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This fall brings three new environmental movies. David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet | Official Trailer

This week marks the official start of fall, but longer nights and colder days can make it harder to spend time outdoors. Luckily, there are several inspiring environmental films that can be streamed at home.

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Moms Clean Air Force members attend a press conference hosted by Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) announcing legislation to ban chlorpyrifos on July 25, 2017. Moms Clean Air Force

The Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a risk assessment for toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos Tuesday that downplayed its effects on children's brains and may be the first indication of how the administration's "secret science" policy could impact public health.

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The USDA and the meatpacking industry worked together to downplay and disregard risks to worker health during the COVID-19 pandemic. RGtimeline / Getty Images

By Brett Wilkins

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the meatpacking industry worked together to downplay and disregard risks to worker health during the Covid-19 pandemic, as shown in documents published Monday by Public Citizen and American Oversight.

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MilkRun, a Portland, Oregon-based company, is supporting small, local farmers by enabling them to sell produce safely and directly to consumers' homes. Pikist

By Sean Taylor

MilkRun, a Portland, Oregon-based company, is supporting small, local farmers by enabling them to sell produce safely and directly to consumers' homes.

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Of all the different CBD product varieties available on the market today, gummies are the most fun, versatile, and easy to use. And while many people enjoy using CBD oils, others are finding that gummies are the perfect option for their busy lifestyle.

But which gummies are the best? Which brands are the most reputable? How many gummies should be taken in a day? In this article, we will answer these and other questions, as well as provide you with useful information on CBD. Most importantly, we will give you our recommendations for the best CBD gummies.

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An example of urban farming is seen on this Chicago rooftop. Linda / Wikimedia Commons / CC by 2.0

By Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

When I call Chef Q. Ibraheem to discuss urban farming in her own cooking career, she's in the middle of placing an order for microgreens from a small farm in Lake Forest, a ritzy suburb just north of downtown Chicago. Now's a great time for her to chat, actually, because the Chicago-based chef is immersed in what she loves, sourcing ingredients as locally as possible.

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One in four species of bee is at risk of extinction in North America. Buntysmum / Needpix

By Leslie Brooks

More than 75 percent of the world's food crops rely on pollinators, according to the United Nations Environment Program. Through their pollination, bees not only promote biodiversity, but also secure our food supply.

But one in four species of bee is at risk of extinction in North America, according to the United Nations Environment Program. And the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has recorded declines in bee populations in Europe, South America, and Asia.

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Everyone has many reasons why they incorporate CBD into their lives. Whether someone is using CBD as a means to help tackle a difficult health issue, or simply using it to take advantage of its many benefits, the fact remains that CBD isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Therefore, it should be of no surprise that CBD continues to grow in popularity. Some of the biggest issues that new CBD users face are figuring out which brand is best, deciding which product will work better, and how much CBD oil they should take.

The good news is that we've done all of the hard work for you. Our guide will not only point you in the right directions of some of the best CBD brands on the market, but we will also highlight amazing products and teach you all about the benefits of CBD oil.

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Finding fresh produce can be more challenging in the dead of winter, especially in cold regions. Pixnio / CCO

It's harvest time, and by eating what's in season locally, people can reduce the carbon pollution caused by trucking food long distances.

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Beer is carbonated using CO2, which creates its signature fizz and foam. Simón Delacre / Pixabay

New technology could produce a better, cheaper beer that's also good for the planet.

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We love our four-legged friends, especially our dogs. If you love your dogs like we love ours, then there's no better way to show them love than by keeping them in the best of health. There are lots of different ways to boost your dog's health that include taking them on regular walks, making sure they eat healthy food, performing regular grooming, and giving them the best treats possible made from natural ingredients.

CBD continues to grow in popularity. And because a great number of avid CBD users have experienced many of CBD's benefits, it's only reasonable that they would want the same for their four-legged friends. Below, we've given you our top three picks for CBD dog treats, as well as some great information on what CBD can do for your dog.

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A Navajo woman fills bottles of water at a public tap on June 5, 2019 in Thoreau, New Mexico. Up to 40 percent of Navajo Nation households don't have clean running water at home and are forced to rely on weekly and daily visits to water pumps. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The U.S., like much of the world, has the compounding problem of a growing population and an increased likelihood of drought due to the climate crisis. In fact, the Southwest is already in the throes of its worst drought in 1,200 years while Colorado and California are seeing how drought has turned their forests into tinder boxes. Now, a new study has identified ways to revamp how water is utilized to thrive in a time of water scarcity.

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Waste is found dumped at a marsh near the mouth of Neshaminy Creek to the Delaware river in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on Feb. 6, 2019. Bastiaan Slabbers / NurPhoto / Getty Images

By Melanie Benesh, Legislative Attorney

From the beginning, the Trump administration has aggressively slashed environmental regulations. A New York Times analysis identified 100 environmental protections that have been reversed or are in the process of getting rolled back. The administration's record on chemical safety has been especially hazardous for the health of Americans, especially children.

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