • What are the most reliable gutter companies in Omaha, NE?
  • What do gutter services typically cost in Omaha?
  • What gutter services are most common in Omaha, Nebraska?
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Updated 9/19/2022

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Best Gutter Contractors in Omaha

Omaha is home to countless companies that install, repair and clean gutters and downspouts. On one hand, this is great news because it means you’ll have plenty of options when choosing a gutter contractor. On the other, it means your decision will be a difficult one and will likely require tons of research and consideration.

Luckily, we did most of the hard work for you. We’ve reviewed dozens of gutter companies that service the Omaha area and have ranked them based on some of the most important qualities you should look for in a gutter company.

In this guide, you’ll find our top five recommendations for gutter contractors in and around Omaha, Nebraska, as well as some tips on how to choose the best one for your budget, type of gutter, and project.

Most Eco-Friendly
Badge icon

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Aspen Contracting

  • Pros icon Made from sustainable and/or recycled materials
  • Pros icon Materials are recyclable
  • Pros icon Lifetime and/or comprehensive warranty
  • Pros icon Good industry reputation
  • Pros icon Positive online reviews
  • Con icon Not DIY-friendly
  • Con icon Few color/design options to choose from
Best Variety
Badge icon

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


CMR Construction & Roofing

  • Pros icon Good industry reputation
  • Pros icon Positive online reviews
  • Pros icon Competitive pricing
  • Con icon Not DIY-friendly
  • Con icon No stated commitment to bettering the environment
Best for Seamless Gutters
Badge icon

Seamless aluminum gutters

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Thrasher Foundation Repair

  • Pros icon Materials are recyclable
  • Pros icon Lifetime and/or comprehensive warranty
  • Pros icon Good industry reputation
  • Pros icon Positive online reviews
  • Con icon Not DIY-friendly
  • Con icon No stated commitment to bettering the environment
  • Con icon Few color/design options to choose from
Best Customer Service
Badge icon

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


Everlast Exteriors

  • Pros icon Materials are recyclable
  • Pros icon Lifetime and/or comprehensive warranty
  • Pros icon Lots of color and design options
  • Pros icon Positive online reviews
  • Con icon Not DIY-friendly
  • Con icon No stated commitment to bettering the environment
Best Local Gutter Company
Badge icon

Aluminum gutters and seamless aluminum gutters

Ecowatch rating

Average cost


E3 Home Solutions

  • Pros icon Materials are recyclable
  • Pros icon Positive online reviews
  • Con icon Not DIY-friendly
  • Con icon No stated commitment to bettering the environment
  • Con icon Few color/design options to choose from
  • Con icon Warranty lacking

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Our Top 5 Gutter Repair and Install Companies in Omaha, NE

We’ve evaluated Omaha gutter companies based on quite a few factors, including overall cost, value provided, materials used, environmental friendliness and more. Below is a list of the top five gutter companies we found in the Omaha, Nebraska, area.

  • Best Overall: Aspen Contracting
  • Best Customer Service: Everlast Exteriors
  • Best for Seamless Gutters: Thrasher Foundation Repair
  • Best Variety: CMR Construction & Roofing
  • Best Local Gutter Company: E3 Home Solutions

Compare the Best Gutter Companies for Omaha, NE

In the following sections, we’ll provide comprehensive company reviews for all of the top gutter companies we found in Omaha. The table below includes some brief information about these gutter contractors as well.

Company Our Take Our Rating Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating Areas Covered Unique Features
Aspen Contracting Most Eco-Friendly 4.5 A+ Omaha as well as Alliance, Lincoln, Ogallala, Chadron and other communities Eco-friendly materials and practices
Everlast Exteriors Best Customer Service 4.0 A+ Omaha, Des Moines and surrounding communities Outstanding customer service and local expertise
Thrasher Foundation Repair Best for Seamless Gutters 4.0 A+ Omaha and other select Nebraska communities Outstanding seamless gutters and lifetime warranty
CMR Construction & Roofing Best Variety 4.0 A+ Has locations in Omaha, Lincoln and Norfolk Works with many gutter styles and materials
E3 Home Solutions Best Local Gutter Company 4.0 A- Serves Omaha and surrounding areas including Lincoln Years of local experience

Aspen Contracting: Best Overall

Aspen Contracting was founded in 2006, so it has over 15 years of experience. This is a large national company that services most of the country, and it has a local branch located right in Omaha.

This company does everything it can to remain eco-friendly, including using recycled materials for its rain gutters, recycling old gutter materials and offering a number of other energy-efficient home improvements. Despite these extra efforts, Aspen Contracting is still an affordable option for gutter services.

Aspen also backs its work with a lifetime warranty, which is outstanding. Its technicians are also well-trained and professional, bringing great customer service to the table. They will never damage your landscaping or other personal property while working and always take care to carry out a professional installation.

omaha gutters installer

Pros & Cons

 + History of great customer service
 + Many years of experience
 + Eco-friendly company
 + Affordable
 + Lifetime warranty

 – Some minor issues with customer service

Key Features

Aspen Contracting’s lifetime warranty is one of its biggest draws for customers. This coverage will provide you with peace of mind for years to come, and many customers note that filing a claim is a straightforward process.

Aspen Contracting also stands apart from the competition because it works with a variety of gutter materials, sizes and styles. Its product lines should suit most homeowners.

What Customers Say About Aspen Contracting

Most of the customer reviews for Aspen Contracting are positive, with customers raving about the quality of the service and the lifetime warranty. Overall, the consensus is that the value is outstanding for the price.

However, there are some negative reviews. It’s clear that the size of the company sometimes gets in the way of providing great customer service on occasion. There are some complaints about communication issues leading to delays and, in rare circumstances, misinformation from the sales team.

Everlast Exteriors: Best Customer Service

Everlast Exteriors is a small local company that only serves Omaha, Des Moines and the surrounding areas, including Lincoln, Bellevue, Gretna, Papillion and more. 

As a small company, Everlast Exteriors is able to provide outstanding customer experience and unmatched responsiveness. Nearly every review for this company is five stars.

The company backs all of its work with a lifetime workmanship warranty, which is outstanding. You’ll also get the manufacturer’s warranty for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t make any representations about how eco-friendly its materials or business practices are. However, the aluminum gutter options are recyclable.

Everlast Exteriors provides access to quite a few gutter styles, materials and colors, so there is some customization potential with this company.

Pros & Cons

 + Lifetime warranty
 + Unparalleled customer service
 + Several styles and materials offered
 + Years of experience
 + Timely and professional crew

 – Limited service area
 – No confirmation of eco-friendly business practices

Key Features

The best part about working with Everlast Exteriors has to be the customer service the company provides. It’s a small, family-owned company that treats every customer with respect and the attention they deserve.

The company’s technicians are also highly trained, which means the company is able to provide a lifetime warranty for all of its products and workmanship.

What Customers Say About Everlast Exteriors

As a small, local company, Everlast Exteriors is able to go above and beyond for each and every customer, making sure the work is done right each and every time. This leads to a nearly perfect record when it comes to customer reviews.

Customers rave about the quality of the service and about how professional and tidy the products look once installed. There are very few negative reviews to speak of, and they certainly don’t suggest the likelihood of any ongoing issues with working with this company.

Thrasher Foundation Repair: Best for Seamless Gutters

Thrasher Foundation Repair is a regional company that services Omaha and much of Nebraska (see service areas here). It offers quite a few exterior home improvement services, including foundation repair, window replacement, seamless gutter installation and gutter cover installation services.

This is our top pick for seamless gutters in Omaha, as the company maintains low prices in a market where seamless gutters are generally quite expensive. The company also brings excellent customer service to the table, along with a lifetime, no-clog warranty.

Unfortunately, Thrasher doesn’t seem to make any efforts to be eco-friendly, although its aluminum gutters are recyclable.

Pros & Cons

 + Lifetime warranty
 + Outstanding customer service
 + Affordable seamless gutters
 + Also offers gutter guards

 – No mention of eco-friendly practices

Key Features

The most appealing aspect of hiring Thrasher Foundation Repair is the fact that you can get seamless aluminum gutters at an affordable price. Coupled with outstanding customer service, this makes Thrasher a great option for gutters in Omaha.

Thrasher also provides a lifetime warranty and guarantees that its gutters won’t clog for as long as they last on your home.

What Customers Say About Thrasher Foundation Repair

Most of the reviews for Thrasher Foundation Repair are overwhelmingly positive. Customers comment on the quality of the customer service and the peace of mind provided by the company’s lifetime warranty.

The negative reviews online are primarily in relation to foundation repair carried out by the company. Even then, the company is quick to respond and seems to go above and beyond to make customer issues right.

CMR Construction & Roofing: Best Variety

CMR Construction & Roofing is a national company that has a local office in Omaha and several others throughout Nebraska. CMR offers great customer service in most cases, although there does seem to be the occasional issue with intra-company communication, given the company’s size.

CMR Construction is one of the best options if you’re looking for gutter system customization. The company works with many gutter materials — including copper, aluminum, steel, vinyl and more. It also offers a variety of sizes and styles — including half-round gutters and K-style gutters.

This company doesn’t make note of any practices that are particularly eco-friendly, which is a downside, but many of its products are recyclable.

All of its products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons

 + Relatively affordable
 + Generally great customer service
 + Many gutter options available
 + Lifetime warranty coverage

 – Some problems with communication
 – Nothing to suggest eco-friendliness

Key Features

The best part about working with CMR Construction is the variety of materials, sizes and styles you can have installed. This allows near-infinite customization and allows you to match your gutters to your home and preferences.

CMR Construction also offers a lifetime warranty on all products and workmanship. Your investment will always be adequately protected.

What Customers Say About CMR Construction & Roofing

Despite the company’s massive size, it still manages to maintain mostly positive customer reviews. Customers note that the quality of service is generally very good, and the product variability and overall quality are outstanding.

There are some negative reviews as well, most of which mention problems with communication within the company. In some cases, this seems to lead to delays in work getting done and even stalled jobs and poor scheduling. However, these issues are, thankfully, not terribly common.

E3 Home Solutions: Best Local Gutter Company

E3 Home Solutions is a local company with offices in Omaha, and it also serves a handful of other states.

The company is led by Devin Milowe, who personally has decades of experience with real estate, specifically in the Omaha area. This is a great option if you’re looking for a small company that adds a personal touch and understands the needs of homeowners in your area.

E3 Home Solutions only deals with aluminum gutters and seamless aluminum gutters, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for product variety or customization. Additionally, the company only offers the manufacturer’s warranty plus a five-year workmanship warranty.

E3 Home Solutions maintains affordable pricing, even for its high-quality seamless gutters.

Pros & Cons

 + Many years of local experience
 + Seamless gutters offered
 + Affordable
 + Many positive customer reviews

 – Few gutter options offered
 – Minimal workmanship warranty

Key Features

Working with E3 Home Solutions means you’ll be getting decades of local experience. The installers are professional and understand the needs of homeowners in Omaha.

The company also offers seamless gutters, which are in high demand, especially in Nebraska. Although there are few gutter options available, the seamless ones from this company will suit most customers.

What Customers Say About E3 Home Solutions

The reviews for E3 Home Solutions are overwhelmingly positive, which isn’t too surprising for a small local company of this size. Customers love the personal attention they get from this company and the care the technicians put into seemingly every job.

There are few negative reviews on any platform. The ones that do exist mention the use of subcontractors and poor performance of installed products, but they’re so few in number that it doesn’t seem these are ongoing issues.

Gutter Service Costs in Omaha, NE

The cost of gutter services in Omaha can vary quite a lot, depending on a few primary factors. These include:

  • The type of service you need
  • The materials you want installed
  • The size of your home
  • The gutter contractor you choose
  • And more

The table below includes some average pricing for typical gutter services in Omaha, NE, but keep in mind that yours could be significantly higher or lower. The best way to determine your cost is to request a free quote from a local installer.

Gutter Service Average Cost of Service in Houston
New Gutter Installation $4 to $10 per linear foot
Gutter Guard Installation $4 to $20 per linear foot on average, with an average around $12
Gutter Repair Services Around $400, depending on the damage
Gutter Cleaning Services Around $225 on average

Gutter Services Offered by Omaha, NE Companies

Most Omaha homeowners will need one of four gutter services: gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter installation/replacement or gutter guard installation. We’ll explain why each of these services is so critical in a place like Omaha, Nebraska, below.

Gutter Cleaning in Omaha, NE

Having gutters installed is crucial, but it’s equally important to keep your gutters clean. If tree debris, roof grit and other material is left to build up in your gutter system, the runoff collected can pool and overflow, which means you might as well not have gutters in the first place.

There are a few reasons that gutter cleaning is so widely needed in Omaha.

First, around 20% of the city is covered by tree canopy.1 Trees are beneficial in just about any environment, but they do drop leaves, pine needles, twigs and other debris on your roof, which then collects in your gutters.

In the summers, intense thunderstorms are common, and the heavy rain and strong winds produced during these storms can increase fallen tree debris.2

Gutter cleaning is also crucial before winter hits, as Omaha receives around 31 inches of snow each year.3 If the snow accumulates in clogged gutters and freezes due to below-freezing temperatures, ice dams can form and contribute to gutter damage and poor functionality.

Gutter Repair in Omaha, Nebraska

Gutter repair is another gutter service that Omaha residents need quite often. The most common repairs include:

  • Dent repair
  • Fixing the slope of the gutters
  • Repairing storm damage
  • Fascia repair or replacement
  • Soffit repair or replacement
  • Reattaching gutters

The thunderstorms mentioned above that are common in the summers can also bring down larger branches and tree limbs, both of which can cause severe damage to gutter systems. They can dent or bend them, detracting from their appearance or, in the worst cases, causing them to malfunction.

Hail storms are also common throughout Nebraska, and large-enough hailstones can dent gutters and lessen your home’s curb appeal.4

Finally, Omaha experiences frequent tornadoes more often than most of Nebraska and much more often than the national average.5 The strong winds produced by tornadoes can pull branches and limbs off of trees and pick up other debris which can then strike your gutters, damaging them and necessitating repair. 

Gutter Installation in Omaha

Most Omaha residents understand the importance of having gutters in the area, which is why gutter installation is one of the most requested gutter services in NE.

The average annual rainfall in Omaha is around 31 inches, which is lower than the national average.6 Much of the area’s rain is concentrated in the summer months.

Nebraska also has a relatively cold climate due to its northern location. The frost line is around 48 inches deep, which means basement foundations are the most common type of foundation in the area.7

Basements are particularly prone to water intrusion, especially in areas like Omaha, which experience concentrated rainfall. If you don’t install gutters in the Omaha area, you could open your home up to the following issues:

  • Water damage in your basement
  • Increased humidity under your home
  • Increased risk of pest infestation
  • Less comfortable interior temperatures
  • Greater strain on heating and cooling equipment
  • Foundation cracks
  • Structural damage

Gutter Guard Installation in Omaha, NE

omaha gutters clogged gutter

Another commonly requested gutter service in Omaha is gutter guard installation. Gutter guards help prevent gutter clogs, which, in turn, help maintain proper gutter functionality.

Gutter guards are especially important in Omaha because of the high risk of foundation issues in NE. Clogs can render your gutters useless and can lead to all of the potential issues mentioned above.

Additionally, clogged gutters are a common occurrence in Omaha, in part because of the high percentage of tree coverage. Red maples are one of the most common trees in Omaha, and these tend to drop a large amount of debris, including leaves, samaras (seed pods) and more.8

Finally, the weather in the area contributes to a high risk of tree debris accumulating in gutters. Tornadoes and thunderstorms both pull leaves, branches and seeds out of trees, which means gutter guards are a necessity to avoid clogs and the need for frequent gutter cleaning services.

Our Final Take: Best Gutter Service Companies in Omaha, NE

Omaha residents have plenty of options for gutter companies, whether they need cleaning services, gutter replacement or gutter guard installation.

It’s important to consider things like overall price, quality, customer service record and range of services provided before hiring any company. Unfortunately, this process of evaluating companies can be time-consuming.

We strongly recommend choosing one of the companies we’ve reviewed above to save time. Our top pick for the best gutter company in Omaha is Aspen Contracting. This company has countless positive reviews, maintains eco-friendly business practices and offers a lifetime warranty on all services and materials.

Our Gutter Service Company Ranking & Review Methodology

Gutters help protect what is probably your largest investment, so we know how crucial gutter systems are in Omaha, Nebraska. That’s why we take lots of time and effort to assess gutter companies in the Omaha area to provide you with the best possible options.

We start our evaluation process by looking at the services provided by companies in the area, the overall cost of those services and the company’s track record for customer service. We then assess warranty coverage, types of gutters offered and longevity in the industry.

We then weight all of these factors based on the impact they’ll have on your overall experience and rank the companies from top to bottom.

We make final adjustments based on how eco-friendly each company is and then provide you with the best gutter companies in Omaha that are sure to meet or exceed your expectations.

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